Daphne couldn't help but watch her new husband sleep. Knowing him it would probably freak him out knowing someone was watching him sleep so she tried to close her eyes but she couldn't help it. She couldn't believe she had just spent all night making love to Niles Crane-her husband. She liked the sound of that. Who would have thought a girl from Manchester would have been lying in her place on this very late night, early morning actually, at a resort at Bora Bora? Even her own mum had a hard time believing it.

What was it that made it so hard to believe? That she had found her very own prince charming? Men like Niles Crane simply did not exist, she had given up that idea by the time she was ten. That was why she had stopped looking, and started settling. That sounded cruel to say that about Donny, for he was a very kind man, but he wasn't what her heart's dreams were made of in all honesty. She was flattered that an attorney was interested in her, but Donny Douglas was not that knight on the white horse that she had dreamed of ever since she was a little girl. She had found that man, and he was sleeping, snoring ever so slightly (he'd be mortified if he knew!) right beside her, where she hoped he would stay forever.

And the way he swept in to save her, well that was truly the stuff fairy tales were made of, in her opinions. He saved her from making the biggest mistake of her life by taking the biggest risk of his. True, his timing left something to be desired, but in her heart she understood. She understood why he waited. It was love. Love makes you crazy, foolish, scared, brave, happy, jealous, - all at the same time. And Niles had loved her for so long. She loved him too, but hadn't been ready to accept it until the time he declared it. Yes, it was truly fate after all.

He just rolled over. Daphne couldn't help it. He looked so peaceful, even in his sleep. Did he know how happy he made her? Sometimes she thought that he did, but then he would try even harder to impress her. What he didn't know was that he didn't have to try so hard. It wasn't about the things he did for her- the jewelry and the chocolates were nice, but it was more than that. It was about him memorizing every song off of her favorite c.d. so that he could sing along at the concert they went to three months ago. It was about his holding her hand during a scary part in a movie when she knew the reason he was holding her hand was that he was the one who was petrified. It was about those little things that let him know that he knew her and yet loved her still in spite of who she was.

Daphne looked over at Niles and smiled. Yes, this was one night he definitely was not going to get any sleep.

The end