Chapter 7


Today. Fucking. Sucked. I really wish Bella and I could have stayed home today, but both she and my mother insisted, so now I've spent all day fending off stupid douche bags who thought it was perfectly okay to spread rumors about my girl. She'd worn her usual baggy skirt and sweater today, and the students who'd seen her wearing "normal" clothes at the bon fire were saying all sorts of nasty shit. Her tolerance was dwindling and we'd ended up spending out lunch hour in the car, just to give her a little bit of peace.

Thankfully it seemed to help. It was nice and cozy in the car with the heat on, and her curled up under my letter jacket. She seemed relaxed finally, in my arms, and truthfully I felt better with her there. It just felt right. "How are you feeling?" I asked her. She was quiet for a long while, so much so, that I thought she had fallen asleep. And then she said "Why won't you kiss me anymore?"

I gaped at her, stunned. "What-…. I mean… I didn't want to make you uncomfortable.""

Again, she got quiet, and I wondered if I'd said or done the wrong thing. After a long while she whispered softly "He didn't kiss me."

I stared at her, at a loss. "I…don't understand."

"He didn't kiss me." She said again. "I'm not going to-..I want you to kiss me. Please?"

Aw damn. Not the 'please' face! I'm a sucker for her, and if she ever figures it out, I'm good and fucked. When she said 'please' it went straight to my dick. Now how in the hell am I supposed to refuse her anything when that happens? So I tilted her face up to mine, and the first thing I saw was that her big brown eyes were watery. I slowly pushed her glasses up into her hair and hoped like hell that this wasn't about to mess anything up.

She met me halfway. It hadn't even been a week, but Holy Mary, Mother of God, I'd missed these lips. Even still, I was careful to go slow with her until I knew that she was okay. And boy, was she okay. I felt one of her soft hands on the side of my neck, and the other buried itself in my hair as she leaned into me. Yes! She could have all the control she wanted, as long as she didn't stop. She pressed closer and closer to me until she had climbed into my lap, needing this just as bad as me. She kissed me aggressively, tugging on my hair until I couldn't bite back my moan. "Fuck, Bella."

She was killing me. My sexy but innocent girlfriend was killing me. I was trying to take it easy, but it was next to impossible to be gentle with her kissing me the way that she was. My hands, those sneaky fuckers, they had a mind of their own and tugged her bun loose, digging deep into those thick waves. I used to fistfuls of hair to pull her head to the side so I could trail kisses down the length of her throat, just like in my dream.

She gasped, stiffening, and immediately, I pulled back. "Baby?" I took a good look at her face, and damn it all, she looked sexy as hell, lips swollen and red from my kisses. But she was wide eyed, and I worried that I'd pushed too far.

"Are you okay?"

Still panting, she nodded. "It…doesn't feel the same." She whispered. "Yours feels better."

Come again? I growled, sexy mood out of the window. "He kissed you on the neck?" Fucker put his stupid lips on my woman too? She nodded again, looking beyond me. "But yours feels better."

"Damn right it does." I huffed, smacking a kiss onto her nose and lifting her off my lap. Mjolnir protested, but not too hard, since we were both kinda pissed at the reminder of that shit putting his grubby parts all over our woman.

Thankfully she was off lost in her thoughts, and didn't notice the swan dive my mood had taken. I helped her out of the car and smirked, feeling all kinds of smug satisfaction as I watched her blush and adjust her skirt. "Come on Beautiful." I tucked her under my arm. "Let's head to Biology."

Of course the reprieve at lunch was just that… a reprieve. We loitered in the hall a bit, and talked to Alice, but when Bella and I headed to class, the fuckery started right back up with a vengeance.

We were the last two to walk in, and of-fucking-course, Jessica was sitting in Bella's seat, wearing her stupid, simple looking smirk, leaving the only open seat next to Mike Newton, who was giving us this odd-ball ass look, which I didn't like one damn bit. Bella immediately let go of my hand and turned to go sit next to Newton, and I snatched it right back up. Hell no.

"You're in her seat." I glared at Jessica, daring her to refuse to move her ass. She smiled at me, unaware of my temper. "I'd rather work with you Eddie." She simpered. "Mike doesn't do his half of the work."

"I don't give a damn." I snarled, and next to me, Bella flinched. "Get, the fu-"

"Is there a problem here?" Mr. Banner breezed into the room, immediately noticing two students standing in the middle of the room. "Not at all." I answered flatly, turning my glare on Newton, before I blew up on the hoe bag. "Newton, go sit next to your lab partner."

He practically flew out of his seat, the damn wimp. But he knew better. I was the team captain, and soccer season was about to start. He knew not to even try pushing it with me. I urged Bella into a seat and hander her her bag before taking the one next to her. Mr. Banner gave us all a funny look, but thankfully, didn't say a word to us, just went about starting the lecture. I opened my book and took notes, but I have no idea what we even studied. I was too busy fuming. I knew how Jess worked, and Mike was milk toast when it came to her. She was a scheming bitch and he always did whatever the hell she told him to. I would definitely have to watch those two.

Unfortunately my last class was soccer practice, which punk ass Newton wasn't in because he could barely handle after school practices, let alone after school practice AND class. I'm positive his dad being the coach was the only reason he was even on the varsity team. He hated the cold, he hated getting hit, his aim was barely tolerable and he had no endurance whatsoever. Just thinking about it was egging on my temper, and by the time I walked Bella to the small gym and headed to the locker room to change, my mood was way worse. I put so much power into my kicks that I almost broke Crowley's nose, and coach pulled me aside and ordered me into the locker room to talk to me about 'Whatever the hell your problem is, Cullen.'


Edward had been my rock throughout this whole ordeal, and I'm so grateful for him. I'm grateful for all of the Cullens and for my Dad, but grateful for Edward in a different way, because he provided something for me that I wasn't aware that I was missing or that I even needed. I've never known what it's felt like to be close to someone mentally, emotionally, or physically. I dealt with everything on my own, and to have someone to discuss my fears with and to hold me when I feel overwhelmed was….an awesome feeling.

When we got to biology and Jessica Stanley was in my seat, I was so surprised when Edward made such a big deal out of us sitting together. And I was extremely thankful to have that, even if Jess glared at me afterwards and I had to deal with both she and mike in gym the next period. Edward worried me a bit though. He looked so angry all through class, but when he walked me to gym, he kissed me softly on the temple and told me that he would be waiting for me after class.

I took a deep breath when I walked into the locker room, but nobody said anything to me. Even still, I dressed quickly and hurried out into the gymnasium where Coach Klein was setting up what looked to be dodgeball. Oh. Great.

Of course I ended up on one team with both Mike and Jessica sneering at me from the opposite side. I hovered near the back, hoping to stay out of their target range, but our front line was quickly taken out. I saw Jessica whispering to a couple of her friends and I knew then. I just knew what was about to happen.

I caught all but the last one. The last one hit me with deadly accuracy right in the face. I heard a crunch right before the dull ache of the back of my head hitting the hard wooden floor. There was a lot of confusion after that. My entire head hurt, and my ears were ringing, and for some reason, I could only see red. Everything sounded far away, but I managed to hear screaming before I felt an awkward weightlessness.

"Shit you're heavy." I heard in my ear. "Soft too." Newton… Lovely. I felt his disgusting hot breath panting down my neck. It smelled unpleasant, like he'd eaten something with garlic and onions in it. "Then put me down." I demanded, before the fool dropped me on my head. He was starting to stagger beneath my weight, and the jagged motion was making my head swim. But still, he was overly confident when he said "Nah, I've got you" in this sickeningly sweet voice. "You know Bella," he continued on. "You're kinda cute without the ugly ass glasses. Maybe that's why Cullen likes you, the prick."

I flailed my legs, thoroughly grossed out, and tried to make him put me down, but still he struggled on, wobbling like a drunk man."

"I saw you at lunch you know," he yammered on. "getting out of Cullen's car with your clothes all messed up. I'm not stupid Bella. You wear those clothes and look like a grandma, but you spread these thighs for anybody who shows a little interest, don't you? Well, I want my turn. I won't tell anyone." He pinched the inside of my thigh and I flailed again, kicking hard until he dropped me. I landed hard against a set of lockers, half bling and having no idea what part of the school I was even in.

"Leave me alone."I groaned.

"C'mon Isabella."

"Don't call me that!" He was crouched next to me, trying to pick me back up. He batted my hands away, laughing at me. Ï said I wouldn't tell anyone," He said again. "Not even your precious Cullen."

"I said leave me alone!" I screamed. I heard footsteps then, and hoped like hell it was someone coming to get Mike Newton away from me. I heard two voices then, one of them Edward's.

"What the fuck!"

"Michael? What are you doing?"


Newton hit the lockers behind him with a satisfying thud. I went to knock the shit out of him again, but Coach Newton grabbed my arm. "Don't, Cullen. Take her to the nurse's office, I'll deal with him." I glared at his douche of a son, fully intending to murder him, but Bella needed some serious help. Her face was bruising on one side and there was a cut somewhere in her eyebrow that bleeding down into her eye, down her face and all over her PE shirt.

The second look at her enraged me all over again. "You piece of shit! What the fuck did you do to her?!"

"Cullen!" Coach pulled me off of his sorry son again and pushed me back, yelling "Go!"

Bella flinched away from me at first, but then relaxed into my arms as I easily lifted her up and carried her out of the boys locker room, where I could hear Newton giving his son hell. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my raging heart. We quickly arrived in the nurses office, where the nurse flew into a fit, quickly cleaning Bella's face and demanding to know what happened, all while she pulled up the file to call Charlie.

I should have known Jessica had something to do with it. Fucking bitch. The PE teacher came in, bring the broken pieces of Bella's glasses with him. Soon after, Charlie showed up, and he, Bella and I had a disciplinary meeting in the principal's office with Stanley, her parents, Newton and his dad, plus Coach Klein. I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one that was pissed. Chief Swan was having none of it. He hit both Mike and Jessica with his scariest You're In Trouble cop stare and told them he was pressing charges on them both for assaulting his kid. The Stanleys protested, and Jessica burst into tears. Newton turned about 8 shades whiter, but his father didn't say a word. In addition, both the fuckers had after school detention for 2 months, and Newton's father kicked him off of the team.

"That's not fair!" Jess screamed, her bleached hair flying around her head like Medusa snakes. "I'm going to Port Angeles today to get my costume for the Halloween party!" I glared at her. If she thought she was stepping foot in my house after this shit, she was fucked in the head.

"Really now, Chief Swan," Mrs. Stanley batted her eyelashes at Charlie. "Surely this kind of punishment is unnecessary? They're children."

Charlie's face turned red. "Your child attacked mine. She has blood all over her, and this one-" he pointed a threatening finger at Newton. "-was supposed to be escorting her to the nurse's office and got caught sexually harassing her in the boys locker room!"

"Lord knows why." Mrs. Stanley muttered, and Bella flinched, hard. I was glad she couldn't see the look of disdain the woman had on her face, but I glared right back at her, daring her to make another of the kind of stupid ass comments her child was famous for. I don't give a damn how old she is, I would fuck her shit up.

She looked at me, surprised, and kept her stupid mouth shut. I could feel my ears getting hot, and I knew it was getting harder and harder for me to control my temper. Fuck this. I grabbed Bella's hand and stood. I don't even think I would have stayed if Charlie asked me too at that point, but thankfully he didn't protest, so I got my girl out of there before I said something that was liable to get us kicked out of the entire state of Washington.

I am SOOOOOO soo sorry about the wait. Life just really got in the way, but I'm trying my best to get back on track. I lost one of my notebooks, AND my computer died a slow and painful death, so I'm having to rewrite this part, and it's completely raw. I was in such a rush to post it that I didn't make it very long, or spend much time checking it, so I apologize for any mistakes. Next chapter should be longer. No more ridiculously long waits, promise!