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A/N: There isn't much plot, so it'll be mercifully short.

Lara looked fearfully over her shoulder at the screams and prevailing chaos outside as she held tightly to her peacefully sleeping infant son. Too soon, she mourned. Much too soon. But this is the only way now.

Jor-El stood up from where he was kneeling, done with the reconfigurations on the mechanism. He looked to his wife and gave a short nod, confirming that he was succesful in recalibrating the point of destination. Though they may have once toyed with the idea of sending the entirety of their race to the Phantom Zone to wait out the cataclysm to come, sending a baby alone there was wholly unacceptable.

"Where?" she asked urgently. "Show me where."

After the merest hesitation, he turned to the controls and proceeded to project an image of the dimension, the world that Kal-El will soon call home. What she saw appalled her.

"Jor-El!" she exclaimed in horror. "You cannot be serious! You're not sending our baby to such a violent, brutal world! Find another!"

"We don't have time," he insisted. "I'm sorry, my love, I know it's my fault for calculating incorrectly the time we have left—" he grimaced in guilt, "—but this is the best, the only thing we could do right now. We must have faith."

She searched his face intently, seeing his stoic facade crack for a moment, and was ashamed. Her husband was shouldering the burden of an entire people to save all this time, and found he could only save but one.

"I do," she assured him, laying her head against his chest with their son cradled between them. "Everything will be well, I know it."

The structure shivered ominously, debris falling around them and cracks fissuring the walls.

"We must hurry," he said, and turned to work the controls once again. Lara hastened towards the dais with Kal-El. Brushing a kiss on his forehead, she laid him down and backed away.

Jor-El watched sombrely. "You are the living legacy of Krypton, my son," he said to the unsuspecting infant solemnly. "Be a guiding light to the world. Do us proud."

He activated the portal, and father and mother watched it envelop their son in a flash of light that was gone as soon as it appeared, leaving them childless.

A cry broke from Lara, and before she could crumple to the ground, Jor-El was there holding her in a tight embrace.

"Forgive me Lara," he murmured, "no parent should part from their child in such a way. I can still activate the portal one last time and send you with him."

"No," she said instantly, returning his embrace just as fiercely. "My place is with you, my love. Always."

Sharing one last kiss, they were soon engulfed in the destruction of their world.


A blaze of light erupted in the middle of the ricefield, sending the dogs baying and the birds to flutter skyward. A middle-aged couple went out to bravely investigate the phenomena, and found a lone infant with a glowing crystal by his side...