Bat Cookies

Bat Cookies.

It was just one of the many perks of being the protégé of the Dark Knight.

At least, in Robin's opinion.

They had the Bat Cave, the Bat Computer, the Batmobile, the Bat Boat, the Bat Jet, the Bat-a-rangs, and even Bat Poles. It was only a matter of time before Bat Cookies came along into thier lives, and Robin was very pleased when Alfred started making Bat Cookies…something "Batty " enough to eat while on the job.

Robin was doing exactly that, at this very moment, feet propped on "Bat Desk" as he tend called his personal desk, leaning back in his seat, devouring a plateful of fresh baked Bat Cookies that sat on his lap, with a tall glass of milk in front of him as he waited for Bruce to come down to the Bat Cave, so they could start their nightly schedule of patrolling Gotham.

Robin closed his eyes as he bit into a soft, warm, and chewy Bat cookie, enjoying the whelming taste.

He had no idea how Alfred made them, but they were the best cookies he ever had.

Every batch was perfect, to the last crumb.

He remembered the first time he had a Bat Cookie.

Comically enough, it happened to be Halloween night. Robin had just donned his costume and entered the Bat Cave, smelling the delicious aroma that filled the entire Cave. Alfred had made him say "Trick or Treat" before he allowed Robin to peak under the covered plate.

At first, the young Boy Wonder had assumed that the cookies were just ordinary Halloween style cookies.

But, the moment Robin had bit into his first cookie, he instantly knew that these were unlike any cookie he ever had.

He immediately loved and constantly craved them and since then, Alfred always made sure that Robin had his special snack.

"Maybe we should start selling Bat Cookies…" Robin thought amusingly and began picturing an advertisement in his mind.

(A deep male voice spoke, heroic music playing in the background)

"Have you ever wondered what superheroes snacked on before, during, or after saving their city or the world?"

"Have you ever wondered what the Caped Crusaders', Batman and Robin, choose to snack on?"

"Well…now you can…with…"

"Bat Cookies!"

"What are Bat Cookies you say? Well…here is Robin to tell us about them!"

Robin instantly appeared, hands on hips, in the cliché superhero pose.

"You guys never heard or had Bat Cookies? Well, these cookies are one of a kind…Not your typical mundane cookie! With its unique shape, color, size, and secret ingredients, cookie lovers everywhere will never get jaded when biting into these healthy batlicious sugar free cookies! " Robin remarked overzealously, with a grin, holding up a large black sugar free frosted bat shaped cookie.

"Right, Batman?"

"Correct, Robin. So…take a bite out of crime with Bat Cookies" a dark somber voice rang out, followed by a dark figure dropping from above, landing in a crouch next to Robin, then straightened up and held up his Bat Cookie.

Robin and Batman then stood back to back and bit into their cookie and winked.

"The official snack of The Dark Knight and Robin, the Boy Wonder. Bat Cookies will not give you superhero abilities or increased intelligence and can be found at any major retailer near you" (A lighter male voice speedily said)

Robin opened his eyes and laughed at the ridiculous image that he conjured up, then picked up another Bat Cookie from the plate before him and bit into it.

"May I inquire what you find amusing, Master Robin?" Alfred asked casually as he dusted around the Bat Cave.

Robin grinned, swallowing the mouthful of cookie.

"Oh…I just imagined an interesting and amusing advertisement for these batlicious Bat Cookies" Robin replied, popping the rest into his mouth.

Alfred turned to face him, his eyes sparkling.

"Ah, thinking of exposing your secret snack to the public?"

Robin grabbed the glass of milk and chugged some of the liquid down.

"Perhaps. We could make a fortune" he said thoughtfully, afterwards.

Alfred arched an eyebrow at him.

"You could make a fortune" Robin corrected hastily and described the advertisement.

Alfred just chortled and shook his head, resuming his work.

"You have such a vivid imagination, Master Robin"

Robin just grinned and munched on another cookie.

Ten minutes later, Bruce appeared dressed in his costume, adjusting the Bat cowl on his face.

"Time to get to work" the Dark Knight said gruffly to Robin, starting to make his way to the Bat Computer.

"Rough day?" Robin inquired, not moving from his spot.

"You could say that" Batman glanced at his protégé and paused.

"Nice milk mustache" Batman commented nonchantly and continued onwards.

"Aw, thanks… for that have a Bat Cookie" Robin replied with a grin and then wiped his mouth with the back of his glove.

Bruce shook his head and sat before the Bat Computer.

Robin got up and followed, carrying the plate of cookies.

"C'mon Bruce…have some"

"I'm not hungry"

"I didn't ask if you were…just take one"


"You could use one"


"Then can you eat one for me?"


Robin pouted, widening his masked blue eyes, making the white lenses of his mask wide as possible, holding the plate out to the man.

"Pretty please, with sugar on top?" he inquired in a sweet tone.

Batman ignored him, focusing on the screen and typing furiously on the computer.

Robin stood there for a moment, holding the plate tightly in both hands and then turned away.

"I bet you would have one if Catwoman asked you…I bet you would ever drink out of her bowl of milk with her" Robin muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing" Robin replied lightly.

Robin was determined to get Batman to eat a Bat Cookie.

Robin set the plate back on his desk and grabbed one and ambled behind Batman.

Alfred, who was now standing off to the side, gave Robin a curious look.

Robin just winked and started to wave the cookie around Batman's face.

"Batty want a cookie? Batty want a cookie?" Robin repeated.

"Robin…'' Batman warned, not looking away from the screen.

"C'mon…why won't you have one? They are really Batastic"

"You know I am not a cookie person"

Robin laughed.

"We'll see about that" the Boy Wonder thought amusingly.

"Did you know that according the advertisement that was just aired, that these batwonderful Bat Cookies are our official snack? Kind of doesn't work if you don't eat them" Robin commented casually.

"What are you talking about?" Bruce inquired, now glancing up at him.

"Well…"Robin started to say and then explained his advertisement idea.

Surprisingly, Batman chuckled.

"You have a wild imagination, Robin. Now get ready to leave"

Robin shook his head in disbelief.

Batman was impossible. Even for him.

"You don't know what you're missing" Robin remarked and ambled back to his desk.

He still held the cookie that he had attempted to tease Bruce with.

"Last attempt…" he thought, spinning around and chucked the cookie, which spun like a bat-a-rang, at his mentor; who was just standing up.

The Dark Knight twisted about and caught the cookie with ease.

Robin let out a whistle.

"Nice save!" he called out admiringly.

"Indeed it was. And thankfully saved me from cleaning up an unnecessary mess" Alfred commented, ambling towards Robin and stood beside him, hands clasped behind his back.

"Hey, you should give the cookie a chance, since you saved it from a horrid fate of being wasted" Robin said hopefully.

Batman frowned, looking at the slightly crumbling cookie, but nodded.

"I suppose you are right and if it will make you happy and behave"

"Oh yes! It will!" Robin said eagerly, rocking back on his heels.

"Where's a camera when you need one?" the teen thought excitedly.

This would be an unforgettable moment!

Alfred and Robin watched as Batman bit into the cookie.

Robin held a hand over his mouth, trying not to burst out laughing, as he watched Bruce's lower facial expression alter, from a reluctant frown to an impressed smile.

"Mmmm…delicious" Bruce remarked, after swallowing the mouthful.

"You mean batlicious" Robin corrected lightly, grinning.

"Ah, I take it you enjoy the cookie, sir?" Alfred inquired, with a pleased smile.

"Yes…remarkable cookie Alfred"

"See what you have been missing out on?" Robin teased.

"Yes…but not anymore"

The three laughed and Batman then resumed his serious demeanor.

"Now, let's get going" hesaid sternly and took another bite, finishing off the cookie as he brushed past the two.

"Sir, shall I put the leftover cookies away?" Alfred inquired.

Batman paused, back to them.

"Actually…" Batman hesitated.

"Put them in a bag…-"

"Bat bag" Robin interjected.

" ... and we'll take them with us. It may be a long night" Batman finished and got into the Batmobile.

Alfred then quickly completed the task and handled the bag to Robin.

"Enjoy your night" the butler said with a genuine smile.

"Oh, we will…you can count on it and these Bat Cookies" Robin replied and took the bag.

Once inside the Batmobile and as they left the Bat Cave, both crime fighters dug into the bag and munched on the cookies.

"So Batastic" Robin uttered contently.

" Agreed. Don't make a mess or you'll be cleaning the Batmobile for a week"

"Deal" Robin agreed.

The two were silent for several minutes, enjoying both the silence and the cookies.

"So, what do you think of Bat Juice?"

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