I would like to use this fic to let people think about a less-rare-than-we-thing phenomena, brother-sister consensual incest as adults. Many people are bluntly against incest, as I read on forums. Much incest is just piece-of-crap erotic novel trash. However, in this age of open minds, why can't we think about a little more with our own minds, and not just what the bible tells us to think? The bible restricted gays, and said they were sinners. However, these days, youth is becoming more open to this idea. I know that it's not something I want to read about or see them making out, but I want them to have their own free rights as the rest of us do and live happily. Wait, then what's so bad about responsible adults in a consensual incestual relationship? The three major problems people have with incest is…

It is against the law of the bible.

Most incest cases are abuse by siblings or care-takers.

The children produced by incest are 80% likely to be born with a defect due to the closeness in genetics.

I'm Jewish and atheist, so I'm not run by the bible. Maybe that's why I can have this kind of an open mind. If consensual adults are having an incestual relationship, they know what they are getting into. They both are ready to accept each other's love. Just like gays, something in their mind is different from the "normal" human. Do they not have the right to be happy? Responsible consensual adults with an incestual relationship (which I will now call CAIR) know that it would be best for themselves and for the child not yet born between them if they did not bear a child. It would be unfair to the child.

I think we, as the new generation, should take a second look at this defect in minds, and maybe give some sympathy to those lovers who have crossed a "line" they should not cross by crossing their genes, not with a child, but by falling in love.