Lux. That was her name and no one knew it but her.

Sometimes Lux would dream. Sometimes she would beg. Other times nothing was enough and so nothing was what she did.

Lux was special. She wasn't unbelieveably smart, in fact she rarely went to school and she was only average when she did. She wasn't born special but now she was and still no one wanted her.

Lux had dirty blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and was average height. She was also in the foster care system. Her parents, whoever they were, hadn't wanted her and so there was where she had ended up and stayed off and on between foster homes at least until she decided to end her torture. Now here she was standing outside in the cold on top of a three story building watching as the cars passed and wondering where she had gone wrong.

Let's go back to where this all started. Three days ago.

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