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"Did you ever consider being an artist?" The question was abrupt, unexpected. Neal looked up from the file on his lap.

"Excuse me?" Peter shrugged innocently.

"Just wondering; this guy reminds me of you. In your early days." Neal cocked his head in slight confusion. Peter elaborated, "He's good; it's ashame he didn't try doing honest work instead of forging Vermeers' and Picassos'." Neal nodded, and started to go back to his file before he realized what his partner was getting at.

"You think I should've sold original pieces?"

"Why didn't you? You could've been the da Vinci of the 21st century instead of Frank Abagnale." Neal grinned.

"I'm Frank Abagnale?" he asked with child-like enthusiasm. Peter rolled his eyes and sighed, realizing his mistake. "If I'm Frank Abagnale, that means your Carl Hanratty."

"Sure, now we can go hire Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks to play us and make a Hollywood movie about it." Neal thought about that.

"Willie Garson should play Mozzie; that CSI episode he did was hilarious."

"Alright, back to our case..."

"It was the investor."

"We need to—wait, what?"

"Michael Warren. Honestly, Peter, you comparing me to this guy is an insult. He was way too sloppy."

"I was talking about your artistic talent, not crime skills. And how did you—"

"Easy. He profits most if the paintings go missing. Insurance pays him the picture's worth, and between the theft headlines and his art abilities, he can make a killing fencing forgeries on the black market."

"So it's a hunch."

"And since when are my hunches wrong?" Peter sighed, although whether it was at his partner's cockiness, or the fact he was right, Peter wasn't sure.

"I'll have Diana try to get a warrant. If we can search his place, we may be able to find some of the paintings."

"What would you do without me?"

"Wipe that smirk of your face; I caught you, didn't I?"

"Technically, Frank Abagnale surrendered."

"You're not Frank Abagnale!"

"You're the one who brought it up."

"It was a slip of the tongue!"

"Whatever you say, Carl." With that, Neal ducked out of the room, just missing the file Peter tossed as him, and the wide grin covering the agent's face.

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