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Chapter 3

The sunrise lights the room when Jane woke up. She opened her eyes, she had a really good sleep like she haven't had for a while. She looked to the left and Maura was looking to her with interested eyes.

"Jesus, Maura! I didn't know that you're awake."

"I was just watching you sleep." She smiled. She was already awake, how she could do this? Wake up like a star and not like a normal person?

"Oh." Jane moaned still a little asleep. "I'm starving."

"Gosh, you're always hungry!" she laughs.

"What can I do? I need to eat something or at least take a cup of coffee every morning." She got up from bed.

"I can see that. Let's go to do something for your pretty, hot and in good shape belly."

Jane gave her an ironic look and smiled back. They went into the kitchen, without any clothes, but still it was not so awkward like they thought it would be.

"Let's see… Oh you didn't have anything healthy in your fridge!" Maura was surprise. "Look… Beer, beer, beer, eggs, coke, pizza, some snack and how surprise, beer!"

"Don't be so right, Maura. Didn't you forget that I'm always in the office? Or having dinner with my mom or something? I never cook here." She started to take the coffee things and started to make some.

"Yeah I know that, but seriously, you need to have something here when you need it. I mean you really need something." Maura took something that she could cook to eat.

"Ok ok, mommy, I'll do that ASAP." She answered and as she saw the confused face on Maura, she added, "As soon as possible."

"Oh yes, of course." Maura smiled. She found out some bread into one door and put that in the table with some butter. When the coffee was ready, Jane brings it out to the table, sitting next to the other.

They ate while they talked. The talk just goes when they are together. The day was very sunny and Maura wanted to do something different, but she wanted to enjoy that lonely and pleasurable time with Jane. After that weekend, the office and their both jobs would be tough again so they couldn't see each other like they want to.

"Jane, babe, I was thinking. I would love to do something with you, but I really want to spend this time alone with you."

"Yah…" she was still thinking about what Maura was wanting.

"I mean, we need to talk, but I want to do something before."

"What?" she was thinking that talk was too much weird.

"I want to use the strap-on. Inside you." She finally said it.

"NO WAY!" there were the first Jane's words.

"Why not?" she grunted.

"Maura, I'm serious, you're not do it." She was a little in shock.

"But I really want to! Please! It will help in my research and I would love to do that with you." She was trying to get Jane in some way. She smiled with that look.

"Stop it! Oh God!" Jane was trying not to look into Maura's eyes. But she couldn't. "Oh Christ, you won! Ok, I let you do whatever you want to."

"Are you serious?" that look was too much wild and naughty.

"Maura! What the hell!" she started to laugh loudly. "I'm kidding you can't do everything you want to, just… use the strap-on." She rolled up her brown eyes.

Maura was very happy with that, she really wants to see Jane's reaction about not being in control of everything, and Jane was very afraid of what would happen, she hates to be vulnerable, but it's Maura that you talking about so she would give a shot.

They went right into Jane's room and Jane lied down on bed. Maura was smiling so hard. She picked up the strap-on, trying to fix it into her body.

"I… I'm not sure if I get it right…Can… Can you help me?" she asked.

"I knew it! Do you wanna give up?" a little bit of hope went and run out when Maura quickly answered.

"No! I can learn how to put this right." She didn't give up so fast from nothing.

Then Maura kissed Jane wildly, she really was in the mood. Jane started to get high again, biting Maura's shoulder and neck. Then Jane did the wrong thing: she looked to Maura's body and when she saw the strap-on she just laugh out loud.

"What happened?" Maura was confused and a little afraid.

"Nothing I mean, sorry! I can't help! It's too much funny watching you so girly using the strap-on!" Jane didn't mean be so idiot.

"Jane don't be so fool, it's not like a really weird thing. Girly girls can do everything that boyish girls can either. We can learn if we don't know how to do. The human body and mind is able to do a lot of things, didn't mind if you're woman or a man. All this prejudice is about culture things and…"

"Really?" she was really bored. "Why can't you just stop talk things like these? Really! It's very unsexy!" she gone crazy every time the other one starts talks like that.

"Sorry. I can't help to correct you when you say some wrong things." She was a little upset, but she asked again, "I've an idea. Get up and give me your back. Get in dog position."

"Oh no, don't start it…"

"Shut up, Jane, you grunt it too much! Come here, obey me." Now she was a little serious.

"Ok bossy Maura." Jane laughs a little being in that position.

Maura looked to Jane's body so in shape! Her pretty little ass, the line of her back, her pretty dark hair… Maura just pushed that hair a little harder and Jane moaned. Then, she started to touch Jane's skin while she was caressing Jane's back. The detective was a little breathless. Being so vulnerable like that wasn't so bad, besides it was with Maura.

"Gosh Jane, you're so hot!" when she said that, Maura moaned more loudly. "I want to fuck you so badly!" she couldn't hide her feelings.

"Maura, be my owner." Jane said it firmly. She was ready to receive Maura.

Those words made the blond one shake a little. She started to thrust Jane, being inside and out of her. She pushed Jane's hair, slept her ass, going a little harder. She loved to be on control. Jane started to scream Maura's name, and she was being breathless.

"Do you like that?"

"Oh please, don't stop Maura!" she moaned.

Her body started to shake when Maura was very harder. Her body was against Jane's and she was going fast, her skin brings fire to Jane's. Then she came till orgasm with Maura inside her. Maura went out, and they both lied down on bed, very tired and sweat. Jane looked to Maura's eyes, and her eyes were very brightfull. She has a little magic into her new vibe.

"Aw… I really liked. You're good". She said in a deep voice.

"Really? I mean, I hope I did it right… I know I'm a beginner."

"Yeah, really. But you can become a master if you want to…" she laughs a little.

"Why are you saying that?"

"Maura, I didn't let anyone be in control when I'm into a relationship, it didn't mind if it is with a men or a woman. But you can."

"Are you trying to say something?" Maura asked hopefully.

"Yes. I'll say it directly. I'll let you do whatever you want to with me, cause' you're the one. The only one that I love." She bit her lips, she was very nervous.

"I knew it. Since ever. I love you too, you already know it."

They kissed smiling and biting. Then Maura added, "I was lying. I'm not doing any research about strap-on or lesbian things. I just said that to be with you in some ways that I was very shy to ask and you were very afraid to tell."

"Oh fuck! You're such a good liar!" Jane was still surprise about that.

"Yes maybe I'm. But the fact is that here we are now."

"Uhum. And we'll be here forever." Jane said looking deep into those lovely and wildly gray eyes.

the end