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Galloping across the plain, Sky Raid looked down at her newborn foal. He too, was galloping with freedom. Just as the rest of her herd was too. They were headed towards a small lake to get a drink, since it was so hot outside.

Once there, Sky Raid signaled that it was safe and okay to get a drink. The herd then began trotting and began to relax after getting a drink. Sky Raid too decided to relax. She began to nurse her foal and play with him, leaving her guard down for a moment. That was when it happened.

Lots of humans were riding on horses, and were tieing ropes on horses from her herd. How could she let this happen! But wait, her newborn foal, where was he? Then suddenly, a rope around her own neck. Then two, and three. What did these people want from her! "Rraa!" Sky Raid yelled out, screaming.

It was the humans versus Sky Raid, and right now, it did not seem to good for Sky Raid. She was still weak from giving birth, and was tired. They had by now pulled her away from her herd, dragging her and a couple of other horses. "Rraa!" Sky Raid yelled once more, screaming for her foal. But no sign of him anywhere. "Rraa!"

"Shad up!" A human was saying, unaware she was crying for her foal. After what seemed like a hundred years to the humans, they had gotten the danged horse in one of the horse military stables.

Spirit sniffed the horse. He could tell she had been through a lot. He even smelled a certain familiar smell... one he would never forget. That one captain from the place he was once in. He sighs.

Spirit looked at the small group that had formed around the mare. Night, Rain, Melody, and he himself were there, waiting for the poor horse to come to. Melody and Night then whinnied to the unconcious horse. Not a moment later, the horse began opening it's eyes slowly.

She looked around at the small herd that had formed around her. Oh no, had she caused all of them to worry? She slowly begins to get up and apologizes. But right now what she needed was water. Spirit and Rain then lead her to get water.

Once returning, Sky Raid is bombarded with questions. Spirit already knew what had happened to her, he could tell by the mark on her side. The exact same one they had tried putting on him. Melody, however, asks if she is okay and what had happened to her. Night also asks what had happened.

Sky Raid blinks and begins to tell what had happened. How she had been taken away from her probably now-dead-foal, how they had put her inside of a strange place with marching horses, her many tries to escape, the humans repeatedly trying to cut her mane (although she never let them), shooting that one horse, and finally escaping this one time, after almost 3 years.

Spirit looks in shock. That was worse than his own story was, he believed. Melody, Rain and Night had been intently listening the whole time. It sounded horrible.

Melody then sees Sky Raid staring at Night. Why was she staring at him for? Night had also noticed this, and began to feel uncomfortable as the middle-aged horse walks up to him.

"You..seem a lot like my own foa-," She starts, but shakes her head. "I mean, nevermind.."

Spirit looks puzzled, but invites her to stay with his herd for the time being. The horse shakes her head in thanks. "Thank you."