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N/A: This story talks about a whole weekend between Maura and Jane in a funny and inusitated situation: sex with a strapon. I thought it would be funny and I decided to write it!

Update A/N: LISTEN! This was the first story I wrote in english! MY FIRST ONE, and I wroted and posted it a long time ago. So, there are PLENTY grammar mistakes here! This chapter was betaed but I do not garantee the errors were all fixed. So please do not take your time to come here in the comments to only say that my english is terrible, ok? I know this story isn't the best, it imight not be good, but anyway it's special to me because it was my first try, and english is not my first language, so I'm proud to be brave enough to start doing this, and I really apreciate the comments with good critics to improve my writting or my english. You are free to say you liked the story or not, or if you think it's good or not, but if you only think I'm a terrible english writer and don't have any good thing to say about my story (do you remember Bambi? "if you don't have a nice thing to say, don't say nothing at all."), since that was why you came here to read, please do not comment, just go away and read anything else you want to. My english is better now, and I'm thinking to rewrite this, who knows... And you know what's funny? This story has A LOT of mistakes, and yet is the most popular from my stories...

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The past week for Jane Rizzoli had been odd and stressful. Jane had too many homicides that week, and she was very tired after the whole day at the office. It was the same thing with Maura, but this one always finds out a time to hang out. Jane hates spending so many hours at work; she's desperate to take time to relax and do something to enjoy herself. It's finally Friday and she's at her desk sipping a cup of coffee and reading some of her paperwork.

"So, you'll go out this weekend?" Maura looks at her hopefully.

"Sorry, but I don't think so. I've got so much damn paperwork." Jane grumbles, clearly frustrated at her workload.

"Oh c'mon, Jane," Maura smiles amusingly. "Everyone needs a time to rest a little. When people get too stressed, they usually get sick. Even start getting emotional problems, besides something more serious like a heart attack."

These are the times when Jane wants to just pull her hair out when Maura gets all analytical like that. What makes the aggravated spark in her body roar is the fact that Maura is always fucking right!

She sighs frustratingly as she runs her fingers through her hair. "I would kill for vacation time, but we still have a lot of files around here." She looks at her desk adorned with boxes.

"Well, I can help you. I believe the trite, but appropriate, saying is that two heads are better than one." Maura laughs and Jane rolls her eyes. "Besides; I finished my work at the lab and I'm ready to go."

"I don't wanna bug you or anything." Jane is beyond convinced to accept Maura's offer, but her chivalrous nature automatically denies.

"No problem, seriously" Maura shakes her head, chuckling softly "Now the work could be divided and the time will shorten immensely, and our time for us to hang out will arrive momentarily." Maura makes a smile, a long leisured look that unsettles the detective, but she overlooks it for Maura's odd but unusual zeal for work.

"Ok," Jane mumbles warily. "Let's have some fun." Maura sits besides the detective and begins to assist Jane with clearing her desk.

An half an hour passes and they are fairly finished.

Through their working Jane makes occasional glances at the blonde, gawking at her beauty. She doesn't, and she thinks she'll never, truly handle the potent magic Maura captivates; her beautiful hair- her bright, hazel full eyes, and those soft looking lips that's begging to be kissed. God she'd kill to have her!

The M.E. knows that Jane is looking, and she's pleased with that. It's very pleasurable and intriguing when she catches the brunette gawking at her like a prized horse. It makes her smirk at how the brash and butch detective could come off shy and uncomfortable around her. Onlyfor her.

"Allow me to make an inference, though I really don't favor it; do you enjoy my make-up?" Maura asks smugly, letting the confidence get to her head.

"What?" Jane mumbles distantly. She is caught, again,staring at the radiant beauty and she feels the heat rising against her high cheeks, causing her to ramble out her words. "Oh I just got lost on my thoughts. I wasn't really paying attention."

Maura feels the smirk flirting across her lips, because she knows the brunette is lying, but she veils it well. Jane, a diligent detective who is able to adapt to her surroundings to solve a case, did not grasp the same ability to do so in her personal life. It was either the truth or a blatant lie. Maura inwardly chuckles but doesn't speak of it.

"Right," she smiles incredulously, but switches the subject. She looks down at the once covered desk, now clear with just the detective's computer and a few pictures. "We've finally completed your ample workload," she smirks triumphantly. The detective chuckles at that and they both triumphantly look at a job well done.

When the desk is tidy and her stuff is put in their appropriate places, they both leave the precinct and head for Jane's car.

Jane seems quiet and a bit unsettled in her seat, and Maura makes a guess why. Perhaps the hectic schedule of a Boston detective, and the emotional turmoil that equips with it, is beginning to affect her friend. Perhaps Jane really needs some time to rest and enjoy something pleasurable. And Maura has something in mind.

Jane's apartment is a bit disheveled, and though she personally could care less, she is a bit apprehensive of what Maura thinks of it. She always wonders why a rich, level-headed, intelligent medical examiner like Maura seeks pleasure in her company, but she shakes it off because it seems like Maura hasn't noticed, or she overlooks it.

She tosses her coat at the sofa and heads to the fridge to get some beer, with Maura trailing along.

"Do you want some?" Jane offers as she raises her beer. Maura politely shakes her head as she replies "No, thank you," and makes that sheepish little wince of the face, making the detective chuckle.

No matter how badly the medical examiner wants to tag along and adapt to the detective's less-than-fabulous lifestyle, there are some things she simply can't adjust to. Cheap, stale, zestless beer is one of them.

"So what do you wanna do tonight? I mean, I'm not in the mood to hang out at a club, or anything." The detective returns into the living room and flops on the sofa, with Maura lightly following.

"I know," she smiles, lightly tapping the detective's leg. "There appears to be dark circles under your eyes, showing clear signs of overexertion, and your posture is slouched, showing clear signs of fatigue. Allow me to relieve this discomfort you seem to feel. It may take all night with the unhealthy force you apply on your joints. I should spend the night," Maura has this mysterious smile, perhaps a bit impish as she gazes up at the brunette who thinks nothing of it.

"It's a good idea. I'll order some Italian food; I'm starving. And we can have some wine too." She smiles back at Maura, whom is satisfied that she could finally begin to commence her plan.

When the food arrives they eat at the coffee table in the living room, speaking of random trivia and remembering funny events they've gone through. They are having a wonderful time appreciating each other's company; smiling at one another and just baskingin each other's gazes.

After all the dishes are done, they both sit at the sofa, and Jane finds the blonde gazing rather strongly at her. "Maur, why are you looking at me like that?" Jane mumbles bewilderedly, eyeing her with a dark brow arched.

"Like what?" is her bashful reply, but her eye contact doesn't deaden.

"Don't play this game with me, ok?" Jane rolls her eyes, not necessarily in the mood with their usual childish bantering. Maura seems to notice this when she replies, "Come here, I'll make you relax."

Maura grabs Jane's hands, trying to take her in. "I'll give you a massage."

Again, Jane gives her a bewildered look as she pulls away. It's not like she doesn't want to, god she dreamsfor the day, but now she feels forced and it perturbs the Boston detective. "No, I'm fine, Maura." She protests, grumbling under her breath.

Little did Jane know that Maura is just as relentless and stubborn as she was.

"Shut up Jane and just stay quiet." Jane gives Maura her back and the M.E. starts to massage it. She notices the thin woman's muscles contract and tighten under her fingertips and can literally feel the long hours the detective applies on her back. But with time and long moments of kneading the tender spots with her thumbs, the detective seems more at ease, giving her confidence to speak what is on her mind. "Have you ever had sexual relations with a person who is of the same sex as you?"

Jane blurts out a cough, her eyes big and wide. She turns her head, looking at Maura, and exclaims, "Where the hell did that come from? You can't just randomly say things like that and no, for your information! I am not a lesbo!" the detective barks, and Maura chuckles amusingly at her irritability- Jane's mechanism when feeling cornered.

"In this case detective, you are incorrect. Having sexual relations with the same gender doesn't mean that you're homosexual. It just means you have… a wider variety in the physical components of hedonism." Her nose wrinkles when she smugly smiles.

"Really? Wider variety? You really know how to irk my nerves." She rolls her eyes at that; Maura never seize to amaze Jane at how utterly annoying the M.E could be.

Maura just gives her that smirk; the smirk of knowledge and truth, and the Jane felt the defeated sigh roar within her throat. "Well, if you want the truth, and to put it in that way of 'wider variety'," she quotes mockingly, "yes. I've slept with women before. But c'mon Maur; ever heard of experimenting?"

"Don't treat me like a baby, dear," Maura whispers in a purr. "I am very knowledgeable when sex is of the subject." Jane eyes her with a baffled look, shocked by the revelation Maura subtlety spills out. She finds her mouth opening, then shuts it when she her mind stays in mush, then she tries again only to get the same result. Maurais…Maur'salesbian?

Maura is still smiling to herself. For her, having sex would never be an emotional issue. She knows how to compartmentalize love and homosexuality from simple harmless fun. And she, Maura always the realist and most practical, already admits to herself that her best friend is hot and sexy as hell!

With a wicked smirk she starts to kiss Jane's shoulders sheathed with her t-shirt. "Jane… I… I want to make a proposal."

"What are you doing?" Jane is definitely up for anything with Maura, anything,but she is afraid of the aftermaths of their lustful actions.

"Well, if you must know, I need to require some experience for my new research."

Jane arches a brow at the strawberry blonde. Is Maura out of her mind? Since when does she ask herfor help involving research? "Research for what?" she asks warily, her brow still arched.

"Well," Maura chuckles, her tone low and sultry, sending shivers down Jane's spine, "I was investigating the wonders between manual intimacies and mechanical, preferably a strap-on. And I was looking for a…hands-on approach," she smiles wickedly, continuing to rub the brunette's shoulders.

Her mind was still of mush at the fact that Maura just distributed sex like a business deal. But god she wants this, needsthis, and she needs to make sure she understands what is ahead of her.

"Are you sure?" Jane turns to face the M.E. "Really? I mean, I can't… I don't…" Jane is speechless, truly lost at the blatant lust in the blonde's hazel eyes.

"Jane, all I ask is your approval," she says seriously. "I won't do anything that'll make you uncomfortable." Under her look of concern she honestly looks upset, and Jane notices it. The detective still wants this, whatever Maura initiated, but deep down she still feels that this is some joke and experiment to Maura, and that the M.E didn't have feelings for. It unsettles and corners the detective into her lashing.

"Maura you can't just come to my apartment one day and then the next, ask for a fuck like it's a side of toast!" she barks, furrowing her dark brow.

She thinks Maura will be threatened by her tone of voice, but it's the total opposite. But it surely didaffect her. "Jane," she mumbles lowly, gazing at those deep browns of charcoal, "I want you to fuck me. Just like any other male or female you encountered with. Fuck me- I want this, I wantit!"

Either Jane is dreaming, or Maura is kidding with her. She has to. It's impossible! But the detective knows she is ready; she feels that tremble within the pits of her lower abdomen. It's been awhile for her, due to her hectic schedule of her job, and that burn for someone is more potent than before, but she still has the pool of anxiety within her. Making her, again, lash out.

"Maur, you… jeez, are you insane? It is too much even for you!" her tone is a little louder and deeper than she means it.

The M.E stays quiet, stilled in the present like a stone. Jane knows it, feels that the blonde might cry and she didn't want that. With a sigh she holds the blonde's chin in her thumb and forefinger and says "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bitch. I just…you say it like it's some science project, or somethin'. This is sex Maur, and I'm just saying that it's a little more complicated than just fucking a John at a bar."

"I am aware of that," is the blonde's murmured reply.

Maura looks deep in dark brown orbs and closes her own, taken back by the emotion in the detective's orbs. The detective feels it too; Jane is shaking, captivated by anxiety. But with courage she eases up to the M.E and their lips collides.

Their first encounter is soft, tentative, subtle… But as time flows, and their lips move faster and out of instinct, it grows more primal; warm and full of passion. Their tongues collide, caught in a blissful dance. Maura hooks her hands behind Jane's neck, while the detective's arms fumble for the blonde's hips- begging for more heat. Out of playful mischief, Maura takes a bite out of the detective's lips and gives a sheepish smile afterward. Jane throws a smirk in the same playful humor.

"That kiss was amazing," Maura smiles at the brunette. "Who would've thought the big strong detective who does that gumshoe thing, would make such soft gestures."

Jane, stillnot all for mushy shit, smirks and exclaims "Shut up and kiss me!" sneaking in another quick kiss.

With heated passion, not bothering to separate mouths, they stumble toward the detective's bedroom- ready to explore new warmth and new boundaries involving their friendship.

Hopefully that'll change after tonight.