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Chapter 7


I held Bella in my lap. One hand playing in those beautiful hazelnut curls, the other teasing the soft skin of her belly beneath her sweater. "Bella," I moaned as her sweet lips kissed mine. "My Bella."

Abruptly she pulled away, disappeared off my lap and reappeared standing several steps away. "No," she said. "Not your Bella. Not anymore. Look at what you did to me!"

We were in the girls locker room again, and she was on the floor, her face covered in blood as she glared at me. I reached for her, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get close enough to touch her. "Not your Bella." She repeated, closing her eyes, and turning away from me. "Not your Bella."

"Rise and shine there you all. Let's see if we can get you home!" My head jerked up off the bed where it had been resting next to Bella's stomach, my hand still in hers, and her body curled in a 'c' around the spot I had been sleeping on my forearms.

I winced in the brightness as a woman flipped on all of the lights and talked way too fucking loudly. It was the same woman from a couple hours before who had tried to bring Bella a breakfast tray, but she'd been too tired, and her head had been aching too badly to eat it. Bella's hand tightened around mine and she mumbled something intelligible. Charlie had mentioned to the doctors that she was a lightweight where meds were concerned, so she was likely super foggy from the medication they'd given her a couple of hours ago.

Together, Charlie and I tried to get her up and alert enough to answer the doctor's questions, but all she managed was a "feels better." Before she slumped sideways into Charlie, who had been holding her up. Her eyes were still open, she just looked out of it. The doctor called in a couple of nurses, whom came in to help Bella get dressed while Charlie and I stepped out, and he signed the discharge paperwork. When we walked back into the room, the nurses had Bella sitting up in a wheelchair and looking a lot more awake, if not still a little high, and wrapped in the coat, hat and gloves Esme had brought with her yesterday. Brand new, apparently. Only my mother went shopping in Port Angeles in shitty rainy/icy weather. "What? It was a good time to shop, the stores were practically empty!" She had defended when Dad and I looked at her incredulously.

I rolled Bella down by the front entrance while Charlie went to get the car. Instead of bothering to try rolling that damned chair over the nasty icy mess, I picked Bella up when Charlie pulled the cruiser up and carried her out in my arms. She squealed at the icy wind and buried her face in my neck.

"That woke your ass up, didn't it?" I teased, squeezing her closer. "Baaaaabe." She whined, her breath warm as he blew down my neck. I shivered, and definitely not from the cold. And then I almost dropped her when she fucking bit me.

On. My. Neck.

I don't think she did it on purpose, like she was simply closing her mouth, but with her face was pressed so closely into my neck, she just grazed me. But the point is, he teeth definitely touched my neck and that shit was sexy as fuck.

"Bellaaa." I was the one whining now as I nestled my face into the top of her hair. "Jesus."

"Sorry." She squeaked, sounding embarrassed.

"God, I hope not." I whispered in her ear, sliding her down my body. I reached out for the door handle, and just before I opened it, I breathed. "Because another time, when you're feeling better, I'm definitely going to want you to do that again. Probably daily."

I had to physically pull her arms away from my neck so that I could help her into the front seat, but before she let go, she trailed her hands from my neck down to my chest, as if she didn't want to stop touching me.


Okay, so maybe that dream was just me being my usual paranoid self. If the way she'd clung to me was anything to go by, she probably wasn't mad right?

Fucking Jessica Stupid Fucking Stanley. Her ass had better be glad I wasn't at school today.

We made it maybe 2 blocks from the hospital before Charlie's radio started squawking about an emergency in a bunch of coded numbers, and then "All available officers are needed at the scene."

"God damn it." He growled to himself. "Every time the weather gets bad. Why can't these people buy fucking snow tires, learn how to drive, and stop camping in the damn winter? I'm on my way." He added the last part into the radio's mouthpiece.

A couple of minutes later, he pulled into his own driveway. "I don't have time to take you home, Edward." I opened my mouth, but then he continued "Ah Hell, who am I kidding, you weren't going anywhere anyway." And he was right. Bella's doctor, the competent one, had said that she shouldn't be alone for another day. Plus we still needed to talk through the whole "I'm-sorry-a-jealous-non-girlfriend-almost-killed-you-please-don't-dump-me" thing.

Charlie handed Bella the bag with her prescription in it, and told her, very Dad-like: "If you're headache comes back, take ONE, if it hasn't helped in 2 hours, you can take one more and that's IT until I get home tonight. If it doesn't go away, or if it's really bad, call me and we'll take you back to see the doctor. Stay downstairs on the couch, you two, and no funny business, I mean it Edward!"

Bella turned fucking burgundy in the 4 seconds it took her to scramble out of the car, and I waited for her to let me out of the back while I gave her Dad the Hairy Eyeball.

"You know," I told him dryly. "I think I'm insulted."

Bella opened my door, but I asked her to "Give me a sec, please Baby." and pulled it almost all the way shut again. Charlie turned in his seat to stare at me, but before he could say a word, I unleashed on him. Usually I tried not to swear at he or my parents, but he really pissed me off.

"Never even mind the fact that she's high as a fucking kite right now, you think that I'm going to seduce my girlfriend of a week, whether she's your daughter or not, into our first time while she has a stitched up head injury? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this being the second concussion in as many weeks, as well as the second to knock her unconscious AND the second one that she's been hospitalized for. In as many weeks! The first one preceding a sexual assault. Nice to know that despite what you said last night you see me as the same as any other idiot kid who's only thinking with his dick. Thanks."

Charlie had this odd half gape, half wince on his face as I shoved the door open and got out. "Edward! Hey wait, I'm-"

"Save it." I told him, leaning in. "I'll get Mom to come and get us. Heaven forbid we're unsupervised for too long, we might pop all of Bella's narcotics and screw on your couch." I barely, and I do mean barely, resisted the urge to slam the door. Wrapping an arm around Bella so she wouldn't slip and fall, I led her up to the front door, got the spare key out of her dad's stupid fake rock and got her out of the cold.

"What was that about?" Bella asked, shivering a little, and taking off her coat. I shrugged, and headed to the kitchen to make her some hot chocolate out of the frou-frou stash Alice kept here. I fired off a text to mom, since my battery was in the red and probably wouldn't survive a phone call. Her response came a minute later while I dumped some milk into a pot and set it on the stove to heat. Bella came and sat at the table, catching my wrist as I walked by her.

"Hey," she said softly, "what is it?"

I heaved a thick sigh and sat in the chair next to her, then pulled her up and into my lap, because I needed to touch her badly. "Bella," I looked at her, completely serious. "I'm sorry about Jessica. I-" She reached up and put her hand over my mouth. "No more apologizing about her. We already established that she was a bully before you and I ever spoke a word to each other. Unless you are dating her behind my back or paid her to shove me face first into a locker, it's not your fault, and I'm not mad at you, okay?"

I pulled her hand away and kissed it gently before I said. "Okay then. But now thanks to Charlie, there's a second thing I want to talk to you about. I just want to make sure that you know where I'm coming from in this. You know I'm extremely attracted to you, don't you?"


"Try 'Yes.', no question mark."


"Better. I'm insanely attracted to what I've seen so far here," I tapped one finger over her heart. "As well as being sexually attracted to you. But I need you to know that I would never pressure you."

"For sex?"

"For anything, but right now, yes, I'm referring to sex. It's a big deal to me Bella. I'm waiting for…." Shit, how do I word this?

"For marriage?"

"No, Baby. Not necessarily. It's just…it's important to me. That's a big fucking piece of yourself you're handing over to another person. I don't like the idea of something that intimate with any random whoever that's willing. When I have sex, I don't intend for it to be just sex. Does that make sense?

"I guess I've built it up as this huge thing in my head. It's not casual to me. If I wanted casual and no strings, I've got two fully functional hands I could use. I want strings. I need strings."

I could hear the milk boiling now, so I got up, depositing Bella back in her chair and dumped the entire pot full in one of Charlie's thermoses and then dumped in 3 packs of Alice's hot chocolate. I was grateful for the distraction because I was just splaying myself open for her, and while it's not the worst thing, opening up to Bella, it's certainly not on my list of fun shit I could be doing with her.

After the entire thing was shaken to within an inch of it's life, I put it down on the table in front of her, and sat again.

"My therapist told me that I crave emotional intimacy and connections, some psychosocial thing that has to do with being anxious or stressed, not having any blood relatives, other than Alice, and the fact that I spent so much of my life obsessed with watching out for else that I let myself fall by the wayside.

"But when she told me that, I kind of freaked, because the way she explained it made me fucking terrified that I would start looking for those connections with anyone, no matter who it was, so I fight to stay aware of it, and I'm kind of obsessive about making sure I actually feel something first. But I hadn't yet, with anybody until you. It's why I'm always touching you, because I do crave connection, and transparency. It's a need I have, interpersonally. I can't get that need fulfilled casually. I don't get any intimacy out of touching someone where there aren't feelings involved because it feels empty."

I sighed. "I said all that to emphasize that this is no little thing to me. While I'm sure that sex with you will be fucking mind blowing, it will still be mind blowing when we get there. I didn't start this aiming specifically to get in your pants, and I don't like that your dad implied that the second I'm alone with you, I'm going to pounce on you. I don't want you to think that because he's known me all this time, he was saying that because it's something I would do. We're not ready, by any stretch of the imagination, and I know that."

"Um… Have you never… You're a virgin?" She squirmed in her seat, like the subject matter made her uncomfortable. You and me both, Baby, and you're not the one sounding like a puss right now. "That word makes it sound so…girly, but yes. It's not something I advertise, being as I'm pretty sure I'm the only 18-year-old male in the tri-state area who hasn't had sex."

"You're 18 already? I only just turned 17 in September, and I'm usually older than most everybody else in my grade."

"Yeah. My birthday's in June, so Alice and I got to start early. Plus, last year should have my been senior year, but I held myself back when Alice got sick so we could graduate together."

"Oh." She whispered, staring at the table top. "That's sweet. Me too… a virgin, I mean…Or, I was…Until…you know."

She looked mortified. Ashamed. That's not at all what I wanted out of this conversation, way to go Cullen. I pulled her back into my lap, but she wouldn't look at me. "No, Baby. Just no. That wasn't- It doesn't count for shit except an attack."

"But he-"

"It doesn't matter what he did or didn't do. You didn't have sex with anybody. When we do have- No. When I make love to you, Bella …" I tipped her chin up so she could look at my face and know that I meant fucking business here. "I will be your first."

And hopefully your only.

I wondered again, not for the first time, if I wasn't fucking this all up by not keeping my damned mouth shut. I had a bad habit of laying all of my cards on the table as soon as I had my hands on them, just to see where I sat with people. I didn't want to wait and see, I wanted to know where I already stood.

"This isn't going too fast for you, is it Baby? I have the tendency to just barrel into shit I want to get said without thinking or caring about whether or not it should be shared with the class or if the class is ready to hear it." She shook her head, and one hand played with the zipper on my coat.

"I actually really appreciate the fact that you just kind of…put it all out for me to see. I've never dated before, but I think if we didn't have these talks I'd worry about what you think. A lot. And don't let what my Dad said bother you either. Even without you telling me how you feel about sex and touching and… yeah, even without that, I know that I'm not ready yet, but I know you'll respect that until I am."

"I tried really hard not to interrupt, but if you two are done being all cute and snuggly now, my balls are freezing to my leg."

For Christ's sake. I swear my sigh was big enough to almost blow Bella off my lap. I dropped my head onto her shoulder and tried to take a deep breath to calm my nerves, but it mostly just came out as another aggravated sigh.

"Hi, Emmett."


The rest of the day was pretty much the most relaxing one I've ever had. I have to say, Edward's penchant for cuddling and snuggling and touching all the time was like winning a lottery that I didn't know I'd entered and didn't know I'd desperately needed to win. We stayed, more or less, wrapped around each other the entire day, down in the basement on the Cullens' monstrous couch. Edward sat propped in the corner of the thing so that he could see the television, and I laid between his knees, wrapped in my weighted blanket and wrapped in his arms, face pressed to his chest, because it hurt to try to focus on anything without my glasses, plus the flashing lights of the screen kind of irritated my head.

I'd taken a pain pill around noon when the soreness in my head spiked into a throbbing ache behind my eyes, and after that, I dozed on and off the rest of the day. I vaguely remember each of the Cullens coming down to check on us as they came home, and Emmett and Alice sitting with us for a while, watching some movie in part of a trilogy Edward was marathoning with the volume on low, and Bree curling up next to me, squeezed between Edward's leg and the back of the couch, wrapped in her own blanket. But every single time I opened my eyes, Edward was there. And every time I opened my eyes and he was there, I felt a flash that was equal parts warmth and contentment, and equal parts fear and worry because I was already coming to see him as dependable and steadfast.

But I tried very hard not to dwell on it, since I had promised myself that I wouldn't hide and shut down and simply survive when I got to Forks. So this is me… living. Also… trying not to puke out of pure terror at the thought of what the fallout would be if things weren't exactly what I thought they were, but still...living.

Charlie came to get me at about 7 or so, and while he and Edward were a little tense with each other, because I think Edward was still feeling insulted and upset with him, overall it went without incident.

The next weeks also flew by without incident. Kind of. Dad's job was… sort of frustrating me. I spent way more time with Esme and Carlisle than I ever did with him. I know he was the Chief of Police in a town with a total of only 6 or 7 police officers, and I definitely didn't want to be ungrateful, considering he picked me up, no questions asked and rescued me from Renee's custody but I just thought that it would be different.

I thought I would see him more, for one thing, but as it stood right now I barely saw him at all. It was Edward who drove Alice and I to and from school most days, and Esme who took me to get my stitches out, and took me shopping for things that I needed and Carlisle who realized that I couldn't see a thing and took me to the optometrist to get an exam and put a rush on a new pair of glasses. Except for the first couple of days after I arrived in Washington, I really didn't see my father much at all, and I spent a lot of nights alone in his house, talking or FaceTiming on the phone with Edward until we fell asleep.

I did see Dad in passing the night of the Cullens' Halloween party, because he'd stopped by to make himself known, presumably so kids would behave themselves, but he hadn't even looked for me. I know this because I spent the entirety of the party in the treehouse in the backyard with Alice. She'd never attended the parties, and my head hadn't been able to handle the loud noise, so we bundled up with blankets and a space heater, because it was the Cullens, so the tree house was wired for electricity, and we people-watched with bags full of Halloween candy. Edward had tried desperately to get out of the party and stay with us, but he really did have a lot of pseudo-friends and acquaintances, (his words, not mine) so the half of the party goers that weren't Emmett's friends were there for him.

He did sneak out though, an hour before the party was over, to hang out with Alice and I, and, head nestled in my lap, and join in on out people-watching-slash-bashing section. And after Alice went to bed, he and I stayed up there making out heavily until we could hear all of the partiers leaving. It was nice, very nice.

Now it was nearing Thanksgiving, and all of a sudden, Edward's YouTube channel was taking off. He jumped to almost 400 thousand subscribers on the personal vlog, and was even due to start making money from it like he was from his reptile channel. He got me to pop in on as vlogs with him as much as he could, but I still wasn't completely at ease with it. Thanks to Esme's complete overhaul of my wardrobe while I was in the hospital, (no seriously, she went shopping under an inclement weather advisory) I was a lot more confident in the way I could disguise things and my clothed body looked to others, but it was still extremely awkward talking to a camera. Especially with Edward right there.

He showed me though, that a massive portion of the subscribers started popping up after he'd started filming with me, and his most viewed videos were the ones featuring both of us, so he wanted me to think about this being an "us" thing. I told him I would think about it.

"Good," was all he replied, and then his lips were on mine. I loved that about Edward. True to his word, he never pressured me about anything. We talked about things and then he gave me time to come to my own decision at my own pace without any input or influence from him whatsoever.

It wasn't a huge thing, and, I'm sure, something that was normal for most decent human beings, but I appreciated it nonetheless. We'd been together over a month now and it was…amazing. I'd always thought relationships while still a teenager would feel…trite, and casual, where we never dealt with anything too serious other than if and when we should "do it", but it wasn't like that with Edward.

It felt serious, and all-consuming, and like a pretty damned big deal. And the night before Thanksgiving, I finally told him so. We were filming what he called a Girlfriend Tag and answering a list of questions he'd gotten from somewhere about our relationship together when it just…spilled out of me. And his reaction, oh my God.

"Edward!" I cackled from where I was straddling his thighs after he yanked me into his lap. He attacked my face and neck with kisses that were half itchy, half ticklish from the scruff he was starting to grow on his face.

"Edwaaaaard!" My laugh turned into a breathy moan when his next kiss was hot and wet and open-mouthed against my neck that made my whole body shiver violently. My core immediately flooded with heat, and my face flushed hot at the embarrassing noise that just left my mouth.

Edward squeezed me tighter to him, and his voice was nothing short of triumphant. "I was wondering when I'd get you to moan for me in real life. Fucking sexy."

"Real life?" I whispered. He put his lips back to my neck and I gasped, biting back another moan and wiggling slightly against the shiver that wracked my body. "Fuck yes," he whispered hotly. "I dream about this every-" Kiss. "Fucking-" Kiss. "Night." Another kiss, and then a lick up the side of my neck.

"Mmmngh." I whimpered, feeling an almost painful pressure in my nipples that tugged a line straight down to my…my lap, where I felt myself get wetter than I can ever remember getting this quickly into one of our makeout sessions. Usually I could comfort myself with the fact that he never knew, but this time, I was wearing a skirt. A circle skirt that had hiked up when I straddled his lap. I knew…I knew he could feel it through my panties and his thin gym shorts when his eyes widened and he gave a half moan of his own, looking down at where my skirt was flounced all over our legs. "Fuck." And then. "I can feel how fucking wet you are." And his erection prodded me a moment later.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. I buried my face into his shoulder and clung to him, more embarrassed then I've ever been. "The camera," I whispered, even more mortified as I suddenly remembered what we were doing that led us here. "Turn the camera off, please!"

Edward tightened his grip on me and raised up off the couch to reach for the camera, and the movement ground the length of him into me. "Ah!" I cried out as heat zinged from where we were connected, straight down both of my legs, which tightened around his hips on their own accord, trying to keep him right where he was. He froze, holding us both half suspended off the couch, but I could thankfully hear the shiick of camera lens whirring closed through our heavy breathing.

I needed…I don't know.

Well, I knew, but… how was I supposed to tell him what I wanted without sounding stupid

"Baby?" He whispered. "I…Can I? Um…"

"Yes. Please!" I moaned, knowing he was asking for permission. "Do something." And in the back of my mind, I knew that I should probably feel embarrassed, but I was way too turned on.

And then we were upright and Edward was looking wildly around the room before he locked his bedroom door, and then carried me back to his couch. This time he lay down on his back, with me still straddling his lap. With both hands gripping my hips, he ground me down into his lap experimentally. "Fucking shit." He moaned and I squeaked. "Okay Baby?" He asked. I nodded, whimpering as he ground into me again.

"I need you to tell me," His voice was gruff, sexy. "Tell me you're okay."

"I'm okay." I gasped, wiggling a little to see if he could press into me the way he did before. "I'm okay. Touch me? Please?"

"Anything." He whispered back and then he sat up and kissed me deeply. Usually I was content to follow where he led, but this time I gave as good as I got. Our tongues battled and my nails raked across his chest through his t-shirt. His hands ease up my skirt to rest on either side of my hips and I flinched for a second at the feeling on bare skin where he'd never touched me before. He froze, but I wouldn't let him stop.

"I'm okay." I said again, and bit his bottom lip, because I knew he loved it. "Bellaaaaa." He moaned, fingers tightening on my hips as he lay back down. We rocked like that for a while, grinding into each other, but while he had to stop several times, because he was close, I didn't seem to be getting any closer and Edward was getting frustrated, and then I was getting upset because I felt like I was disappointing him.

"It's okay," I whispered, giving up and leaning forward to kiss his forehead. "You can… finish. Maybe I just can't, this way."

"No." he growled. "I want this to be good for you."

"It is!"

"I want you to cum! I'm not until you do."

Um. Holy shit. I stared at him wide-eyed, unsure of how to respond, but he didn't seem to notice. He trailed one hand from my hip, between my legs, brushing lightly. "Can I touch you here?" He whispered. After a second, I nodded slowly and tried not to fly off his lap when one finger slipped beneath the elastic of my panties. He held them there, away from my skin, not quite touching me yet.

"Can I take these off?"

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The way he looked, staring at me as he fingered the edge of my panties.

"No sex?" I clarified.

"No sex."

I nodded again and he lifted me off of him, helping me to stand on the floor between his knees. Slowly he lifted both hands beneath my skirt again and tugged my panties down my legs. "Christ, you're so fucking wet." He whispered. "Please, I want to see you." And the skirt followed my underwear's path to the floor and I didn't get the chance to be shy or embarrassed. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his forehead on my belly for a moment. "So fucking hot." He whispered. "Come here, Baby."

I was tugged back into his lap again, and it wasn't as mortifying as I thought to be sitting in his lap half naked and dripping wet. He ran one hand up the inside of my bare thigh, and the other up the front of my shirt, caressing the skin of my stomach, before easing beneath one cup of my bra. I shuddered at the feel of his rough hand against the skin of my nipple as he rolled it beneath his palm. My eyes fluttered shut and my hips rolled, this time shifting myself against the back of his fingers.

Edward lifted his butt off the couch and tugged his shorts as low as he could, and pulled his boxers down just low enough that when I settled back over him, I could feel the base of him, bare, and hot and hard against me, but the rest of him was safely beneath the band of his boxers.

"Okay?" He checked.

"I'm okay. I'm good."

He urged me to grind against him again, but this time, he trailed two fingers through my heat until they rubbed over my clit and I jerked and moaned. Loudly.

"Shhh, Baby." He laughed low, rubbing that spot again and looking way too satisfied when I jerked again and bit my lip. "There you are." He murmured to himself. And then he rubbed furiously, two fingers alternating and I threw my face into his neck to keep from wailing and alerting the whole house to what we were doing. "Feels fucking good baby?" he panted into my ear, thrusting his erection against me in time with his fingers. "Because it feels fucking amazing to me Bella. Pussy…so…hot." He moaned.

"Oh my God."

"What is it? Do you like that? Me telling you how fucking good this pussy feels dripping all over my fingers and my dick?"

"Ye-yeeees!" I sobbed, feeling lightning flash through me. "Close." I gasped, gripping him tightly anywhere I could reach. "Think I'm close!"

"I know Baby. I can feel you. Feel this- ungh, God damn! I feel this pussy quaking. Cum Bella!"

"I'm trying." I gasped. "I'm trying!"My breaths were coming out choppy and high pitched. Edward growled. "No trying. Need you to-"

He increased the pressure against my clit and tugged hard on my nipple. "Oh God. Oh God. Oh God." I whimpered, feeling like my body was about to burst at the seams. "A…gain." I barely got it out; didn't think he would hear me. But it was Edward, and he always heard me. He added a thumb, pinching my clit between it and his fingers and tugging on my nipple again.

The lightning turned up by 100, and then the pressure exploded and exploded, and exploded, and I had the good sense to grit my teeth against the scream that wanted to come out. Edward's hands never let up as he grunted and thrust up into me almost hard enough to knock me off of him. Another, smaller orgasm ripped through me and I had to brush his hand away, afterwards because I was so sensitive right that second that it was almost painful. Then, clinging to him, I sobbed and tried to catch my breath while my legs trembled on either side of his hips.

"Fuck. Fuck, fuck, shit, fuck." Edward was cursing, and then I was being squeezed to within an inch of my life. "Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Look at me Bella, please."

"Why are you apologizing?" I pulled away and tried to wipe the mess of tears from my face.

"I was too rough with you." He looked stricken as he pulled my hands away, removed my glasses and then wiped my face himself.

"No! It was... It was perfect."

"Then why are you crying?"

"I don't know. Nothing bad, I promise."

"Jesus." Edward squeezed me to him again. "I thought I hurt you."

I snuggled down into his chest, enjoying the feeling of his arms holding me tight. "Definitely not." I assured him.

He kissed my forehead. "Good. Then you liked it a little rough, yeah?"

I felt my face heat, for the millionth time in his presence. Ass.

"Yeah, well, you have a filthy mouth." I retorted.

He grinned at me lasciviously. "A filthy mouth that makes you wet. Admit it."

"No!" I laughed, as he squeezed me yet again. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Ah." He put his lips next to my ear and whispered huskily, easing his fingers back between us. "So you won't drip all over my lap if I tell you how much I want to feel your legs wrapped around my head and your pussy on my tongue?"


"Or how I've dreamt of licking every single inch of you. Or what about if I tell you that I'll probably dream about what we just did, over and over, only there won't be any boxers, and you'll be riding my dick, and this shirt," he fingered the buttons on my blouse with his other hand. "Will be open so I can lick and suck all over these beautiful breasts while I make love to you, and fuck you, and then fuck you again? Especially now that I'm pretty sure my girl might love a good dirty fuck once in a while."

He pinched my clit again, hard, and I moaned, feeling that tell-tale wetness again.

"Again?" I breathed, breath stuttering. "Please?"

He grinned. "Whatever my Baby wants."

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