"Can you feel it Roxas?"

The blonde-haired keyblade master blushed heavily, though he wasn't exactly sure why. They were all friends, so why was his face heating up? Was it the sound she made when a hand told him to squeeze? Nah. That couldn't be it. Was it her eyes? Those sparkling, blue eyes, which were hidden behind those closed eyelids...or was it the fact that a prescence was also pushing at his back?

"Uh, well, nobodies can't feel...right?" He tried to say, but for some reason he stumbled with the words. Two sets of giggles made his face heat up again. Why was his face heating up?

"Come on Roxas, squeeze harder!" the voice behind him quietly urged, a smile playing on her lips. Sparkling blue eyes looked at Roxas hazily, but urged him to continue.

"We're not Nobodies, we're Somebodies now...we're complete again, but I want to feel even MORE complete!" She moaned, her short black hair shaking lightly as Roxas' hand squeezed a little harder. The blonde gulped before the prescence behind him pushed into his back with more force.

"Yeah Roxas, she wants to feel even MORE complete. We all do." Namine smiled, causing Roxas to blush harder before shutting his eyes.

"But if I make her feel even MORE of what she's feeling now, Sora and Kairi are gonna wake up..." His mind was on the brink of just giving in, but he panicked over what Sora and Kairi would say when they saw their 'nobodies' doing it. The fact that Xion was somehow there would shock the two enough, but then to see them doing IT?

No way.

No how.

But Xion's chest was REALLY soft...and the fact that she was about to pass out from him squeezing her a little bit was morality-destroying enough as it was.

"Well then we'll just have to do it quietly..." Namine grinned as she pressed her chest against Roxas' back, only his T-shirt and her bra seperating their skin. If he wasn't still somehow in his p.j.'s. he would be in big trouble. Then again, wasn't he already in it?

Xion looked pleadingly at him, having grabbed his hand and pressed it harder against her bra-covered chest. If Roxas' excitement wasn't obvious already, it sure as hell was now. Taking a deep breath, Roxas looked to his left to see Sora and Kairi sleeping soundly in the same bed. They still hadn't done it, but Kairi's Nobodies had waited long enough for Sora to get it in gear, so they decided to take the initiative, by getting Roxas to do it.

'I hate you Sora...but thank you.' Roxas sighed before suddenly gaining a perverted gleam in his eyes.

"The hell with it all."

"AAAAHHHHN!{3" Xion moaned louder, causing Namine to smirk.

"So can you feel it Roxas?"

"Definitely...and I doubt I'll be stopping anytime soon..."

As quiet moans and groans bounced around the room, Kairi kicked Sora under the bed-covers.

"Lazy idiot..." She grumbled.