Here it is, the final chapter. It's been a long time coming, I mean a really long time coming. I blame my procrastination on my inability to plan this crap out, rather I just wrote when I had the inspiration and just went with the flo. Looking back at old chapters, I think I started off with somewhat goofy toilet humour that relied heavily, probably too much, on the films that inspired me to do this and then took it to it's own level. Almost like a sitcom of sorts, but I like how it has turned it out. One thing that I tried to commit to was not take things to far out of itself; namely the characters. I feel that one can find a laugh in even a serious franchise like Mortal Kombat. Here we go, for the last time.

Sub Zero and Scorpion stood at the feet of the Tormentor, their two thirds of the metal sphere somewhere in the middle, and the third strapped to the top of the creature's head like an undersized bow. Sub Zero's kori blade shimmered in the light while a cold air floated off of it, and Scorpion's dual mugai ryu hummed and a faint tint of flame ran along the length of both blades. If the Tormentor had been more intelligent, it would have been more cautious, as they really looked fearsome...

"You go first." Sub Zero said.

"What? Why me?" Scorpion asked.

"Why not?"

"Why not you?"

"You can teleport to avoid any attacks." Sub Zero reasoned.

"You can freeze it." Scorpion countered.

"I can't just freeze something that size just like that!" Sub Zero snapped his fingers for emphasis.

"And I can only teleport a few feet!"

The Tormentor looked down upon the arguing men, confused. It had expected them to attack, but instead they were just yelling at each other.

"I think you are just scared." Sub Zero accused.

"No I am not!"

"Then go!"

"No, you go!"

"No, you!"

"What, are you scared?" Scorpion mocked.

"Thats ridiculous I...why is it getting darker?" Sub Zero noticed the light being blocked out.

"Oh shit.." Scorpion said before the both of them were crushed.

The Tormentor had dropped it's fist like massive hammers onto them, and the whole arena platform shook from the impact.

"That idiot!" Liu Kang and Rain both said from opposite sides.

The Tormentor lifted it's fist up out of the shallow craters it had created. In the centre of these craters, Scorpion and Sub Zero were pressed into the metal, swords and all.

"That, was your fault." Scorpion said through the pain.

"How, was that my fault?" Sub Zero asked, equally hurt.

"Because, it just was."

"If you had, gone first like I said..."

The Tormentor dropped it's fist down again, even harder this time. This time however, the hand that fell on the blue one felt really cold, so cold that it numbed. Suddenly ice spread all over its hand. After that, the yellow one appeared out of a fiery hole in the air, landing on top of its other hand. The Tormentor lifted its frozen hand to crush the yellow one, but was surprised to find the blue one stuck to its hand, stuck to the frozen ice.

"Fine, I'll go first and you can distract it." Scorpion said to Sub Zero.

"I will not be a distraction, hey, hey!" Sub Zero exclaimed as the Tormentor started to try and shake him off like he were a piece of tape.

"Yeah, keep doing that." Scorpion said smugly.

While the Tormentor's attention was focused on trying to shake Sub Zero off it's hand, Scorpion started running along it's other arm. He made it up to the creature's bicep before it noticed. Scorpion looked back in time to see it's hand coming towards him, about to squish him like a bug. With only a second to spare he jumped from Tormentor's bicep to it's chest, and he used his swords to anchor himself to the creature's hide. The Tormentor's hand slapped onto it's arm, missing its intended target, but hitting another unintentionally.

"Ow!" Sub Zero's muffled voice said from underneath the hand.

The Tormentor lifted Sub Zero, still frozen to it's palm, to it's face. It licked it lips in anticipation. That is until the blue one broke free from the ice and sent shards of cold into it's eyes, temporarily blinding it. Sub Zero climbed to the other side of it's hand and began to scale it's arm, freezing his feet with each step to keep himself from falling. In a few moments Sub Zero had reached the left shoulder, and Scorpion had used his swords like climbing hooks to reach the right shoulder. The Tormentor looked back and forth between the two little things on it's shoulders. Scorpion and Sub Zero both focused on their goal; the sphere strapped to the Tormentor's head.

"It's mine!" They both stated.

Both ninja jumped forth from their respective shoulders, both with a hand outstretched as they flew through the air. It looked like they would both reach it at the same time, but the Tormentor noticed something on the ground and bowed it's head. Sub Zero and Scorpion's eyes widened as they helplessly continued on their course, and collided head first. They fell to the ground and hit with a heavy thud.

"That, was your fault." Scorpion said while rubbing his head.

"You jumped too." Sub Zero rebutted.

"It was still your fault." Scorpion defended with no legitimate reasoning.

The both of them noticed, with dread, what had distracted the lumbering monster and made it duck. It had picked up the two pieces of the sphere that they had recovered from the snowy mountain and the volcano, and was lifting them towards it's mouth.

"No, no, no, no..." Scorpion and Sub Zero both pleaded.

The Tormentor swallowed both pieces, and let out a ground shaking belch.

"Damn." Sub Zero cursed.

"Shit." Scorpion swore.

They both shot Raiden quizzical looks. The thunder god merely shrugged.

"The show must go on?" He told them.

A loud wave of whoops from the crowd added to this. Sub Zero took a look back to where Liu Kang and Kitana stood. Their expressions drove the point home, and he got to his feet. He regarded the Tormentor with an analytical eye, even as it bowed down and roared at them. Sub Zero sighed heavily, he knew what needed to be done.

Scorpion opened his eyes from rubbing his head to find Sub Zero's hand offered to him. The yellow ninja shot him a confused and almost disgusted look.

"When we work alone, we just work against each other." Sub Zero told him.

"I don't need you help!" Scorpion snorted.

From his sitting position, Scorpion teleported. He reappeared in the air with his throwing spear readied, aimed at the Tormentor's face.

"Get over..." The Tormentor back handed him.

He shot back down to the ground like a bullet.

"Oh!" The crowd exclaimed.

Scorpion's vision tilted from side to side, even though his head wasn't moving. When it settled, he saw Sub Zero offering his hand again, though looking at him more condescendingly this time.

"Don't look at me like that." Scorpion said before taking his hand.

Sub Zero helped him to his feet and they both turned to their target.

"Plan?" Scorpion asked.

"You hit it high?"

"You hit it low."

They both ran at the Tormentor, and the creature charged them as well. It looked like it was a suicide run, that is until Sub Zero created a thick layer of ice in the Tormentor's path. The Tormentor clumsily stumbled when it slipped on the ice. Scorpion took the opportunity and teleported up to the creature's head. He stabbed his spear into the side of it's head and then jumped down. He used the momentum to swing back up and over the other side of the Tormentor's head, wrapping the chain across it's neck. He jumped down to the ground behind the beast. Taking the chain in both his hands, Scorpion tugged on it, pulling the chain taught.

The Tormentor was still off balance from Sub Zero's ice puddle, but it's sheer size and strength kept it upright. Sub Zero fired twin streams of ice at the Tormentor's legs. Slowly, the tree trunk sized legs started to become encased in ice and made brittle. The Tormentor roared in protest and tried to get it's footing again, but Scorpion used all his strength to hold it back. After a few moments the Tormentor's legs were frozen through up to the knee.

"Come on hothead, heave!" Sub Zero shouted.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Scorpion proclaimed loudly.

"Finally, that works!" Sub Zero charged into the Tormentor's legs, cracking them.

Large cracks broke open along the Tormentor's legs. Sub Zero's hit had caused the crack and Scorpion's pulling strained the ice under the creature's own weight.

"Get, over, here!" Scorpion roared.

With one more strong pull, the Tormentor's frozen legs broke off at the knees, and the rest of the creature toppled over. The ensuing impact made everyone present bounce off the ground momentarily.

The Tormentor was knocked senseless by the impact. It tried to lean back up, but the chain around it's neck yanked it back down again. Following that, it's hands were frozen to the ground. Scorpion and Sub Zero both climbed on top of it, making sure they were in full view of the creature.

"I believe you ate something of ours." Sub Zero told it coldly.

"You are going to have the stomach ache of a life time." Scorpion added with sadistic glee.

Tormentors were not know for their intelligence. Most people regarded them as single minded war machines. This particular one, however, was smart enough to speak. It was nothing elaborate, it was a simple thing, though it summed it's situation up perfectly.

"Uh oh."

Five gruesome minutes later.

The stands were the spectators were now had several servants walking up and down the aisles offering barf bags to whoever needed one. There were repeat customers.

Scorpion and Sub Zero had gone about dissecting the Tormentor like it were a science project, though with the finesse of a butcher. The two ninja were knee deep in entrails, blood, and once they had reached the stomach, undigested food. They had gotten an unwanted lesson in the Tormentor diet; it was just about anything they could fit in their mouths.

"Do you think that pieces were completely destroyed in the Tormentor's belly? Liu?" Kitana asked.

Liu Kang pulled his head out of a bucket after having vomited for the eighth time.

"Either way, I don't really want to see it. Oh here it comes..." He dunked his head into the bucket again.

Scorpion felt his way through the mess of body parts, blood, and assorted bodily fluids until he felt what he was looking for. He pulled it out with a disgusting squish but held it triumphantly.

"I got it!" He exclaimed, showing off one of the pieces of the sphere that had been swallowed.

"Ew." Several spectators said to this.

"I found the other one!" Sub Zero held the other piece up as well, but some bio matter that still clung to it dislodged and fell on his face.

"Ew!" Even more spectators exclaimed.

Sub Zero wiped the stuff off of his face and joined Scorpion, who was laughing at him, as they stepped out of the Tormentor's corpse. The two of them approached the decapitated head of the Tormentor, which had a now permanently glum expression, like they were old friends.

"You stink Scorpion, did you actually enjoy crawling through that mess?" Sub Zero joked.

"I stink? You should smell yourself, are you sure you didn't get lost and go exploring it's asshole?"

The two men laughed cheerfully, but then their fingers brushed against each other when they both placed their hands on the piece of the sphere that was strapped to the Tormentor's head. They both turned their gazes on each other, both narrowing their eyes. The brief tolerance they had for one another mere moments ago had been shattered.

"Move." They both told each other.

They both growled at each other, trying to push one another back by staring alone.

"I've been beating on you for some time now hothead, back down now before you get really hurt." Sub Zero threatened.

"You think you got what it takes to do it, snowball? Why don't you just try it!"

The two of them backflipped away from each other. They were like mirrors of one another; both placed their sphere piece on their belts, both stood in a staggered stance, and then they both placed their hands slightly to their sides and cupping an imaginary ball. Suddenly, flames erupted out of the ground at Scorpion's feet, reaching to his shins. The ground at Sub Zero's feet began to freeze over, and flurries started falling in his vicinity. The crowds of spectators, Liu Kang and Kitana and Rain, Raiden, even Jerrod and Sindel hushed immediately. The local Edenians, who already had a great affinity for all things magical, felt the growing energy even before it became visible. In Sub Zero's hands a bluish white ball of energy started to grow, and in Scorpion's, a reddish orange one.

Netherrealm Studios

"Mr. Boon, we have a situation."

"What is it?"

"...Its Toei Animation."

"The Japanese anime company that produced Dragon Ball Z?"

"The very same."

"What do they want...and is this a long distance call?"

"Sir they are calling from Tokyo, and we are in Chicago."

"...So it's a long distance call?"

"Yes, I'm pretty certain."

"Hang up then! I can't afford this kind of crap, I don't want to go bankrupt...again."

"But they say that Sub Zero and Scorpion are coming dangerously close to copying some of their material, a kamehameha they called it?"

"Nope, impossible. These...whatever Scorpion and Sub Zero are about to do is fire and ice. Kamehamehas are just light and...yeah light."

"Mr. Boon, they are threatening to sue..."

"Hang up now or this call will be taken out of your pay check!"

For what felt like minutes the two ninjas stood in their stances, although the environment had changed dramatically around them. Snow covered Sub Zero's half of the arena like winter had come and gone in an instant. Scorpion's half looked like the remains of a forest fire; ashes flew in the air, and the metal ground was red hot and even melting in some spots.

"This doesn't look like its going to end well...maybe we should,"

"Duck?" Liu Kang finished.

As if his statement had been said into a megaphone, the spectators, or at least the ones with any sense, put their heads down. This sudden onset of caution was not lost on Raiden, who watched both men carrying the sun and a glacier.

"Oh, screw this." He said before teleporting well away from the arena.

Sub Zero and Scorpion had poured all their energy into this final attack. In hindsight, it may have been overkill, but this competition had changed from being goal based to personal. They both thrusted their hands forward and sent their gathered energies at each other. The moment the hottest fire met the coldest ice, it was like the big bang occurred all over again.

Raiden had teleported to a cottage on a hill overlooking the Edenian plains, just on the outskirts of the city. He came here every so often to avoid the stresses of god hood, among other things. It was a place that he could just kick back and put his feet up in, literally. He sat down heavily in his favourite chair and crossed his feet on the coffee table. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a blunt. Having been Earthrealm's guardian deity for all this time, he had taken up one of the customs most partaken in. He lit the paper with a small zap of electricity, but before placing it into his mouth, he slid his hand into his pants. He had taken up two customs, actually. He noticed a bright, no, a blinding light coming from the direction of the arena. Raiden merely shrugged and took a long drag.

Nature itself had gone to war. Liu cautiously climbed to the top of the arena platform and couldn't believe what he saw. Everything he could see that had been more or less on his half of the arena was melted and burned. The spectators all had singed eyebrows, and looked like they had just spent the whole day sunbathing with cooking oil on their skin. The metal of the platform was warped and melted, and liquified metal drip onto the ground below.

Rain came up from his cover to find everything on his half of the arena to be frozen. The spectators, frozen in place. The metal platform, slippery with ice. Icicles the size of a Tormentor's fingers stretched down to the ground.

They both approached the centre of the platform, which was obscured by a mushroom cloud like a nuclear bomb had gone off. Rain created a gust of wind to blow the smoke away. Only three things survived the devastation, and barely at that. The Tormentor's decapitated head, or what was left of it, with the piece of the sphere still strapped to it's head. Frozen to that object was Scorpion's hand, and attached to that frozen hand was the rest of Scorpion, frozen completely. White eyes still open, brows still furrowed, like a picture. Also on that object was a burnt hand, blistered and red. Indeed, Sub Zero's entire body was like that. He was slumped on the ground, unconscious, but still touching the piece of the sphere all the same.

Liu Kang and Rain were in no position to call the winner, so instead...

"Raiden!" They both shouted.

A flash of lightning skated across the sky. Then a bolt crashed into the ground between the two of them, much to their relief. Accompanying the blinding light was, a smokey odour?

"I...wo..." Raiden said.

"Raiden?" Liu Kang asked.

"I am here!" Raiden said suddenly.

"What is wrong with you?" Rain asked.

"Nothing. Whats wrong with you?"

"What is that smell?" Rain asked.

"It smells like.." Liu Kang began.

"Its nothing, I was...barbecuing." Raiden tried waving the smell away with his hand.

"Are your eyes red?" Liu Kang asked.

"They are contacts." Raiden defended.

"Contacts? You don't even have pupils, your whole eye is..."

"Okay! Lets see what we have here." Raiden interrupted.

He inspected the scene, stroking his chin in thought.

"My man has claimed possession of the final piece." Rain said.

"So has Sub Zero!" Liu protested.

Rain ignored him, "Out with it Raiden, declare a winner.

"Hmmm, I guess..." Raiden began.

Liu Kang and Rain leaned in closer.


They leaned in even more, the anticipation was gruelling.

"I suppose...hey, do you mind?" Raiden asked.

Liu Kang and Rain had leaned in so much that if Raiden had held his his breath, his bloated cheeks would have grazed their noses.

"Raiden, the verdict?" Liu Kang asked.

"I can't see it any other way; its a tie."

"A tie?" Liu Kang and Rain exclaimed.

"A tie?" Kitana exclaimed.

"A tie?" Sindel's deafening voice echoed.

"...A tie?" Jerrod said after rubbing his ear.

All surprised and confused parties gathered together. Raiden merely shrugged.

"A tie." He stated again.

"How can you declare this a tie? That means the whole Olympiad is still...tied!" Liu explained.

"Well the both of them have a hand on the final piece, and it is unclear who did so first."

"But a winner! How can we declare a winner? Who marries Kitana?" Jerrod asked.

"I know, we'll have another Olympiad!" Raiden suggested.

"No!" They all shouted at him.

"Enough of this, I will settle this once and for all. Argus!" Rain yelled.

Next to the purple ninja a ball of light appeared. The ball got brighter and then took on the shape of a person, and then it faded to reveal an old but healthy looking man with spiked grey hair. He did look rather tired though.

"...Yes Rain, what is it."

"Argus! It's been too long." Raiden greeted.

"Raiden? You haven't aged a bit..."

"Hey, enough jerking each other off! Argus, I need you to resolve this." Rain demanded.

"Whats the rush? Sorry Raiden, you know how kids are..."

"I am not a child!"

"Right, of course you're not son. Anyway, what did you need?"

"I need you to end this standoff. Raiden believes that this has ended in a tie, but you think otherwise, right?"

"Ah, I see. While I respect your opinion Raiden, I'm afraid that because this tie occurred, I name Rain the victor."

"You what?" Liu Kang asked angrily.

He stomped up to the taller man and gripped his collar roughly.

"Who the hell are you to decide that?" Liu asked angrily.

"Argus, the protector god, and head deity of Edenia." Jerrod told him.

"Oh..." Liu said with shock.

He let go of Argus's collar and straightened it, smiling apologetically.

"But Argus, isn't it unfair to declare Rain the winner?" Raiden asked.

"It may look that way, but it is traditional that the invoker of the Right of Godly Entitlement wins any stalemates such as this."

"Which means that Kitana and I, are to be married." Rain said, making sure that Liu Kang heard every word.

"Wait, just wait!" Liu pleaded.

Rain walked over to Kitana and took her hand in his, forcefully. Any trace of him trying to be respectful to her before was completely gone.

"Get your hand off of me!"

"Now now dear, don't be a nuisance."

Liu moved to attack Rain, but Argus stopped him with his magic.

"No, you can't do this!"

Kitana looked back to her parents with pleading eyes. Sindel looked to Jerrod for any strength, any solution. Jerrod looked like he was going to step in, but instead he merely lowered his eyes.

"Dad?" Kitana asked.

"I'm sorry Kitana, is decided."

Rain had pulled Kitana to him and wrapped his arms around her. He looked to Liu Kang who stood petrified in place, and removed his mask. He tilted his head and moved closer to Kitana's face, parting his lips before they...

"Hold it!" Someone yelled.

Rain broke off the kiss and saw, with horror, the rest of Liu Kang's team climbing to the top of the platform, with Eric the guard.

"Holy hell, what happened here?" Johnny asked after seeing the devastation left over from Sub Zero and Scorpion's bout.

"Damn, we missed one hell of a part." Mileena said with disappointment.

"Sub Zero!" Jade exclaimed and she ran over to the burnt man.

"Um, Argus I think it's time that we left to make wedding preparations." Rain said hastily.

"The hell you are, you've been scheming behind everyone's backs and you aren't getting away with it." Jax accused.

"Seriously Argus, let's go. Now!" Rain asked.

"You can't leave yet, the fun is just starting. Tell 'em Eric." Mileena said.

The young guard was silent.


"I have stage fright." Eric said quietly, noticing how many people were around him.

Mileena slapped him over the head.

"Okay, okay. Um, Princess Kitana, Queen Sindel and King Jerrod, I overheard some things."

Mileena slapped him again.

"While making my rounds I overheard Rain talking to Tanya about his intentions. The only reason he is interested in marrying Kitana is so that he can take the throne and become a full god. In fact, he plans to give Kitana's soul to Quan Chi as payment for having Scorpion compete on his behalf!"

"He what?" Liu Kang, Kitana, Jerrod and Sindel all exclaimed.

Rain now stood in the middle of a very awkward circle.

"Rain, is this true?" Jerrod asked.

"Now I can explain...actually, no I can't." Rain admitted.

Kitana took Rain by surprise and punched him across the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

"You little snake!" She said lividly.

"Now hold on..."

She stomped on his crotch. Mileena couldn't help laughing.

"Okay thats it!" Rain said.

He created a wave of water and used it to smash Liu Kang's team and Eric off of the platform. He hopped to his feet and wrapped Kitana up in a water bubble that held her in place. He then turned his attention to Liu Kang.

"You worthless, pathetic, disgusting, weak, Earthrealm monk. You've ruined everything; but the least I can do is make sure you end up with nothing as well!"

Rain made a blade of water on his forearm and moved to decapitate Liu Kang, but green energy lifted him in the air and then slammed him on the ground before he could do it.

"Enough! It's over Rain, all over." Jerrod told him.

Kitana smiled at him, as did Liu. Rain got to his feet, clutching his arm.

"No, not yet it's not. Not until all of you are broken before me."

Raiden raised his hands towards Argus and shot forth a thin stream of water and a continuous current of lightning. They acted like jumper cables between the two, and Argus's power flowed into Rain.

"Hey, what are you doing? What are you," Argus was cut off when he was completely drained by Rain.

Rain shook with power, and laughed evilly.

"Finally, this is what it is like to be a god!" Rain shouted.

The sky turned dark, the wind picked up, and it started to pour. Lightning also shot across the sky; Rain had created a small hurricane.

"He absorbed Argus's power!" Raiden stated in awe.

"So what?" Liu asked.

Now that he was free, Liu ran at Rain. Rain called down a bolt of lightning and shocked him, stunning him, and then blasted him with a jet of water. Liu landed at Raiden's feet.

"That's what." Raiden told him.

"You are a god to, isn't this breaking some kind of law?" Liu asked.

"Oddly enough, no. Good luck!" Raiden said before teleporting away.

"Wait, Raiden!" Liu protested.

"Liu, look out!" Kitana warned.

Liu looked up and saw Rain about to drop down on him. Suddenly, Sindel's hair wrapped around him and pulled him out of the way. When Rain landed, his knees shattered the ground.

"That was too close." Sindel stated.

"Liu Kang, get Kitana out of here. I will deal with Rain." Jerrod said.

"I'm not leaving you here alone." Liu Kang told him.

"I wasn't asking Liu."

"And I'm not leaving."

"And neither am I." Kitana joined them.

"This isn't open for a discussion Kitana." Jerrod told her.

"Give it a rest Jerrod, she isn't a child anymore. She's getting married for goodness sake." Sindel told him.

Liu nodded to her appreciatively.

"Fine, Kitana with me. Sindel, with Liu Kang." Jerrod ordered.

All four of them took battle stances, ready to fight. Rain's indomitable arrogance grew immeasurably with his new found power. He stood laxly and laughed at them.

"Replacing the entire royal family in one fell swoop? How convenient!" Rain said before calling down a lightning bolt.

It split into four separate bolts, one for each target, and they barely dodged it. Liu Kang and Sindel attacked first. Sindel shot three bursts of purple fire at Rain. While Rain was busy blocking them, Liu Kang attempted a bicycle kick. With amazing speed Rain blocked the last fireball with one arm and then parried every kick from Liu Kang with his other. He caught Liu in a water bubble and lifted him into the air. Once Rain let the bubble pop, he performed a geyser kick and struck Liu whilst he was falling. Sindel flew by and caught him before he could take any more punishment.

"Come, come! I've got enough for all of you!" Rain boasted.

Jerrod created a literal wall of forceful energy. He sent it towards Rain, who created a wall of water and met the green wall with his blue wall. The two forces were pitted against each other and slowly but surely Rain began to get the upper hand, his super charged powers overpowering even Ermac's. It wasn't Jerrod's intention to make Rain backdown however, it was merely to distract him.

"Are you getting tired old man?" Rain asked mockingly.

"A little, but you are about to get something much worse."

Kitana came up behind Rain and stabbed her closed fans into his back. Rain gasped from the pain and Kitana kept digging her fans deeper into his back.

"You bitch, I've had enough of you!" Rain roared.

Suddenly, jets of blood erupted from where Kitana had stabbed him, pushing the fans out and blasting her away. At the same time Rain overwhelmed Jerrod and knocked him away with his water wall. Gesturing with his hand, Rain controlled his expelled blood to flow back into him, healing the open wounds in the process. Sindel tried grabbing him with her hair, but Rain reversed it by grabbing her hair in his hands. He pulled it and yanked her to the ground hard. He grabbed her head and brought Sindel to her knees, aiming her face towards Jerrod, Liu Kang, and Kitana. Rain yanked her hair by the roots, and she couldn't help but scream. The sound wave attacked their ears, stunning them. Once he had his fill of that, Rain tossed Sindel over to them. Kitana caught her, barely.

"All this power, combined with my cunning, I am unstoppable. I won't lie, I always wanted to kill you monk, but to take on Jerrod and Sindel, well even I had reservations about that. But now..." Rain looked up to the raging hurricane in the sky.

"Now, I am unstoppable!"

Liu Kang felt something cut him. Confused, he looked up and his cheek was cut, but the only thing falling was Rain...

"Jerrod, make cover for us now!"

Jerrod created a barrier overhead just in time for them to see needle like rain bounce off of it. Rain had turned the falling water into sharp projectiles. Jerrod noticed Rain building up a ball of lightning in his hands.

"Stop him!"

Liu Kang shot the hottest fireballs he could create at Rain. Walls of water doused them before they could even get close to him, and Rain now had a hefty ball of electricity.

"Now you are going to die-d-d-di-die-di-d!" Rain spasmed.

His ball of elctricity had suddenly overcharged and exploded in his hands, zapping him with his own electricity. Adding the pouring Rain, and Rain was shocked into doing what looked like epileptic breakdancing.

"What's wrong with him?" Kitana asked.

"I don't know but look, the rain!" Liu told her.

They all looked up and noticed that, while the hurricane still raged on, the rain had become harmless again, and Jerrod lowered the barrier. Rain had recovered from his self electrocution and looked particularly shocked and annoyed.

"That was a minor slip up, now you'll be swept away!" Rain proclaimed.

Rain formed a large bubble of water in his hand and threw it at them. As flew at them, it expanded into a wave. However, Rain didn't realize that his power had also pulled a wave of water from behind him. All of them, including Rain, where swept off their feet.

"What? Why?" Rain asked aloud.

"Do you feel strong now, Rain?" Jerrod asked him condescendingly.

Rain stood up defiantly, but he was twitching noticeably. He looked like he was struggling to control his muscles.

"You've coveted this kind of power all your life; but you don't deserve it, and you can't control it!" Jerrod shot a green energy bolt at him.

Rain swiped his hand to the side to create a wall of water to block it, but also caused another wave of water to hit him from the side and knock him down again. Jerrod continued to advance on him.

"For all you pride, now in what should be your greatest moment, you are at your most pathetic."

"Pathetic? I'll show you pathetic!" Rain threatened.

He called down a lightning bolt...on himself accidentally.

"Pathetic." Jerrod told him.

Suddenly, Jerrod was stuck inside a bubble of water, a filled bubble of water.

"Who's pathetic now?" Rain mocked.

Kitana and Sindel tried to help him, but Rain seemed to have regained some control over his powers and combined his two elements; creating an electrified wave. It followed wherever his hand moved, and Kitana and Sindel couldn't get close without risking a fatal attack. While he held them at bay, a bolt of lightning prepared to strike the water bubble that Jerrod was trapped in.

"This may come as a shock to you..." Rain gloated.

The lightning bolt began it's descent. Time seemed to have slowed down; Jerrod clutched his throat, Kitana and Sindel stared wide eyed, Rain waited with anticipation...

"Hwah!" Liu shouted.

He did his signature flying kick; penetrating the bubble and kicking Jerrod out of it. However, he became trapped in it himself just as the lightning bolt struck the bubble. The shock spread through the water and into his entire body. Liu floated in the bubble, and then slumped to the ground when Rain released it.

"Liu!" Kitana screamed.

Jerrod sat up and saw Liu, with horror. Rain laughed triumphantly. Kitana fell to her knees at Liu's side, and Sindel and Jerrod joined her.

"He...he's not breathing. He's not breathing, and I can't feel his heart beat!" Kitana told them.

"Kitana..." Jerrod said quietly.

"We need to help need to fix this..."

"Kitana..." Jerrod said again.

Sindel couldn't say anything, she was too busy holding back tears and sobs.

"Please...fix this..."


"No! He saved you, he died saving you! You never wanted him around but he still saved you, and now..." She put her head down on his chest, sobbing audibly.

Jerrod watched her cry, and had all the times that he had been rude to Liu come back to him, scolding him. He took Liu's hand in his, and for the first time in tens of thousands of years, he let himself cry.

"He's dead, the monk is finally dead. I did it!" Rain yelled into the sky.

At that moment, he lost control of his incredible power again and a shower of lightning bolts came down all around them. Kitana and Jerrod had to dive out of the way before one hit them, instead it struck Liu's body. Liu's eyes suddenly snapped open and he sat up.

"I don't wanna go to school...wait, what?" Liu said, confused.

"Your alive!" Kitana said before she hugged him tighter than ever before.

"Alive? Wait, I died?" Liu asked.

"You...saved me from being shocked to death. That lightning bolt must have acted like a defibrillator and restarted your heart." Jerrod told him.

"We thought we lost you." Sindel told him.

"Huh, wow. I think I went to heaven; there was clouds everywhere, and Raiden was there to. He looked surprised to see me there, and he was smoking a joint? Well whatever, that doesn't matter now."

Liu got to his feet, ready to end this. Rain looked like he had completely lost control of the power he had stolen from Argus. Water rained up, and static electricity caused debris to stick to him.

"I can't...I can't hold it..." Rain said with exhaustion.

"Alright everybody, lets finish this. Battle formation zeta five!" Liu ordered.

"What?" The other three asked.

"Uh, Sindel and Kitana, you hold him. Jerrod, follow my lead."

Following this poorly thought out plan, they did as he said. Sindel took a deep breath and unleashed a continuous scream that shattered the sound barrier. Rain covered his ears, but the screech still got through. Kitana opened both her fans and created an updraft that levitated Rain in the air while the scream still assaulted his ears.


"Are you ready Jerrod?" Liu asked.

"Yes, but Liu I just wanted to say.."

"Okay lets do this!" Liu ran and jumped into a flying kick.

As he flew past Jerrod, he used Ermac's power to boost Liu incredibly fast.

"Thanks." Jerrod said.

"Hwaaaaaaaah!" Liu exclaimed.

He flew through the air at super speed, his foot like a bullet. He kicked Rain right in the gut. The kick was so strong that it literally kicked Rain's power out of him; he belched and Argus's power exploded out of him in the form of light beams.

The hurricane started to calm, and the rain died down. In a few moments, the sun shined again as the dark clouds passed. Sindel cleared her throat from her screaming, and Kitana dropped her fans because her arms we exhausted. Liu limped back to them; he had kicked Rain so hard that he sprained his ankle.

"Is it over?" Liu asked.


Raiden teleported down to them, and his eyes were even more red than before, and the smoky odour was more intense.

"It is over Liu...Liu?"

"Dammit Raiden." Liu said from underneath the god's feet.

"Oh, my apologies." Raiden helped him up.

"Raiden, the declaration that Argus made..." Jerrod said.

"Is irrelevant now. Rain ruined his chances because of his hidden plot...and because he absorbed Argus, well he really doesn't deserve to win now does he?"

"That's...bullshit!" Rain said.

He could barely stand, and he clutched his mid section. The godly glow he had before had faded.

"I am Rain...general, prince, god..."

"Demi god, and none of that matters now Rain. You are done." Raiden said.

The thunder god turned his back on him. That was the last attack that Rain's ego would suffer. Mustering up what little energy he had left, he called down a lightning bolt on Raiden. The thunder god was completely unaffected, though he turned on him angrily.

"You shocked Who the hell do you think you are? Wait, whats burning..." Raiden noticed the smell of burning straw.

He reached up and touched his hat and felt a large burnt spot on it.

"You insolent little bug, how dare you!" Raiden said angrily.

Raiden threw his staff like a javelin at Rain. It became impaled in his torso. Raiden raised his hands to the sky and a white light gathered above.

"You should've checked yourself, before you wrecked yourself." Raiden said.

Raiden called down the monstrous lightning bolt. His staff acted like a lightning rod and drew the electric current into Rain. The purple ninja was shocked to the point that his skeleton could be seen under his skin. After a mere five seconds, Rain had disintegrated into nothing. Raiden retrieved his staff and then turned on his friends, who looked more than a little afraid.

"Liu Kang, Kitana, enjoy the wedding." He said before disappearing.

"Wow, just like that, he's gone." Liu Kang said.

"I know, it's kind of..." Kitana began.

"Badass?" Liu tried.


One Week Later

It had taken about a week for the arena to be stripped down and cleared out. Now in it's place a lovely and expensive royal wedding ceremony. Flowers were everywhere, and all attendees were dressed their finest. Liu Kang stood up at the altar dressed in a tuxedo. Sub Zero, Jax, and Johnny Cage stood to his side in the same suit. Opposite of them were Sindel, Jade, and Mileena dressed in beautiful red dresses. Raiden stood at the altar as well, waiting to read the lengthy speech that would marry Liu Kang and Kitana.

Walking down the aisle, Kitana in a white bride's dress walked with her arm in Jerrod's. Jerrod had removed Ermac's face wrappings and worn a tuxedo as well. A piano played as they walked, and Liu and Kitana's eyes never left each other. The groomsmen smiled happily, and the bridesmaids stifled happy tears, even Mileena. Once Jerrod and Kitana reached the altar, Jerrod smiled happily a both of them before moving aside. Raiden began reading and soon enough he came to last and most important part.

"You may kiss the bride."

Liu Kang and Kitana kissed, and everyone began clapping. Even when they broke off the kiss, they looked like the two happiest people in the world...

"Liu, you are bleeding!" Raiden noticed.

"What?" Liu asked.

He felt some blood leak out of his nose. At first he though nothing of it, but then realized that blood was coming out of his eyes and ears as well. His head started to hurt as well.

"What's wrong?" Kitana asked worriedly.

"I don't" Liu clutched his head like it was about to explode.

Worried whispers spread amongst the watchers, and Liu fell to his knees in pain. Kitana leaned down to him, confused and feeling helpless.

"Whats happening? Liu..."

Suddenly Liu Kang's head exploded. Kitana was splattered with teeth, brain matter, eyeballs, and blood. People started screaming and guards struggled to calm them down. Kitana's shaking hand touched her face and she couldn't look away from Liu Kang's headless corpse. She couldn't believe this. After everything they had gone through, how could it end like this?

"Wait, his head explodes?"

"Yeah, what do you think?" Johnny asked into the phone.

"What do I think? It's terrible; the fighting, the attempted rape by that servant girl, gathering people to compete, flooding the bathroom, and he just dies in the end? It's so unsatisfying!"

"It's one hell of a twist! People will love it." Johnny insisted.

"I'm sorry Mr. Cage, but I'm going to have to say no. Goodbye."

"Hey, don't you hang up on me! Dammit Spielberg don't be so close minded, this movie will be a hit! No one says no to the Ca..."

"Alright that's enough Johnny!" Jax said, taking his phone back from Johnny.

"Hey I was doing business!"

"I let you use my phone because you said it was an emergency, not because you wanted to try and put together a crappy movie."

"Whatever man, this movie would have been badass."

"Yeah right. Come on before we're late."

The two of them walked out into the area where the wedding ceremony was set up, needing to push past buzzing servants carrying food, drinks, and decorations. Johnny wore the suit he would always wear to the Grammys, when he was invited that is, and of course his sunglasses. Jax wore his military outfit from when he graduated from the academy, along with a red beret. He looked like a general. They met up with Jade and Mileena near the altar.

"Lucky, Pinky, looking good as always." Johnny said with a smile.

"You don't look too bad yourself, Carlton." Jade told him.

"Ooh okay let's put the teeth away Jade. No offence Mileena."

"I'm not on the decorating committee, but I think this place needs a few splashes of red. Don't you think Johnny?" Mileena asked.


"Johnny one of these days your mouth is going to get you in trouble, especially when you talk like that to someone thats doesn't have as much of a sense of humour as Mileena." Sub Zero said, joining them.

"Oh Sub Zero, you know me so well." Mileena said sarcastically.

"It's part of my job."

"Damn, thats one hell of a tan you got there Sub Zero." Jax told him.

Sub Zero wore the armour of the Lin Kuei grandmaster, helmet and all. Most noticeable was his skin, which was once pale white but now bronzed.

"Visit the jersey shore later?" Johnny asked.

"No, I had an altercation with Scorpion, as you may have seen before."

"I think it looks good." Jade said.

"Yeah you would." Johnny muttered.

Sub Zero and Jade shot him looks, but Sindel's arrival saved Johnny.

"Hello everybody, you all look wonderful."

"As do you my queen." Jade said politely.

Sindel wore the regalia of a queen, including a crown.

"It looks like most of the guests are here, lets start getting in position." Sindel said.

They did so; the men stood on one side and the women the other. To everyone's appreciation, Raiden was already standing at the altar as well. He nodded to both parties. He noticed something was off though...

"Where's Liu Kang?"

On cue, Liu Kang came running out and up to the altar.

"Where have you been?" Raiden asked.



"Bathroom." Judging by his tone, he didn't want say anymore on the matter.

All in attendance took their seats. Nearly all the attendees were either tanned like Sub Zero or had a case of the sniffles after they had thawed out. They all quieted down when Kitana, with Jerrod, still wearing Ermac's attire, walked down the aisle. Bryant and Eric, dressed back into his guard uniform, walked behind them. Bryant noticed Eric stealing looks at Kitana's ass, and he elbowed him roughly.


"Dad, you aren't supposed to talk right now. It's the rules."

"I don't give a damn."

"Really? You?"

"Oh hush. I just wanted to tell you that...I was wrong, about everything. And that I'm happy for you." Jerrod told her sincerely.

"Thanks. That means a lot."

Bryant stood by the men, and Eric by the women, next to Mileena coincidentally. Jerrod walked with Kitana up the rest of the steps before moving aside. Kitana and Liu Kang took each other's hands, smiling.

"Dearly beloved..." Raiden began.

Liu Kang had fallen half asleep during the reading. Kitana had to shake him twice. He gave Raiden a look that made the thunder god hurry. He skipped over a large portion of the reading to the last, and most important line.

"You may kiss the bride."

"Finally!" Liu exclaimed before kissing Kitana.

She returned the kiss with equal vigour. Everyone of the villagers attending stood up and clapped happily.

I still think his head should have exploded. Johnny thought.

Music started playing and people started digging into food and drink. Jerrod crept up behind Liu Kang and whispered something in his ear.

"I'm happy for you're will be a good son."

"What was that?" Liu asked.

Jerrod whispered it again.

"I can't hear you, say again?"

"You'll be a good son!"

The words had come out louder, much louder than intended. Liu had held a microphone up when Jerrod had said it, and everyone present heard.

"Aww!" People began saying before clapping again.

Jerrod looked angry, but Liu couldn't help smiling and chuckling.

"Either way this ends, good luck? I get it now." Jerrod said kindly.

The two men hugged it out; they had finally accepted one another.

"Okay how about a picture?" A photographer asked.

They all stood in place and the photographer took the photo. From left to right it included: Bryant, Johnny, Jax, Sub Zero, Liu Kang, Jerrod, Kitana, Sindel, Jade, Mileena, and Eric. It was the perfect picture, except for Eric. His eyes were noticeably wide because Mileena had squeezed his ass.

The Janitor's Office

"Hey Mark, did you remember to put out those 'Do Not Use' signs in front of the bathrooms?"

"Was I supposed to?"

"If the damn bathrooms are out of order, then yes you were supposed to, idiot."

"Alright I'm going, I'm going."

Mark grabbed the signs and strolled to the bathrooms. He couldn't believe they were still out of order. They hadn't been working since Liu Kang had used them, what a mess that was. He pushed the door open with his foot and suddenly slipped. The floor was covered in dirty water gushing from one of the toilets.

"Aw come on!"


Kano flew back to Australia for some R&R. He encountered Sonya at the airport, and she promptly arrested him. To make sure that she could make the charges stick, she planted some marijuana on him.

Reiko retired from the military; his ability to kick and walk would be forever compromised due to his pelvic injuries.

Tanya never recovered from what Mileena had done to her. She tried seeing a therapist, but Jade instead had her thrown in prison.

Reptile, thinking that perhaps it was time to give up on restoring his people, met Khameleon. The two dated and eventually had children; ten to be exact. Reptile now wished that he had given up on restoring his people sooner.

Scorpion returned to the Netherrealm. Quan Chi had accidentally used his line again, so Scorpion broke all his limbs. Not long after, Scorpion learned that Quan Chi killed his clan and family. Things inevitably got worse for Quan Chi.

Jax returned to his office to find that the paperwork had built up to the point that he couldn't enter his office.

Johnny went ahead and tried to make a movie based on his recent experience. It was nominated for worst film, worst director, and worst actor of the year. It won the award for worst actor of the year.

Mileena spends a lot of time with Eric. She still threatens to kill anyone who calls him her boyfriend, but Eric is okay with that. He is patient.

Sub Zero and Jade's relationship remained mostly off the radar; but the two of them frequently infiltrated the base of the other for important 'meetings'.

Sindel and Jerrod are still the reigning monarchs of Edenia. Jerrod has started to come out of his shell, or rather Ermac's face wraps, more and is more sociable. Sindel tried becoming an opera singer; the casualties were in the hundreds.

Liu Kang and Kitana are happily married and frequently visit Kitana's parents. They are expecting their first child.

"Wait, we're what?" Liu Kang asked.

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