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A few weeks later, Tony and Kyler accompanied by their parents, walked through the market. Neither said anything to the other. They didn't have to as both were lost in their own thoughts.

Kyler looked down at Tony, who was playing with a yo-yo, and smiled, ruffling his spiked hair. Tony playfully glared at her, as he wound up the yo-yo again.

She turned to look at some homemade jewelry for sale nearby, and when she turned back, Tony was running towards a moving van, parked outside a newly sold home.

"Tony!" Kyler yelled, "Come back!" She raced after him, but stopped, stunned when she was what he had seen. Two children, who looked exactly like Rudolph and Anna, stood next to the moving van.

"Hey! It's me! Tony!" he called, but the children just stared at him oddly, and the boy pulled his sister towards the house.

"I guess it wasn't them," Kyler said, trying to pull him back to where Dottie and Bob stood, looking at fruit, "Let's go back to your parents."

But Tony ignored her; instead, he began to whistle. To her surprise, the two children stopped, and turned back to them, smiles breaking out onto their faces. Then Frederick, followed by Freda, walked out from the house. Stopping to look at their children, they then looked up at Tony and Kyler, recognition dawning on their faces.

Rudolph and Anna ran over to them. Laughing in excitement they all hugged, Rudolph and Tony, chattering excitedly.

Kyler turned back to the house, waiting for the one person she wanted to see.

Eating an apple, Gregory walked out of the house. Noticing that his entire family was just standing around, he looked up, and met her gaze. A smile broke out onto her face. Without pausing, he ran over to her, and she met him halfway.

Gregory grabbed her, and twirled her into the air. Kyler laughed as he set her down, his lips crashing down on hers. The kiss tasted of the apple that he had just been eating.

Breaking the kiss, Gregory leaned his forehead against hers, and she smiled up at him, "You came back."

"Told you I would," he smirked, kissing her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck, refusing to let go.

"Eww!" She heard Tony say before breaking out into, "Gregory and Kyler sittin' in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

Rudolph and Anna joined in on the next verse, and she broke away from Gregory, blushing.

But he didn't acknowledge the younger children, and pulled her back into a kiss, "Ignore them." he murmured.

And, smiling, Kyler did.

The End

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