The Truth Within the Shadows

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Chapter Five: Sinner with a chance of Butterflies and Spiders

Hinata woke up the next morning and was surprised by the room she was in until she remembered that she had moved in with Mark and smiled. The young Hyuga quickly got dressed and walked out and saw that Hebihime was cooking. "I didn't know you cooked Hebihime-chan." Hinata said to the yound demoness. Hebihime responded with one of her signature cute smiles.

"Yep I cook! I'm also really good at it. It's actually one of the few things my kind are born good at." Hinata was slightly confused by the statement and Hebihime saw. "All demon races have something they are automatically good at. For Hebi-Onna like myself we are born as excellent cooks. For Sinners like Mark he's an excellent baker." Hinata was surprised that Mark was a baker but then again she couldn't help but think that it fit the Sinner. As Hinata thought about this Hebi hime had finished the omlettes and went over to Mark's door and opened it walking in. "Mark it's time to get up." Hebihime chirped to the sleeping Sinner. Mark's hand came up and landed on Hebihime's head like he was trying to turn of an alarm clock. Hebihime on ly smiled as she knew exactly how to wake him up. The young Hebi-Onna took the hand stuc two fingers into her mouth and began to suckle them causing the Sinner to wake up and pull his hand back.

"Where did you learn that?" Mark asked Hebihime who only smiled but instead of it being a cute smile it was more along the line of cute with a hint of seductive.

"I was raised in this nice little house filled with stuff like that by Madame Carolina." Hebihime answered. Mark face palmed.

"You lived in a Succubus whore house?" Mark asked to which Hebihime nodded. "Please do not do any of the things you saw or heard about. Many humans will think bad of me and others will...think well of me for bad reasons.

"Fine." Hebihime said with a normal cute smile. Mark smiled back and got up and grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom to change. When he came out he sat down at the table and ate wih Hebihime and Hinata.

"So good. Been far too long since I've had any food made by a Hebi-Onna." Mark said as he gladly ate the food.

"Mark-sensei-" Hinata began but Mark help up his hand.

"Just Mark. I'm not a fan of the suffixes you humans use." Mark said. He had no idea why humans would waste their time creating meaningless suffixes for everyone.

"So demons don't use them?" Hinata asked.

"No we don't." Hebihime said. "We only add titles to those who deserve them like the Devils and the Knights as well as the ruling memebers of a clan."

"You say clans but you mean races right?" Hinata asked and was surprised when Hebihime shook her head.

"No I mean clan. Like I said I'm from the Shapeshifter clan which means the other species of the clan can shapeshift like Owl Women or Wendigo. Some clans are made of only one species like the Sinner clan while others have many like the Insect clan." Hebihime explained. Hinata thought it over and decided that it made sense. "Also you call the Bijuu demons which is incorrect." This made Hinata stare at the two demons like they were insane.

"How is that incorrect? Their chakra is warped and demonic." Hinata said. Mark chuckled as Hebihime giggled causing Hinata to go red.

"Hinata listen." Mark said after getting over his chuckling fit. "The reason why their chakra is warped is because they are remnants of the leader of the Beast clan who entered the human realm illegally. The body of this demon was sealed within the moon." Hinata's eyes practically ried to jump out of her head. To think everyone was so wrong about the Bijuu. "Any that's not important. What is is that the leader of the Beast clan never be revived. Her power would be way too devastating for both the human realm and the Darkworld."

"The leader is a woman?" Hinata asked to which the Sinner nodded. "I didn't expect that."

"Most demon leaders are actualy women. You see in demonic society female demons are more respected. But I think we should stop talking about demons because I doubt you will ever find yourself in the Dark world Hinata-san." Hinata nodded happy to be off the topic since it actually scared her a little. She didn't know a lot about the Darkword but what she had learned scared her.

Meanwhile in the Darkworld N'gwa had arrived at her castle in the Fear Swamp which is ruled over by Nysos the Lady of Gluttony. N'gwa spent no time in dilly dallying and went straight to her chambers and began to write down the various tasks she wanted each of the lords beneath her to perform while she was gone but she heard a knock on her door and saw a breathtaking woman weaing black boots, black plaid mini-skirt, an open black leather vest that had nothing underneath giving the Akuma Cho a good view of the woman's DD-cups and a red scarf that fell to the woman's butt. The woman also ha black hair in twin ponytails down to the hem of her skirt and grey-green eyes.

"What are you doing here Gil'ead?" N'gwa asked clearly not happy to see the head of the Arachna clan, her mortal enemies, in her chambers.

"You know as well as I do we agreed that we would have a civilaized talk once a month and guess what today is." Gil'ead said. N'gwa looked at her calender and sighed. "Good so why are you working so furiously?"

"I have my reasons, Spider." N'gwa said. Gil'ead smiled knowingly.

"Does it perhaps involve the destruction of your beloved hatchery?" Gil'ead asked cutely causing the Akuma Cho to whirl around and glare at Gil'ead. "I thought that may be the case. You almost killed one of my people during your rampage."

"What do you know Spider?" N'gwa spat. She didn't like talking to the Arachna clan head normally but now was a really bad time. "Do you know anything of that girl?"

"Hyuga Hinata of Konohagakure no Sato. Family is vast and well respected. Cares a great deal for her sister Hanabi but her heart belongs to a blond boy with whisker marks and wears an orange jumpsuit. Apparently his name is Uzumaki Naruto from what my people have said." N'gwa thought about the information and decided that if Naruto was that important to Hinata then N'gwa would take him for herself.

"Thank you so much Gil'ead. I've actually enjoyed this visit of your's. If you would kindly leave I have some revenge to dish out." N'gwa said. Gil'ead knew immediatly that N'gwa was going to try and seduce Naruto and as she left she decided that she would also try to seduce him just to get in her mortal enemies way.

"N'gwa you fool. You shouldn't be so obvious." Gil'ead said to herself as she went to her own castle to get ready. Back in the human realm Mark had just reintroduced himself to Team Eight as their new sensei but like he had done with Hinata that morning told them to just call him Mark. "Any questions."

"Just one." Shino said. "Why is Hebhime perched on your head and shoulders again?"

"Yeah it's like she's a bird that lives in your hair." Kiba said causing the Hebi-Onna to frown which still looked cute.

"I'm so much cuter than a bird...why would say something so mean?" Hebihime asked pretending to cry.

"AH! Don't cry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to insult you!" Kiba said frantically. "I'll make it up to you just tell me how!"

"Y-y-you mean it?" Hebihime asked still pretending to cry. Kiba nodded not noticing the grin on Mark's face from Kiba falling for Hebihime's act. "Then...please by me a pound of candy." Hebihime said bursting into a huge smile.

"Okay!" Kiba said before realizing Hebihime played him. "Did I just get played?"

"You kinda did Kiba-kun." Hinata said. "And you did promise you would get her that pound of candy."

"I had to admit she had me convinced as well." Shino said. "At least until I saw that Mark was grinning slightly." Kiba menatlly kicked himself in the head for not noticing that.

"Can I have my candy now?" Hebihime asked cutely. Kiba was about to say something but he couldn't resist the cuteness and Everyone including him and Akamaru new it. The Team decided that the day would be a day for bonding and not training since they had just gotten back from the Land of Scars. After Kiba basically emptied his wallet to pay for Hebihime's candy the team went and actually had ramen at Ichiraku. "Why ramen Mark?" Hebihime asked.

"Because it's good and I haven't had any for a long time." Mark said simply as he started to eat his spicey chicken ramen. Hebihime only shrugged as she began to eat her ramen as well. HInata looked at them and thought they were more like a father and his daughter then best friends. Hinata received her ramen and began to eat as well.

Unbeknownst to them Gil'ead had arrived in Konoha and had already created a plan to seduce Naruto. The Black Widow Demon knocked on the door of Naruto's apartment and when he answered he was surprised to see a half naked woman carrying a large bag at his door. "Ummmm who are you?" Naruto asked trying hard not to look at the woman's bountiful chest.

"Well I'm new to the village and I heard there was a person that liked ramen as much as I do so I was hoping he would let me make him some." Gil'ead said innocently. She knew she had him at ramen because he was practically drooling.

"Well if you want to come on in." Naruto said with his trademark foxy grin. Gil'ead walked in and started to pull the bags contents out and Naruto saw that she had a lot of stuff for ramen which made him happy. Gil'ead silently preapred everything as the water came to a boil.

"So what's your name? My name is Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto said. Gil'ead smiled at how cute and innocent he was.

"My name is Gil'ead. Gil'ead Widows." Gil'ead said as she added a drop from a small black bottle before adding the ingredients. When the ramen was complete Gil'ead made a large bowl for Naruto and a smaller bowl for herself. "I hope you like it Naruto-kun."

"I'm sure I will." Naruto said before he began to eat. Naruto didn't realize it but as he ate the ramen his mind was slowly being poisoned by the contents of the black bottle. Inside it was a potion called the Elixer of Shadows. This potion was made using some of the Black Widow Demon's aura and would slowly warp Naruto's mind. Gil'ead smiled as she thought about how best to seduce him more before mating with him. She looked at him and knew that he would taste deliscious when she devoured him as part of her kinds mating activities.

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