tammy / luke oneshot. PG. all rights reserved (c) gabigoesrawr

SLiDE is a registered trademark of Fox8. i take no credit for the characters or show.

based on the song "boy like you" by charlee

What do I do with a boy, with a boy like you.
Got me lost, got me hooked.
Now I'm so confused.
Was this a part of your plan?
I don't really understand.
What to do, what to do with a boy like you.

tammy and luke sat on the warm sand, feet in the shimmery blue water. luke turned and looked at her, brushing a strand of hair out of her face and smiling his bright, toothy grin. tam blushed under his gaze, looking down shyly at her lap.

the pair sat and talked like that for a while, looking out at the sunset.

"this is really nice," tammy sighed, watching the sky turn shades of red, pink and scarlett.

"no problem," smiled luke, kissing her neck tenderly.

tammy froze. "luke, stop." she insisted, shoving him gently. but he didn't.

she wasn't sure whether it was the 3 cans of beer or the smokes that he had that were influencing this behaviour on him, or whether it was just him. but she didn't like it. he knows she was a virgin yet he's still throwing himself at her…?

but luke didn't stop. he pushed her down on the sand, straddling her waist and smirking drunkly. so it was the beer.

"luke, get off me." she said sternly, giving him another shove. but he didn't budge.

so with that, tammy kneed him in the balls and stood up, brushing the sand off her body.

"luke, i'm not just another play thing," she said angrily. "i'm not a fuck-and-dump girl. i'm sick and tired of you screwing around with me and then going off and sleeping with some random girl!" tears were welling in tammy's eyes. "you KNOW that i like you but you still do this!" she said, motioning to both their shirts strewn across the sand. "you can't use my stupid crush against me luke, it hurts!"

she snatched up her shirt and spun on her heel, heading to the car she borrowed off ed.

"tammy…" sighed luke, running after her. the droplets of water on his chest gleamed like little crystals. "i'm sorry."

"NO, YOU'RE NOT!" she shrieked, letting the tears stream down her face. "you're NOT sorry luke! you always say that and you're not! i'm sick and tired of you lying to me!"

luke stood there, frozen. the colour drained from his face. he'd never seen tammy so upset. "tams…"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" she yelled, walking towards the car and disregarding luke. he chased her, grabbing onto her arm. "please…"

"no," she shook her head, "i'm sick of this. go fuck around with scarlett or some other girl, just stop it with me. my heart isn't a toy, you can't play with it."

so tammy got in the car, started the engine, and left luke on the beach.