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"Take him-just go-NOW QUICK!"

She could feel herself running, running up stairs. Confusion, a blinding flash of green light and then an eerie dark silence.

Nelly awoke with a jolt. The sheets she was wrapped in were hot and sweaty, so she threw them off to cool herself down. Her breathing was rapid, and it took her a few minutes to steady it.

The nightmare again...

It was not real she reminded herself. But then it had seemed so real, more like a memory than a dream. Nelly squeezed her eyes shut tightly. It was thoughts like those, which got her locked up in that mental asylum in the first place.

It was only two short years ago that Nelly had found herself confined in a white room in that asylum. People mentally prodding at her all day, waking her in the night, feeding her drugs to calm her during her panic attacks. She was always watched, denied basic privacies that normal people took for granted.

But that was all over now. Even though Nelly still had the same horrifying nightmares, she had learnt to separate reality from her visions- well most of the time.

Nelly had dreams about the strangest of things, not only flashes of light but ordinary objects acting in ways they shouldn't. Nelly now knew that these dreams were only creations of her imagination. But a small part of her believed in them.

Nelly got out of bed, her throat felt sore and dry so she went to the kitchen in search of something to quench her thirst. She opened the fridge. There was no milk. Groaning she settled for tap water while deciding that a trip to the supermarket was long overdue. Beams of sunlight had started to pour through the kitchen window.

After hurriedly jumping in the shower, taming her wild hair and applying very light touches of make-up she grabbed her thin woollen jumper shoved it on, followed by her thick overcoat. It was snowing outside and the last thing that Nelly needed was to come down with a fever.

As Nelly didn't gave a garage to park her small car in, it was freezing inside. Her breath quickly fogged up all the windows. Nelly turned the heater right up, rubbing her hands together for warmth while she waited for the windows to clear.

For some reason winter always made her feel uncomfortable.

Nelly turned on the engine and drove to the supermarket. She had done it plenty of times before so when she failed to indicate at the turnoff to the supermarket, she couldn't understand why.

"Never mind," she sighed to herself, "I'll just continue down this road until I find somewhere I can make a legal u-turn."

But even though Nelly passed plenty of places where she could turn, she didn't end up turning back. Instead she just kept driving. It didn't feel like she was in control, something inside of her was guiding her, telling her to turn this way and that. Nelly had no idea where she was going, or why, but she felt that it had something to do with her visions.

As the houses grew further and further apart, Nelly realised she was no longer in town. She was out in the country side, God knows where!

For hours she drove, passing through many towns and villages, all places she had never even heard of. It was well past lunchtime and Nelly felt hunger pains in her stomach as she still hadn't eaten anything that day. But she couldn't stop driving.

At dusk she found herself in a quiet old country village called 'Godric's Hollow'. The place had an eerie familiarity. Nelly felt as though she'd been here before, a long time ago. She shook her head expelling these thoughts. There was no way she'd ever been here.

Shortly after driving past an old war memorial in the village, Nelly felt the sudden urge to stop. She pulled up at the side of the small road, wrapped her coat tightly around herself, and stepped out of the car.

Around her were neat rows of very old looking houses. But only one spot on the street caught her attention. There was an empty block across the street from where she was standing. She felt her feet pulling her towards it. That's when she noticed a man dressed in dark robes kneeling in front of the block. As she drew closer she saw the man trace over the air lightly with the tips of his fingers, as if he was touching an object that was unforeseen to her. Nelly couldn't help but feel she seen this man before, more than once.

His long black hair draped around his face as he hung his head in sadness. He was muttering to himself. "Gone." He whispered.

Nelly stepped right behind him, watching him carefully. He looked up into the empty block, as though he could see something. Nelly looked up with him, she couldn't see anything, but she could feel something.

Then suddenly the urge came over her to speak to this man, who obviously was so consumed over his grief that he hadn't realised he wasn't alone.

"You see it, don't you?" she asked softly.

The strange man jumped up and turned around to face her. She saw his expression of immense pain disappear. He looked at her with annoyance. He probably doesn't appreciate being disturbed during his private mourning

"Of course I see it." he spat sarcastically. She winced at his cruel tone. He said those words as though anyone would be a fool not to see the mysterious object.

The man looked as though he was in his early forties. He had cold black eyes and a hooked nose. Even though his features were unusual she found something about him appealing.

He turned, and Nelly assumed he was going to leave, when he reached into his robes and pulled out a strange stick. Something inside Nelly clicked, it was a wand. No, she thought. It's just an ordinary stick. Magic... is not real.

The man lifted up the stick and was about to wave it when Nelly cried out "Stop!"

He looked at her in confusion. Nelly blushed, not knowing what had come over her.

"Why?" he asked dryly.

"Please! You must help me!"

Nelly didn't know why, but all of a sudden her visions didn't seem so crazy anymore. She felt as though this man could help her to find what she'd been missing her whole life.

"I don't have to do anything." He spat and was about to wave his stick- no wand again.

"NO! Please, I have searched for so long for answers, that now I feel you can tell me!"

"What makes you think that I could help you? Or would even want to?"

"Before, you said you could s-see it!"

"Any witch or wizard can see it." He rolled his eyes, why was this lunatic witch bothering him of all people?

"W-Witch? Wizard?" Nelly asked.

He mentally groaned. "You can't see it, can you?" the man asked blankly. He had obviously just crossed paths with a muggle. It was strange that he hadn't noticed it straight away. He was normally not one to get these thing mixed up.

"No. I can't see it." Nelly admitted "But I can feel it. It drew me here. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with my visions."

Nelly knew she shouldn't be opening up to a complete stranger, but she felt that she could trust this man. That she even needed him.

He smiled crookedly as though amused at something she had said.

"I saw nothing." He added.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" Nelly screamed. She hadn't meant to yell, but he was frustrating her. After all, didn't he just say that he had seen something? She shyly added, "Sorry, I don't normally yell at strangers, but I know you saw something. I can sense it. It's magic isn't it?"

The man sighed, this was obviously no normal muggle. Even though he wanted to leave and pretend he had never met her, he knew it was his duty to take her to the Ministry of Magic. They can deal with her.

"Take my arm." He commanded.

Nelly instinctively obliged linking her arm in his, "If you're not going to answer me, then at least tell me your name."

The man knew that the Ministry would be 'correcting' her memory shortly anyway, so he saw no harm in allowing her that one small request. "Severus, Severus Snape."

He finally waved the 'stick' and a strange crack echoed through the air.

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