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My Lord,

I have a quick 'what if' question for you. I promise this is not real, just a simple 'what if.' Completely and totally out of curiosity.

So, here is it:

I was wondering, what would you do if... if, say, one of our loyal death eaters (one, say, my age) decided that he (or she, of course) fell in love with someone? Say, a mudblood? She (or he) was a really smart mudblood. Like, really smart, but... still a mudblood? She's really pretty, too?

I promise. This is just a what if. Complete and total curiosity.

Sincerly, Draco Malfoy, a loyal death eater (NOT the one mentioned in the completely made up what if)

My Lord,

Another what if question, sir. You know how I love those, right?

What if a loyal death eater decided he wanted to marry a super pretty and super genius witch? But, the witch was a muggle-born?

This is NOT happening, I swear. But just a, uh, what if, like last time. Of course.

-Draco Malfoy

Harry and Ron,

Well... I was thinking, as usual, in the library today when a thought struck me. You guys are my friends, right? Good, loyal friends? Who would support me? No matter what? Right?

So, I was wondering... how would you react if I told you that I was in love with somebody? A, uh, say... past death eater. Who had platinum blonde hair and grey eyes. And who I punched in third year. Who you hated. But I loved. And wanted to marry. I'm not thinking of anyone in particular, but, ya know... just a random thought that ran through my head. That's all. I promise.

This isn't happening, I mean, duh. But... just curious? Thanks.

-Hermione Granger