Idea: After a third disastrous try at the dating game, Namikaze Minato gives up on finding love, only to find that a mysterious man has taken an interest in him and begins trying to court him This man, is really the Kyuubi and has been the one sabotaging Minato's romantic attempts. At first Minato rebuffs the man's advances, but soon can't resist. He's always known that he would have a child…

Summery: After three failed attempts to find an everlasting love, Namikaze Minato swears off love entirely believing that he will never find 'The One'. He rejects every offer, but there is one that refuses to be rebuffed. Minato always knew he'd have a child… Kyuubi/Minato, mpreg. Massively AU but still Ninja, if you don't like it, you are free to leave.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto but… * glances nervously at lawyers * …Maybe its better that I don't… laughs

Title: Kyuubi's Mate


Eighteen-year-old Namikaze Minato gazed out the window of his bedroom in his lonely mansion. Well, it wasn't really his, it belonged to the Hokage and he was the Yondaime, but he still didn't own it.

He reflected sadly at his attempts to find a partner to spend the rest of his life with as he sat there on the window seat. First there had been Uzumaki Kushina, a fiery redheaded refugee from Uzu no Kuni. Her hair had been a few shades shy of blood red and her purple-grey eyes had never ceased to steal his breath away. But, she had died several years ago; in the 'Kumo Incident,' her throat slit before he had a chance to get her away from the Kumo Bastards that had stolen her away during a routine mission with her team, Team Sakumo.

Then there had been Ren, a beautiful civilian girl that had broken it off, citing having fallen for an older friend of his, Yamanaka Inoichi. The two were now married and trying to have children. So far they had had no success.

…And then there was this latest attempt; with Mikoto of all people. That hadn't lasted passed the first date even. …Which had been only yesterday? It already felt like an eternity ago. It turned out that she had been betrothed to the heir of her clan, Fugaku, his best friend. Fugaku and Inoichi were lucky, they had their girls and Minato was sure that if he had been able to save Uzumaki Kushina that day years ago he'd be with her, but he had been to damn slow!

"I give up…" Minato breathed, his voice drowning in despair. Here he was alone when all of his friends were married or would be soon. He rested his forehead against the cold glass, gazing out at the pouring rain. Before Kushina had been killed, he had very easily been able to picture his future with her by his side. It still was easy to visualize but all those visions were now, were 'what could have beens' and 'what ifs'. "It just isn't fair… why do I have to be the one to be alone? Why is it always me?"

Minato tried to blink his tears away as he turned away from his window to get ready for bed, unaware that he was being watched by the most powerful Demon on the planet and, unaware of the Demon's plans for him…

(End Prolog)

Note: This fic is already massively AU don't go pointing out if someone is missing from the cast or that the characters are OOC please. I purposely made Minato young, I know that he had to be older in canon but here, he was the best candidate when The Sandaime died. You'll notice that our favorite redhead isn't here, you'll find out why later.

Yes I know its ominous ne? It's supposed to be. If you can guess who the Demon is I'll give you a cookie.

This sets a dark tone to the story, bare with me, I'm not sure how dark it's going to get. But we will still be getting those Daddy! Minato moments that we all love so much, along with Chibi! Kakashi and the rest of Team Minato.

I suppose you could call this an experiment, be warned though, update gaps may vary, it depends on the bunny.

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