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Sky Raid flinched at the sound of the man's voice. He was a cruel man, a man who didn't care about anything as long as he had his way. She knew that he was a cruel man, and had even tried running away a couple of times, but he would always catch her, one way or another.

She often wondered why this cruel man would force her and all the other horses in this place to train and let strangers ride on them all the time. Why were they forcing her to march? Why had they put a strange symbol on her side? And now this. They wanted to cut her mane. They wanted to cut it short like all the other horses. And this got her mad.

She did not want her white mane to be cut. She did not want to be here at all. Suddenly, she can hear a boom and then a horses cry. The humans next to her look back, as their captain has just shot a for misbehaving.

Sky Raid could tell what had just happened. She looked in fear. And Sky Raid, did not like the sense of fear. She quickly reared up trying to escape. Yes she had decided at that moment that she would ascape today. From all these humans.

The human began walking towards her. She desperately kicks and as if magic or luck perhaps?, A rope unties from her legs, and that's all she needed to be free. She quickly ran towards the door, to where the outside was, away from this place. She then hears a boom, and something nearly misses her white mane. There are humans trying to block both exits, but she has a plan. She sees a stack of hay, and plans to jump from there outside the gate. Jumping was her favorite thing to do. She was an Appoloosa who loved to jump.

As if on cue the humans begin running towards her now, knowing what she plans to do. She is confident now. She jumps on the hay stack and lands on the outside of the fence. She looks back as humans on horses now come after her. She runs. She gallops with all her might, hoping to escape. She sees mountains ahead. She could proabably hide there!

She reaches the mountains and she now has lost the humans. Still she runs. For fear that the humans will come. For fear of being killed.

She gallops and gallops, and she is tired by now. She doesn't even notice 2 horses right in front of her.

Melody's pov

Melody was eating grass with Night. She was a mare now, and it was almost time before she would move out of her parents herd and start her own herd with Night. It was what she wanted.

She lifted her head as she saw a white and black spotted horse run towards them. She then crashed into Night.

Melody looked and could see that this horse had cuts and bruises on her. She instantly remembered the incident with her and Night 2 years ago, and guessed that bad humans did this.

The horse then got up and apologized. She seemed to be out of breathe. Melody shook her head and asked if she was okay. The horse slowly nodded her head..She then fell over. Melody gasped. "Night! please go get my father!"

Within the blink of an eye Night ran back towards the herd.

Melody looked down at the horse, she seemed to be unconcious. "Please hang in there!" Melody kept saying.

She looked down and saw that she was twitching, Was she having a dream while unconcious perhaps?

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