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Chapter 4

"Ready...Set...Action!" the loyal butler of Wayne Manor called out as he leaned back in a black director style fold up chair on the side of the set, an amused smile forming as he watched the eager costumed teenager jump onto the green mat, standing proudly; his chest puffed out, legs spread apart, hands on hips, grin on his youthful face, and his cape billowing behind him as Bruce started up the fan.

"You guys never heard or tried Bat Cookies? Well these cookies are one of a kind, not your typical mundane cookie! With its unique shape, color, and secret ingredients, cookie lovers everywhere will never get jaded when biting into these healthy batlicious sugar free cookies!" he recited ecstatically and withdrew a Bat Cookie and held in front of him and at the cameras.

"Right Batman?"

After switching the fan off, Bruce had swiftly made his way to a natural cave ledge that was right above the green set and waited for his cue. Pulling on his cowl, he leaped off and recited:

"Correct Robin..So take a bite out of crime with Bat Cookies"

Landing gracefully on the mat in a crouch, Batman straightened up and also withdrew a Bat Cookie and held it in front of him and at the cameras. Then they turned in opposite directions, back to back, both biting into their cookie and winked.

"That is a wrap" Alfred said pleasantly, now strolling to the control panel and switched off the equipment and watched as the two walked over.

"I must say that was well done Master Dick and Master Bruce" he added warmly.

"Thanks Alfred, you're weren't too bad yourself" Dick replied with a grin.

"Why thank you, Master Dick"

"What's next?" Bruce then inquired as his ward pulled out his laptopfrom his bag.

"Just wait and see"

Awhile later...

"Hey Bruce! The video is almost complete, but I need your opinion on something!" Dick called out and waved to Bruce come over where he was sitting crossed legged on the green mat, his laptop cradled on top of his legs. While he had been working on the video, Bruce and Alfred had been busy taking down the equipment. The two paused and whispered briefly before Bruce headed towards him.

Dick raised an eyebrow as Bruce stood before him.

"Where did Alfred go?"

"He's getting us a snack" Bruce instantly answered and sat down beside Dick.

"What did you need me for?"

"We need a theme song for the commercial. Tell me which one you like best" Dick said.

"Song one" Dick added as he clicked.

A catchy beat of..Da Da Da Da Da Da...Bat Cookies! Da Da Da Da Da Da Bat Cookies! played.

"Not bad...catchy" Bruce commented.

"Song two"

Rock music began to play..followed by "Bah...Bah..Bah...Bat Cookies! Bat Cookies! Take a bite out of crime! Yeah Bat Cookies!"

They went through a small list of other songs of various genres until Bruce shook his head.

"Okay that's enough, let's stick to the first song" he said.

Dick nodded and laughed.

"You got it"

A few minutes later, Dick glanced up at Bruce.

"The Bat Cookie commercial is officially finished"

"Let's watch it" Bruce replied with a smile.

So they did. Dick had put a yellow background with black silhouette flying bat and a flashing "Bat Cookies" on top.

When the video had finished playing, Dick grinned and stuck out his hand.

Bruce chuckled and shook it.

"Nice animation effects Dick"

"Thanks, its exactly how I imagined it"

"It was fun to do"

Dick stared, mouth gaping open.

"Did you just say fun? Is this Bruce or Batman speaking? Please tell me because I might become overwhelmed!"

Bruce laughed softly. "Both can have fun you know"

"Seems kind of out of character for Batman"

"Batman can have fun in his own cave if he wants to. His rules remember?"

The two laughed and Dick returned his gaze to the laptop's screen.

"Now just to upload it to YouTube..."

"Wait Dick. There's something else"

Dick frowned. "Don't you think you've done enough for me?" he inquired and set the laptop aside.

"Nope and you have to wait for it" Bruce paused.

"So think fast" Bruce continued and with agile speed, wrapped an arm around his ward's neck and put him in a playful headlock.

"Hey! So not fair!" Dick exclaimed and laughed as he attempted to break free.

"You can let go now Bruce"

"You are not trying hard enough"

Dick growled and grabbed Bruce's wrist with both hands and tugged, trying to pry his arm away. When that failed, Dick went limp and closed his eyes, feigning to be unconscious.

Bruce just chuckled.

"Nice try, but my hold isn't tight enough to make you pass out"

Dick opened his eyes and frowned, then smiled and jerked backwards. His sudden momentum caught Bruce off guard and the two went crashing onto the mat on their backs. Dick laughed as he slipped out of the grip and rolled onto his knees.


"Took you long enough"

"Sorry, I haven't been any headlock fights recently"

Bruce and Dick clambered to their feet and saw Alfred walking towards them, his hands behind his back.

"I see you two kept yourselves entertained while I was away" Alfred commented as he reached them.

"Hey, I thought Bruce said you were getting a snack for us? I could use some Bat Cookies right about now" DIck siad and rubbed his stomach.

"Fortunately for you young sir, I do have your Bat Cookies" Alfred said amusingly as he held up a yellow snack size box, with the Bat Symbol stretched across it.

"NO WAY! You actually made snack boxes for Bat Cookies?" Dick exclaimed as Alfred handed it to him. He gazed admiringly at the box, opened it up, and took out a Bat Cookie. He then crammed it into his mouth and grinned at them.

The two men chuckled and smiled at the reaction.

"Indeed, we have made six boxes" Alfred replied.

"The design needs more work though" Bruce added thoughtfully.

Dick swallowed his mouthful of cookie and glanced up from Alfred to Bruce.

"I think the design is perfect. Six boxes...one for each teammate?"

Both men nodded.

"You must let me know what their reactions are to the Bat Cookies are" Alfred said, still smiling.

"We thought the team would be our first testers for Bat Cookies" Bruce said, folding his arms across his chest.

Dick beamed happily at them.

"It's going to be asterous!"

Dick hugged each of them.

"You guys are the best, you know that?"

With that being said, he took off dashing upstairs with his box of Bat Cookies, laughing.


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