The Truth Within the Shadows

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Chapter 1: Demonic Awakening.

It was a quiet night in Konohagakure. Nothing at all was out of the ordinary but the Godaime Hokage Senju Tsunade was in a state of unease. She felt like something wasn't right and could not bring herself to leaver her office despite it being one in the morning. Tsunade looked out to the Hokage Monument and found herself looking at her geandfather Senju Hashirama. She had heard from Kakashi that the man who killed him, Kakuzu a member of the Akatskui, was dead and had taken her grandfather's heart. Tsunade was glad about that but that's when the unease set in. "Why is it that hearing about your heart stopping makes me feel like something is about to happen?" Tsunade asked the carving from her window. As if to answer her question Tsunade saw a dark violet glimmer from the carvings eye and she had a feeling that it was calling to her. Tsunade thought about calling in some ANBU but decided against it because her instincts said she should go alone. Tsunade quickly ran out the door and into the caves inside the monument and before long she saw a dark violet light coming from a tunnel. Tsunade turned and followed the light and found herself looking at a large sarcophogus made from what appeared to be crystallized chakra. The sarcophogus had cracks in it and from those crack the dark violet light was slipping through. Every second that passed had the cracks grow larger until finally the sarcophogus shattered. Tsunade had to look away as the light had become intense but when she looked back she saw the last thing she would have thought was inside the sarcophogus.

Inside the Sarcophogus was a young man that was staring directly at her. He was wearing black boots, black slacks, a tucked in white button up with a black vest over it and a crimson tie, and a black robe. His hair was light brown and untidy but his eyes were the same dark violet as the light and they were slitted like a wolf's. Tsunade stared at the young man for a moment. The young man didn't seem threatening until Tsunade noticed that laying next to him were weapons. Tsunade saw an english rapier, ring blade, and a chain sword but what really caught her attention was an overly large sword. Tsunade realized that it was a zweihander. This young man was obviously a foreigner because no one in the Elemental Nations sold zweihander's. Especially not onw made with a strange red metal with a demonic looking design and a red crystal in the hilt.

"Who are you?" The young man asked. Tsunade looked at the young man dumbly for a second after being so focused on his weapons. "Are you a mute?" The young man asked simply. Tsunade snapped out of her daze.

"I am the Godaime Hokage Senju Tsunade." Tsunade said as her introduction. The young man narrowed his eyes. Tsunade at first tensed but say he wasn't doing it threatening ly. More like he was analyzing her. After a moment the young man closed his eyes and nodded.

"I do see some resemblence to to Young Hashirama." The Young Man announced causing Tsunade to freeze. This young man who barely looked old enough to drink had just called her grandfather young and while she sensed no chakra she did feel a sort of power from within the young man. The power scared her to no end but she still was able to keep her composure. The young man looked around and say that only Tsunade was with him and he was puzzled by that. "Young One where is Young Hashirama?"

"My grandfather is long dead. He was killed by a man named Kakuzu who stole his heart to add on to his life." Tsunade explained to the young man who looked really puzzled.

"Arte of the Heartstealer? That's not a technique a human could learn without help from either the Shadow or Doll Clans." The young man muttered.

"Ummm why do you refer to humans like you aren't one?" Tsunade asked. The young man chuckled a little before seeing that Tsunade was seriously confused. The young man sighed before looking her dead in the eye.

"Because Young One I'm not a human. I am of the Sinner Clan." The young man said before he decided to clarify more. "I am what you humans refer to as a demon." Tsunade stepped back and fell upon hearing this. She had not even suspected this strange young man to be a demon of all things.

"Your a Bijuu?" Tsunade blurted out. The young man shook his head.

"I am not a Remnant of the Beast Clan's head. I am of the Sinner Clan. My name is Sir Mark Raphael Frey, Knight of Tartarus and friend to Young Hashirama." Tsunade was on the verge of passing out. Before her stood a Demon Knight and a friend of her grandfather's and he only looked to be twenty at the most.

"B-b-but why were you in that sarcophogus if my grandfather was your friend?" Tsunade asked still trying to get a hold of herself. Mark smiled sadly and Tsunade noticed a fang poke out from his lips.

"Young Hashirama and I were good friends but after that fool Madara attacked with the strongest Remnant the village he founded was not all to thrilled with demonkind so I went into hiding in this cave. After a year of hiding people still scorned demonkind so I asked Young Hashirama to seal me away in a deep sleep and to awaken me when I could walk within the village freely or when his heart ceased beating. Apparently the latter is the cause of my awakening." Mark then drew a pentacle in the air using the same dark violet light that came from the cracks in the sarcophogus. "May your rest be peaceful and free of woe my brother in arms." The pentacle disappeared as Mark turned to Tsunade again. "I guess I should part. My kind are most likely still unwelcome." Mark started to leave but Tsunade stood up and stopped him.

"Did you kill humans?" Tsunade asked simply.

"Only to protect my friends of this realm. Never for selfish or foolish reasons. Young Hashirama even saw fit to teach me your ninja way of fighting which I am quite proficient at." Mark answered. Tsunade looked at him and could feel the truth in his words.

"Then I would like to ask you to join this village as a member of out ninja squads." Tsunade said. "If you were a friend of my grandfather's and no one knows about you then he would like you to be a member of the village he helped found." Mark looked at her for a moment before closing his eyes.

"A sound argument but I have no real reason to stay. True I was loyal to my friend and the village but I can feel that it is strnger than it was before I slept." Tsunade was taken back by Mark once more. She was surprised he could sense the village's strength like that. Tsunade also knew that her grandfather would want Mark to join the village because his strength would be a huge asset. "However I have a question I must pose to you." Mark said from out of nowhere. Tsunade looked at him. "I do not sense any of Madara's descendents. What ever happened to that clan?"

"Many of the were killed by Uchiha Itachi except for his little brother Uchiha Sasuke who betrayed the village and now works for a former teammate of mine who attacked the village before Sasuke's defection." Tsunade explained. "I sent a team to retrieve him when he first ran but not even Naruto with the Kyuubi's power-" Tsunade stopped when she mentioned the Kyuubi. Mark opened his eyes and looked at her.

"How would a child possess a Remnant's power unless...the boy is a jail is he not?" Mark asked. Tsunade nodded which made the Demon Knight sigh again. "Well then it appears I do have reason to stay."

"Why do you seem so reluctant?" Tsunade asked. Mark was about to say something when he looked around.

"Perhaps a more appropiate venue would be best before I go into the intracacies of the Darkworld." Mark said as Tsunade nodded feeling that a cave was perhaps not the best place to talk. Tsunade lead the Demon Knight back to her office at the Hokage Tower and took her seat behing her desk. The Godaime then offered a seat to him but Mark merely snapped his fingers and a throne of twisted black metal with crimson demonic runes and two large wings rose from his shadow and he sat down.

"I thought you said you were a knight?" Tsunade asked surprised by the throne. Mark chuckled slightly and it sounded musical to Tsunade's ears.

"Indeed I did but I was also a Number." Mark said. Tsunade raised an eyebrow in confusion and the Sinner noticed. "Okay you may want to take notes. Young Hashirama had to." Tsunade's eyes widened at the statement. She didn't know what she was about to learn but if her genius grandfather needed notes then she would also take some. "Okay. The Darkworld is actually seperated into different realms. Each realm is home to a different variety of demon clans. Sinners like myself come from The Damned Cathedral, home of Syrisia the Head Priestess of Pride. The other realms are the Fire Lands, Gilded Avenue, Nightmare City, The Barren Fields, Chasm of Screams, and The Fear Swamp. Each of them is ruled by a sepaerate Devil like Syrisia. However there is a High Devil that rules over all of us. We Knights serve that High Devil. But the best are Numbers. There are thirteen of us the best being Thirteen who was when I was last up a member of the Succubus clan named Raikoho. I was Seven." Tsunade then lookedc up from her notes with a look of confusion.

"Why are you in our world if you're a Number?" Tsunade asked that if he was such a high ranking Knight that it was ridiculous that he was in the human world

"I was ordered by the High Devil to live in this realm. For what reason I know not but I am not one to foolishly question orders. I have not been ordered back or else Young Hashirama's seal on me would have been broken before this eve." Mark said before a table appeared with a pot of tea and a cup and saucer. Mark put in some sugar cubes before pouring himself some tea. "How I missed this in my slumber. Would you like a cup?"

" thanks. I only drink green tea." Tsunade said. Mark chuckled once more.

"Young Hashirama was the same. I remember that he would also slip some sake into his tea to help calm his nerves. " Mark said with a smile that had a fang poke out of the right side of his mouth. The image made Tsunade think how handsome the Sinner was but she quickly reminded herself that the young man in front of her was supposed to be a demon. Tsunade then remembered something he had said that was bothering her.

"Mark-san earlier you called the Kyuubi no Kitsune a Remnant. Why is that?" Tsunade asked.

"Then your people are unaware. Very well. The Bijuu as you refer to them are merely the nine Remnants of the leader of the Beast Clan. You would call this demon the Juubi but she is known to us as Kiramita. The Beast Clan has been weakened since Kiramita's power was split into nine Remnants and her body sealed within the moon but that's fine. The Beast Clan had been ready to take up arms against the other clans due to them being the largest. However without a single Beast Clan member to unify them they have broken up into their different species making them weaker."

"I see. Another question I have is that the Kyuubi has chakra but you don't. Why is that?" Tsunade asked.

"That is a simple one. Kiramita entered this world without permission so her demonic power wasn't protected so it was warped into chakra. I can willingly turn my demonic power into chakra if I so chose since I came here officially. However Kiramita could not and the only way for her power to be set right would be to surrender to us Knights. However she had to much pride and ran when we caught up to her."

"Why run? Surely she could have fought."

"Not with chakra. Chakra is vastly weaker than demonic power." Mark said like he was commenting about the weather but this made the Godaime scared out of her wits. If what Mark said was true then the Kyuubi was much stronger than what they realized and according to that and Mark's position Mark could end the village with a thought. "However what Kiramita didn't know is that we wear limiters on out bodies to keep us from accidently obliterating a country." Tsunade mentally sighed hearing this. The last thing she needed was to have some one with that kind of power getting pissed. "Now then I believe you should have all the satisfactory answers you require."

"Actually could you tell me what a Sinner is and why you became a Knight?" Mark smiled but there was a sadness in his eyes.

"A Sinner Clan demon is a demon born from the sins of the world and condensed into a pregnant female Sinner. We look the most human in out sealed forms like I am now. As for why I'm a Knight...I actually never wanted to be one but I had to. My sister has a curse in her blood that's devouring her power but since I'm a Knight she's able to get the medical attention she requires. So long as she is plagued by her blood I will stay a Knight."

"I see. Very well. Since you are now a member of this village I think you should have this. " Tsunade said as she pulled out a headband with the Konoha symbol on it and handed it to the Sinner. Mark took it and it was bathed in dark violet that was his demonic power. The head band was gon but Tsunade saw that it had been transformed into a pendant aroung the Sinner's neck. "I will also have to ask you to hide the fact you're demon and use chakra."

"I understand." Mark said as soon Tsunade could sense chakra from Mark's body instead of his demonic power. "Is this sufficient?" Tsunade nodded.

"Also for the time being until you can find a place to live you can stay with me." The Sinner didn't object so the two of them left the tower to head to Tsunade's apartment. What Tsunade didn't realize is that this would start a new chapter in the book of Konohagakura no Sato.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Please stick with this because I can assure you there will be surprises around every corner and it will live up to its M rating.