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The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 24 – i44[dot]tinypic[dot]com/30voyvd[dot]jpg
Pen name: IngenueFic
Characters: Bella, Edward
Rating: PG-13

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Bella is a little tipsy, which is a good thing because the bouquet in her hands means she's about to be humiliated in front of the entire room. She didn't want the flowers but it was like Rose aimed directly for her when she threw it over her shoulder. As Emmett throws the garter up into the air and back, Bella watches in horror as Seth dives for it.


Seth is 15 and drunk because his cousins gave him alcohol for the first time and thinks the garter is something to be proud of. Rosalie's eyes widen and she runs to him, whispering in his ear quickly. Just as fast, he throws the garter across the floor. When it slides to a corner of the dance area, Bella is reminded of a small snake.


"Okay," the DJ says. "Seems we have a problem here. C'mon now, guys, Emmett and Rosalie's marriage depends on this very moment!"

Fuck off, Bella thinks. She knows Emmett and Rosalie will be together for years to come and it won't be because of some stupid tradition.

"I got it, I got it."

Bella looks and blushes immediately. It's one of Emmett's groomsmen – Edward, she thinks – but she hasn't met him yet. She definitely noticed him when he walked Rosalie's cousin, Irina, down the aisle.

"Edward Cullen to the rescue!" Emmett yells out. The groom is more than a little drunk; he's actually bordering on wasted. He looks around and spots Bella, who is starting to hyperventilate. "Bella-boo, let's go!"

"Come on, Bella," Rosalie coaxes her. She leads her out to the middle of the dance floor even though Bella is shaking her head furiously. "It'll be the quickest minute of your life."

"Now remember," the DJ says. "The higher the garter, the longer the marriage!"

Someone brings out a chair and Rosalie pushes down on Bella's shoulders until she sits. When Bella tries to stand, Rose just pushes her back down and cackles. "C'mon, Baby Bells, my marriage depends on this!" Her voice is loud, louder than usual, which means she's as drunk as Emmett and the rest of their wedding party. This will not be good.

"Here we gooooooo," the DJ drawls out.

The music starts and Bella turns her head to look at the DJ incredulously. The song is "Hungry Like the Wolf." She doesn't even know what to say to that. Because she turned, she missed the show happening at the corner of the dance floor.

Edward's level of inebriation matches his friends. To the beat of the music, he bares his teeth toward Bella before spinning in a circle to the entire room. Slowly, he unbuttons the top button of his dress shirt. He turns sharply to face Bella again and continues to undo his buttons. The garter is around his wrist but he slips it off and bites it so that it dangles from his mouth. He shakes his head while staring at Bella, growling and playing like a puppy.

"Oh God," Bella moans. She's too embarrassed to do anything but cover her face with her hands. "I can't handle this."

Edward drops to the floor and starts crawling toward her slow and like a panther – a drunk panther. He stops a few feet away and lifts up to his knees. Like some cheesy cologne ad, he strips off his button-down, leaving him in only a white undershirt.

"I can't, I can't," Bella mutters.

"Here, Bella, here." Alice, Rosalie's maid of honor, is standing next to her with a bottle of wine. To Bella's surprise, there's a straw sticking out of it. Alice holds the straw to Bella's lips. "Drink, drink, drink."

She does because it makes sense. Edward knee-walks to her and winks. His eyes are slightly glassy and his smile is crooked but he looks like he's having fun. Reaching out for the hem of Bella's dress, he winks again then ducks down.

"Oh my God, stop," she tries to say but he flips the bottom of her dress up so that them hem lies across her knees. Only the bottom part of her legs are showing so it's not too bad.

Then she lets out a screech because Edward takes her ankle and lifts it up so her leg is parallel to the floor. He kisses the skin of her ankle once before he grasps her shoe and flings it off. Bella watches as it skitters across the floor toward the table where Emmett's parents are howling with amusement.

"Ready, sweetheart?" Edward asks mischievously.

"Ready?" she asks in a high-pitched voice. "Ready for what?"

"Just drink Bella," urges Rosalie. "Keep drinking."

"I'm a big believer in 'the higher the garter, the longer the marriage.'"

With those words, Edward slips the garter – which had fallen from his mouth to the floor when he started talking – over Bella's foot. He begins to slowly inch it upwards and Bella tenses more and more until he gets to her knee.

"USE YOUR MOUTH!" someone yells from somewhere in the room. The suggestion is met with cheers and laughter.

Edward grins wickedly and looks over at Emmett. They seem to have a silent conversation then Emmett laughs loudly and runs over with someone's suit jacket – probably his own considering how big it is. With a big flourish, he drapes it over Bella's lap.

"What are you – oh my God, get outta there!" she screeches when Edward's head disappears beneath the jacket. He's not actually using his mouth but his head is entirely too close to her – ahem, womanly areas – and she's not wearing underwear since she didn't want any panty lines to show with her dress. "No, no, no," she mumbles.

Edward's head pops back out from beneath the jacket and he flips himself so that he's lying on the floor, propped up on his elbows. He crosses his ankles and leans to one side so he can wave at the crowd with his right hand.

"It's as high as it'll ever go!" he announces playfully. The room bursts into loud cheers.

Bella wants to die.

She stands and scurries off of the dance floor. The bathroom sounds like a great place to hide right about now. Just before she reaches the hallway outside of the reception room, a hand grabs her shoulder and she spins.

"Hey." It's Edward and his face is a little red but he's still smiling and his hand stays on her arm. "I don't think I ever introduced myself and I thought maybe I should because of the show that just happened out there."

Show. Right.

"I'm Edward. I went to high school with Emmett."

Bella doesn't answer. Her face is contorted into a weird look of embarrassment and pain.

"I know you're Bella," he continues. "You grew up with Rose. She's told me a lot about you."

Still, she says nothing. Her eyes move to the side where she can already see the sign on a door that says LADIES.

"I'm really sorry if I embarrassed you out there," he says. "I thought it might be fun."


Edward shrugs. "More than half the people in there are wasted and won't remember anything anyway."

She gives him a strange look. "I'm pretty sure that will be on their wedding video."

"Huh," he muses. "Yeah, you're probably right. That'll be a story to tell." He lets out a laugh. "Look, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Let me buy you a drink."

"It's an open bar."

He grins. "Let me get you the drink of your choice. I promise not to let my hands anywhere near your body."

Bella hesitates. She is attracted to him. "Well…"

"Well, I'll try to keep my hands away from your body. The fact that you're not wearing anything under your dress has me extremely turned on."

"Oh, God," she moans again.

Edward laughs uproariously. "Come on, Blusher. I'll make it up to you."

She sincerely doubts that but a drink – or a shot – sounds incredibly good now, even better than hiding out in the bathroom.

"I expect more than one drink," she states firmly. "A lot more."


Due to a lack of time, this story has been posted without a beta. All mistakes are my own – my apologies.