A/N The idea is not mine, someone else wrote a similar story but Deidara was the one who was turned into a child and Sasori had to take care of him.

"Shit" the redhead said she hadn't meant to get roped into this battle. She didn't even know what side she was fighting for so she just began blasting away. She felt strong arms wrap around her waist and someone whisked her behind a corner. She looked up into the blue eyes of her friend Deidara "stay here. You're a hazard yeah" he laughed at the insulted look on her face "you don't just go blasting away…" they heard a slicing sound and Sasori cry out in triumph "ninja art transformation jutsu!" they heard someone rasp out. Silence fell then the pair heard a childlike voice "is anyone here?" it asked terrified. Deidara and Reika looked at each other in confusion and shock. Rushing out they saw several dead bodies and a child with red hair and a far too big Akatsuki robe.

It looked up at the sound of them approaching and relief flooded the child's face "DeiDei and ReRe" the child said happily rushing towards them. Deidara stumbled back in shock but Reika leaned down to pick him up. Holding the child in front of her she studied him "Sasori?" she asked shocked. The child nodded sucking on his thumb. They heard a groan from the person Sasori had killed last. Deidara, having recovered from his shock stalked over to the man "what did you do to him yeah?" he demanded. The man laughed "give him a week and he'll be back to normal…it's his punishment" his laughing turned into body wracking coughs as he slowly died.

Deidara turned back to Reika who was holding the little Sasori. He was struck at how much they resembled each other. Reika could have been his mother "what do we do now yeah?" he asked her. She looked at the little boy in her arms he still had his finger in his mouth "I have no clue. Let's ask Pein" she said and the pair left making sure not to trip on the corpses.

Once they got back to the Akatsuki HQ, they made their way up to Pein's office. "Leader-sama yeah" Deidara said once they had an audience with their leader "did you complete the mission?" Deidara and Reika glanced at each other "yes sir, we did…" Pein looked up at the hesitation in Deidara's voice, the young bomber was usually blunt "but?" he asked. Deidara and Reika exchanged another glance "we ran into some…complications" Reika continued. Pein raised an eyebrow "what kind of complications?" Reika picked up the little boy hiding behind her "meet Sasori" she said.

Pein narrowed his eyes "what happened?" he said irritably. Deidara spoke this time "things were going good and we had all but one down. Sasori killed him but with his dying breath he used a jutsu that turned Sasori into…yeah" he gestured at the child in Reika's arms. Little Sasori held his arms out to Deidara who looked positively frightened. Reika rolled her eyes and held Sasori out to Deidara who shook his head and hands furiously "Leader-sama…what do we do yeah?" he turned to Pein with an expression on his face that made Pein want to laugh.

"He's your partner, therefore he's your responsibility" Pein told Deidara. Deidara looked like he was going to be sick "you can't possibly…" he said horrified as Pein nodded. Reika began laughing and she held Sasori out to Deidara again. He recoiled like he'd been stung causing Reika to laugh harder. "Reika" Pein said to the newest recruit "you're going to be helping him" the laughter died from her ringed violet eyes to be replaced by one of horror as she looked at Deidara ignoring the smug look in his eyes "you can't possibly expect us to take care of a child" she said.

Pein sighed "Deidara would end up killing Sasori if we left him on his own. You are at least more responsible and from what I've heard, experienced at caring for children therefore the two of you are expected to work together. You will both be on vacation until Sasori returns to normal and that is all" Deidara looked like he was going to protest again but Reika stomped his foot "yes Leader-sama we understand"

The left Pein's office and Deidara started "why did you stop me yeah?" he cried. Reika rolled her eyes "arguing will do no good. When has arguing with Leader-sama ever gotten anyone anywhere?" that silenced Deidara who had no answer "it's only a week and we'll be working together" she sighed "we'll have to get out of here before…" "Reika, Deidara" both groaned simultaneously as Kisame walked up. He took one look at Sasori and glanced up at Reika confusion filling his eyes, his glance darted between Reika and Deidara and his mouth formed an "O" shape.

"Stop what you're thinking yeah" Deidara snapped "this is not what it looks like yeah" Kisame smirked "oh really?" he said slyly. Deidara nodded "Kisame…say hi to Sasori yeah" he said pointing to the child Reika was holding. Kisame's eyes widened "Sasori?" "Did someone say my name?" the child looked around and catching sight of Kisame smiled widely "fishy fishy!" he shouted reaching his arms out to Kisame who's mouth dropped open "what happened to him?" he asked. Deidara explained the situation while Reika attempted to calm the crying Sasori "fishy doesn't like meee!" he wailed. Reika glared at Kisame who held up his hands in a "surrender" gesture.

He took Sasori from Reika. Sasori immediately stopped crying and smiled "fishy likes me!" he cooed happily. "What was with all that racket?" Zetsu appeared annoyed. He caught one look at Sasori tugging on Kisame's nose and stopped in his tracks "what the hell?" Black Zetsu said and White Zetsu began laughing "is he yours Kisame?" White Zetsu mocked. "Why you…" Kisame shouted about to rush at him but Deidara stepped in "don't…you're still holding Sasori. Pein would be furious if something happened to him yeah" Kisame growled but relaxed. Zetsu's eyes widened "Sasori?" Black Zetsu asked. Reika nodded and told the story of what happened to Sasori by the end of the story, both Zetsu's were in shock.

Deidara tugged Reika's arm "let's go before anyone else shows up yeah" he said irritably. Reika nodded her agreement and the two began walking "Deidara I have something to tell you" Hidan's voice sounded from behind them. They groaned again "are we EVER going to get out of here yeah?" Deidara whispered to her as he turned around "I can't talk right now Hidan yeah" Deidara said waiting for the short-tempered lunatic's outburst.

Sure enough Hidan's foul words and shouting began momentarily. Little Sasori didn't like the noise and began crying loudly causing Hidan to stop mid-shout. Reika turned bright red; she didn't need another scene like the one with Kisame. For the first time in his life Hidan was struck silent at the sound of a child's cry. He glanced towards Reika who still had her back to him and something in her arms. He looked at her and at Deidara, unfortunately coming to the same conclusion Kisame had. "Deidara?" he asked confused "when did this happen?" Reika turned around her temper flaring "for the LAST TIME" she shouted "HE IS NOT MY CHILD! THIS IS SASORI" Hidan's eyes widened as he caught sight of little Sasori.

"What in Jashin's name happened to him?" he shouted scaring Sasori even more. Sasori began crying again "I don't like the scary man who shouts" he sniffled. Reika glared at Hidan trying to calm Sasori down yet again. Even Hidan was scared of Reika when she was in a foul mood and right now he figured he'd better make his escape "time to pray" he said turning and disappearing into his room. Deidara and Reika sighed in relief at not having to explain the situation yet again.

They made it out of Akatsuki HQ with no more problems and they were on their way. "Where should we go yeah?" Deidara asked her. Reika considered, "how about Takigakure? The Akatsuki isn't as well-known so we'd have less of a chance at being recognized. My sister Akane and her husband Neji live there. Neji is in Konoha now so it's just Akane. She knows about the Akatsuki. We talk about everything." Deidara paused for a moment "hold on yeah" he took off his Akatsuki cloak to reveal a black shirt with fishnet and grey pants "we don't want to advertise yeah" he said straightening his shirt. Reika agreed exposing her short blue and grey dress with a purple bow.

"Let's go yeah" Deidara said and the two headed off towards Takigakure.