Title: A New Direction
Story Summary: It had finally happened... the multiverse had finally collapsed.

Chapter One
Words: 801
Chapter Summary: In which the multiverse truly does hate Jason Todd

Jason's bike was making a hissing noise as he jumped from it and raced towards the final fight. He could see his brother's fighting alongside their fights, and some former enemies, as he jumped over the remains of the batmobile. Dick must have crashed the thing to try to stop the nutjobs who were leading this mess. As he ducked under a blast, he assumed came from Sinestro, he bolted left and nearly tripped over a fallen body. He sparred a glance back and noticed it was one of the Birds. Zinda. She was bleeding badly, and Jason wished he had a second to stop to help her. She wouldn't be making it out of this, and a part of his heart broke at that. But he had a mission, and he was going to complete it.

Kyle had seen plenty of death in his years in the Corps. But this? Superboy Prime was taking them apart with a passion and a sickness that Kyle had never seen outside of the Red Lanterns. His stomach clenched hard as he watched, helplessly, as Prime grabbed Soranik. Kyle tried to get back up, but his body refused him. He could feel the coldness cover him, as the tears started to flow. He knew he was screaming, but he couldn't pick out his own voice from that of Soranik's. Kyle couldn't close his eyes fast enough when her final cry was pulled from her. Her blood was coating the ground around Kyle and he was powerless to stop it, or to look away.

Dick grabbed Wally's arm and hauled him out of the ditch he'd created. Too many people had been lost today, and the fight wasn't even over. He kept an eye on his friend as he sped around looking for his lost daughter. Dick sighed as he returned looking panicked. Dick was happy to inform him that Damian had stolen Iris away after the crash and had disappeared with her. Wally had nodded and the two set out to find others who were in need of help. They were only at it for five minutes when Dick was roughly grabbed and clung too. He knew the stock of red hair clinging to him, more than he knew the metal arm that was currently holding his arm in a death grip. Roy. Dick and Wally pull the man to them and listened as Roy informed them that Oliver was gone. It didn't click just then, but when the fight seemed truly over and they heard Dinah's cry, they knew. And Dick wasn't going to let Roy go. Not now, not ever again.

The death toll had risen to the hundreds before Prime had gotten bored and fled away from Earth. Superman was missing, Wonder Woman was broken, and Batman was too busy trying to keep everyone from giving in to their depressions. A few heroes were trying to pick up the pieces, but others were more lost than ever.

Kyle was one of the latter. He stared straight ahead and watched silently as someone covered the bodies before him. Several members of the Corps had come to see him, and wonder if he was okay. But he hadn't said a word. He wouldn't. He couldn't. It was his fault that she was dead. It was his fault Guy was now probably paralyzed. This was all his fault.

Jason would never admit that he was relieved to see Tim was alive. But seeing the boy as he carefully laid his cape over the body of Wonder Girl, he couldn't resist the urge. He moved over to him, and pulled the cowl from his head. Tim was crying and holding back his shaking body with a training Jason could never really remember taking himself. So Jason did the only thing he could. He wrapped his arms around Tim and held the teen as he broke down. Wonder Girl wasn't the only Titan to die that day, and as he watched over Tim's head, she wasn't going to be the last.

Jason looked up at the sky and frowned. It was sunset, so it was supposed to be different shades. But... purple and green? Then the lightning started. Wally had zoomed past with Bart slowly following him. The Flashes were going a bit crazy, and Jason knew that didn't sit well. Then Zatanna had muttered something, which almost made sense and Jason knew what was happening.

Prime hadn't left Earth to destroy the universe. He had left Earth to destroy the Multiverse... and he had done it.

Jason felt Tim's frame tighten as a bolt of lightning blinded all those still on Earth.