I got Sharon's letter in the mail a few days ago, which means more prompts for this (since this story is dedicated to her!) I think I might be doing one more chapter after this one and attempt two more of her prompts. I'm so glad all of you liked the first chapter!

Oh and just so everyone knows - I'm obviously not deaf so I'm really just guessing at a few things. I hope I got as accurate as possible, though I did take some liberties. I've take a few sign language classes before so I know a bit about deaf culture, but yeah. Enjoy!


Blaine was a bundle of nerves a week later as he pulled into the driveway of the Hummel house. He cut the engine and took a deep breath, mentally running through all the sign language he had learned in the last month. God, what if it wasn't enough? Obviously they could communicate alright, with Kurt's ability to read lips and speak pretty well, but Blaine didn't want to rely on that.

He wanted to actually speak to Kurt - which meant learning his language.

Blaine had never been on a date in his life, and suddenly it felt ten times more terrifying. Most people going out on a date only had to worry about keeping the topic of conversation moving without an awkward silence - but him and Kurt would have to worry about actually holding a conversation.

It's going to be ok, though Blaine frantically. Kurt is amazing and we have long conversations all the time. Blaine ignored that those had been over text message.

And Blaine had been learning a lot lately, forcing Wes and David to help him run over signs with him and quizzing him. But god, Blaine had never been more nervous than when he asked Kurt out at Sectionals.

Blaine let out a breath and finally opened the door - he had been waiting far too long. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell (only slightly puzzled when he saw the lights in the small window near the door go on and off).

After a moment, the door opened to reveal a tall man with a ball cap on and navy overalls with the name tag "Burt".

Oh god, Blaine hadn't even thought to worry about meeting Kurt's parents.

"Hi," Blaine choked out. "Uh, I'm here to pick up Kurt."

Mr. Hummel frowned at him, looking him up and down critically. "Come in, kid," he said, gesturing inside and moving out of the way. Blaine hurried in, taking in the tastefully decorated living room. "Kurt hasn't stopped talking about you," said Mr. Hummel suddenly, making Blaine almost jump out of his skin.

"Oh," said Blaine dumbly, although his heart leapt at the fact that Kurt had been speaking of him to his dad.

Mr. Hummel nodded. "Says you're a good kid. That you started learning sign language…why is that, kid?"

Blaine blinked at Mr. Hummel stupidly. "Why did I…well, Mr. Hummel, I mean, if you really care for someone and they like, speak a different language…you need to be able to communicate with them to the best of your ability, right?" Blaine flushed. "I mean…my dad learned some Tagalog when he married my mom…I just…thought it would be the right thing to do?"

"That a question or answer?"

"Answer, sir," said Blaine quickly.

Mr. Hummel stared at him for a long moment, then nodded. "Call me Burt, kid," he said, holding out his hand. Blaine shook it quickly, nodding.

"I just went to tell Kurt that his date is here," said a woman who entered the room, a smile on her face. "You must be Blaine. I'm Carole, Kurt's stepmother."

Blaine nodded, reaching out to greet her as well. Somewhere in their conversations over the last month, Kurt had told him how he had become deaf (at first Blaine assumed that he was born that way) and that in the same day he had lost his mother. Later he told Blaine that his dad remarried.

Burt lead Blaine to the living room, saying something about how Kurt might be a while, and told him to sit. There was a football game on the TV. "How is learning sign going?" asked Burt, eyes on the TV.

"Not too hard, but I mean, it is another language so it's pretty difficult," admitted Blaine. "My friends help me. Quiz me, really."

Burt nodded, looking away from the screen and to Blaine. "I had a hard time at first. There was a lot of pressure to learn quickly. Kurt couldn't lip read yet and he was only 8, so his writing wasn't too good yet. Kurt picked up surprisingly quickly, though. He even helped me." Burt smiled fondly at the memory.

Blaine couldn't imagine how hard it must have been to see your son go deaf, and to lose your wife at the same time.

"You like football?"

"Yes, sir. I'm a Buckeyes fan," answered Blaine.

"None of that sir stuff, kid," said Burt gruffly, though he had a small smile. His eyes moved from Blaine to just behind him. He raised his big hands and started to sign. Blaine turned to see Kurt standing there, wearing what had to be the tightest black skinny jeans ever, a black shirt, white vest and a top hat.

It was so utterly Kurt that Blaine couldn't get over how amazing he looked. Blaine had agonized for hours in front of his own closet and finally decided on rolled up jeans, maroon cardigan (it was chilly) with a brown collared shirt and bowtie. He didn't even compare to Kurt's fashion sense, though.

Blaine stood as soon as he saw Kurt (who was conversing with his dad in rapid sign language) and grinned.

Since they were signing so quickly, Blaine couldn't really pick up that much of what they were saying. He saw Kurt sign something about the time, and he was pretty sure he ended with "don't worry" or something like that. Then he rolled his eyes, looking at Blaine with a wide grin.

"Hi, Blaine," he signed and spoke simultaneously.

Blaine knew that Kurt's voice wasn't…well, normal wasn't the right word. It was different, because he couldn't hear what he was saying, and so held the quality that those who were deaf usually had. But it didn't…register? Yes, register to Blaine. On the contrary, Blaine really liked his voice. It was beautiful.

"You look beautiful," said Blaine, fumbling through the phrase, but Kurt's face lit up.

"Whatever he says, his curfew is at eleven," said Burt, looking at Blaine, almost like waking Blaine from a daze. "You two…uh, have fun."

Blaine smiled and lead Kurt to his car in a comfortable silence. They got into Blaine's jeep and grinned at each other. Before he started the car, Blaine turned toward Kurt and signed (as well as he could) that they were going to this restaurant that Blaine really liked.

"Sounds great," said Kurt.

Blaine smiled and turned back to put the car in drive. As soon as they were on the road, Blaine went to say something - but stopped short. He glanced over at Kurt, who was smiling out the window. Blaine realized that they couldn't really talk to each other when he was driving, hands on the wheel and having to face forward. Blaine frowned.

With a start, a few minutes later, Blaine realized that his radio was still on. It had just changed to his favorite Katy Perry song. Blaine loved over at Kurt; he didn't even notice, of course. Blaine reached forward and turned off the radio. Kurt turned, raising an eyebrow. Blaine shrugged, flushing, and turned back to look at the road.

Kurt put his hand on Blaine's, which was resting on his leg. Blaine looked over to Kurt (thankfully they were at a red light).

"Thank you," said Kurt, smiling. "It's kind of you to be considerate like that. But really, I don't mind if you listen to music."

Blaine smiled and looked back at the road when the light turned green.

When they arrived at the restaurant, a nice Italian place just outside Lima, Blaine opened Kurt's door for him and slipped his hand into his. They walked into the restaurant and Blaine was still really nervous. He told the hostess that they needed a seat for two and she lead them near the back.

"I personally love the lasagna," said Blaine when they sat down. Kurt smiled over the menu.

After the waiter came and took their order (and thankfully was only a little shocked at Kurt's voice) and didn't seem to acknowledge that they were on a date, Blaine smiled at Kurt shyly. "I'm glad you agreed to go out with me," Blaine signed slowly. He knew it wasn't perfect, but he spoke at the same time, so if his sign was perfect, Kurt could gather what he needed from his lips.

"Of course," said Kurt laughing. "I…I really like you, Blaine. And you're learning sign for me. That means so much to me," Kurt signed fervently.

"You are a beautiful person, Kurt," said Blaine. "I'm so glad I met you." At this point, Blaine couldn't really sign the full sentence, but he tried.

After this heartfelt bit of conversation, they turned to a lighter topic. The spoke about Glee club and school, then moved to talking about movies and plays when their main courses arrived. Kurt, no surprise, loved Sound of Music. "Even though I can't hear the songs, I still remember them from when I was younger," said Kurt, a bit embarrassed.

"That's nice," said Blaine. Yet again, Blaine couldn't imagine losing his hearing. He loved music so much. But Kurt was just…stronger than him. "I've only seen it a few times."

"We'll have to watch it together," said Kurt, his eyes brightening and Blaine agreed (anything to make Kurt that happy).

Dinner went over well and they even split a dessert. Afterwards Blaine insisted that he pay, thought Kurt made him swear that he could pay next time the went out for dinner, and Blaine was so excited that Kurt said there would be a next time that he agreed.

Since Blaine had decided that maybe a movie wouldn't be the best idea for a date with Kurt (he swore to ask him if there was some sort of movie theatre with subtitles or something later on) he ended up taking Kurt to the local park, a devious look on his face.

"I thought it would be fun," said Blaine. "Tell me if it's lame."

Kurt shook his head. "It's fun," he said. "Not sure if I'm dressed for it, though."

"You're perfect," said Blaine. Kurt flushed at his words. Blaine dragged Kurt over to the swings and began to push him. Once Kurt had gotten pretty high, Blaine took a seat in the swing next to him, trying to get up to the same speed. The laughed as they swung back and forth, until the began to slow down a bit. Blaine reached out when they were barely even swinging anymore to grab his hand.

"I hope this is ok," he said, gesturing to their hands.

Kurt nodded. "I like holding your hand," he admitted. "And you make me feel…nice." Kurt laughed nervously.

"Same here."

Since their hands were locked, they weren't signing anymore, just staring at each other intently.

"Can I…kiss you?" asked Blaine suddenly. Kurt's eyes widened and Blaine was suddenly nervous again.

"Did you just ask to kiss me?" said Kurt, shocked. Blaine nodded, blushing. "Yes," breathed Kurt.

Blaine leaned forward (they had completely stopped moving in their swings at this point) and put his free hand on Kurt's cheek. It shook. He brought their lips together slowly, gasping at the feeling of having someone else so close. He felt Kurt reach out with his own free hand, clutching at his cardigan. Then Kurt made this sound in the back of his throat that took Blaine's breath away.

They broke this kiss after a long moment, blinking at each other owlishly. Blaine let out a long breath, and opened his mouth to speak, before realizing that he was much too close to Kurt for him to read his lips. He leaned back, bringing his hands (slightly shaky) to sign.

"That was amazing."

Kurt let out a short laugh, nodding quickly. "I…can we do it again?" he asked shyly.

Blaine nodded faster than he probably should. Kurt leaned in eagerly, capturing Blaine's lips with his. Blaine grinned into this kiss, reaching up to cup Kurt's cheek again. After a few minutes of simple kissing, Blaine hesitantly ran his tongue over Kurt's bottom lip. He moaned in response and opened his mouth so Blaine could have access.

God, thought Blaine, it was a damn shame that Kurt couldn't hear the sounds he was making right now. Though Blaine was happy that his own, probably embarrassing sounds, couldn't be heard by Kurt.

After a long time, they parted, breathless. Kurt is the one that presses his forehead against Blaine's, smiling up at him through his eyelashes. Blaine leaned forward slightly, kissing his nose. Kurt giggled and leaned back. "Silly," he signed offhandedly.

Blaine was pretty sure in that moment that he loved Kurt.

Blaine walked him up to the door of his house at the end of the night, his hand entwined in his own. Kurt's entire body was still vibrating from their kisses in the park. It was the best first kiss anyone could ever ask for.

They paused in front of his door, looking at each other shyly. Blaine stepped forward again, dropping his hand and wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist. Kurt reached forward, putting his hands on his shoulders as they met in a kiss.

Closing his eyes was strange for Kurt, because it shut off his senses. It was dark and silent, but at the same time, kissing Blaine heightened all senses tenfold. The fabric under his fingers felt soft and the muscles under Blaine's cardigan clenched under them. Kurt could breath in Blaine's scent - some subtle cologne and something that was just Blaine - and feel everything so much more.

Kurt moved his hands down to rest on Blaine's chest as the kiss suddenly deepened, making Kurt's toes curl.

Blaine's chest sort of…vibrated under Kurt's hands, making his heart jump. It felt…strange, but so nice.

They finally broke the kiss, knowing that Kurt's dad might open the door at any time. "I had a beautiful night," said Kurt, a dreamy expression on his face. "Thank you.

"No, thank you," laughed Blaine. "I'll text you." And Kurt nodded, waving as he slipped inside.

Later, when Kurt was in his room, smiling as he recalled his date, Kurt realized that the vibrations in Blaine's chest were familiar. They almost felt like when Kurt was smaller and would rest on his dad's lap, leaning into his chest. After Kurt went deaf and his dad laughed or just grunted, his chest would emanate that feeling. But why was Blaine…?

Kurt colored, realizing that Kurt had done something to make Blaine make a noise like that - a moan, he vaguely recalled from his romance novels stashed under his bed.

For the first time since he was about eleven years old, he wished he could hear, if only for a moment, so he could hear Blaine make that sound.

Kurt felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and brushed this thought away as he reached for it. Kurt's smile grew as he saw that it was Blaine.

I miss you already.

Kurt grinned at the text, quickly texting him back a reply.

I miss you too.