Idea: After a third disastrous try at the dating game, Namikaze Minato gives up on finding love, only to find that a mysterious man has taken an interest in him and begins trying to court him This man, is really the Kyuubi and has been the one sabotaging Minato's romantic attempts. At first Minato rebuffs the man's advances, but soon can't resist. He's always known that he would have a child…

Summary: After three failed attempts to find an everlasting love fail, Namikaze Minato swears off love entirely believing that he will never find 'The One'. He rejects every offer, but there is one that refuses to be rebuffed. Minato always knew he'd have a child… Kyuubi/Minato, mpreg, Massively AU but still Ninja, if you don't like it, you are free to leave.

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Title: Kyuubi's Mate

(Enter Shippou and Kyuubi's Confusion)

Half an hour later, Minato returned with a large male deer. He sighed as he began to expertly rend it down, skinning and gutting it. He found himself licking up the raw blood, not letting any of it spill on the ground.

Kaiko watched keenly, Blood cravings were rather common for pregnant demons to have, she was just glad that Minato wanted trying to fight it.

Minato was cleaning his face when Rin came up behind him, "Are you ok Tou-san?" she asked.

"I'm as fine as I can be Rin-chan." Minato replied, "I'd be even better if Kyuubi would just leave me alone though."

Rin nodded, holding out a pot full of water, "Here, you're going to make the stew right?"

"Yes," Minato replied, "It might be a bit heavier than usual but..."

"I don't mind, I'm sure Kakashi and Obito won't mind either," she reassured him as she placed the pot over the fire.

If Minato needed the stew to be headier then she and the others wouldn't complain. As usual, it didn't take long for Minato to make it.

Minato made sure to eat more than usual, as he was eating for two now. The Mission went well; Minato woke to a hilarious (in his opinion) sight. On top of his eldest student/Kit, there was a large wolf. Minato suspected her to be a demon because of the intelligence in her eyes. She was humping the sleeping boy!

The demoness would end up following them back to Konoha. She'd chosen the young Pup as her mate. She could wait two years for him; she was young, having just turned eighteen herself. Though he was a human, she knew he was perfect, Kyuubi's young chosen mate was his mother, not literally of course but in the way that really mattered. And once he was adopted… this young male would truly become powerful.

She stuck to them, providing the young pregnant submissive with a little extra protection. She knew that he was mated to another, she herself was a dominant, and a pregnant submissive like the blond shouldn't be out here relatively alone like this. She was glad to provide entertainment for him too.

She decided to stick close to the oldest pup.

Minato turned to the wolf as they approached Konoha, "They do not like demons in this village, and you will have to use your human form. Be careful otherwise."

The silver wolf nodded, rubbing against Obito happily, causing the boy to blush. "Tou-san~!" Obito whined, but Minato was too amused.

"Calm down Obito, you have two years before courting can even begin. You are luckier than I…" Minato told him, "The rules are slightly different when a female is involved."

Obito blinked, "Really?"

Minato nodded, "I don't know, so you'll have to ask Nee-chan but that's what she told me."

Obito nodded, "I will, and maybe she'll teach me too..."

"All you had to do was ask," said Kaiko from behind them with a smile.

Minato looked up as they came to the gate, "Great..." he muttered, Kyuubi was waiting for them...

The young wolf demon rushed in front of Obito and growled at the older, more powerful fox demon, wanting to protect him.

Minato sighed as he sighed them all in, Morning Sickness hadn't been a really big problem on the mission, but now... all the smells were making him queasy. "Go away..." he muttered as he brushed passed the Bijuu. "Come on, we're going home!" he called back to his team and sister.

Rin, Kakashi and Obito ran to catch up while Kaiko and the wolf brought up the rear. The Wolf shifted forms once it was safe, she had ice blue eyes and silver hair that was a couple shades darker than Kakashi's hair and several shades lighter than Kyuubi's.

"Your name?" Kaiko asked as the ventured into the village.

"Shippou," the Wolf replied with a smile.

Kyuubi followed from a distance, who was that fox, he wondered. Well, he would never find out if he didn't ask... right? But he would have to wait.

At the Tower, Minato filled out their mission recites and handed one to each of his students as well as Kaiko. "You did well on your first mission in who knows how long, Nee-chan," he complimented her.

"Thank you Minato," Kaiko replied with a smile.

Minato grinned up at her, "Why don't you and the kids go home and rest, I need to speak with Obito's admirer..."

Kaiko nodded, herding Minato's team out the door, Shippou shifted nervously when Minato turned to her. "You are?" he asked with a gently smile.

"Shippou, Minato-sama." she replied, "Kori Shippou."

Minato nodded, "What do you want with Obito?" he asked her curiously.

"I want to mate with him eventually..." Shippou replied, blushing slightly. Her reactions actually reminded Minato of how he had acted around Kushina before she had died. "I know that humans have different rules, and I am willing to learn to live by them," she rushed on, "So that I can win him."

"I see... You've already won half the battle then," Minato replied, "You can help Obito and I to learn how to live with demons, you can help my sister teach us all."

"But you're a demon aren't you?" Shippou asked.

"I am," Minato replied, "But I grew up believing that I was human, I grew up here, in a human village."

"…I see..." Shippou brightened, "I'll surely help you!"

"Thank you Shippou-san, as long as you don't rush things with Obito you'll do fine, I have a few friends that you can ask for help if you become confused, their names are Yamanaka Ren and Uchiha Mikoto. If you mention my name, I'm sure they'll help you."

Shippou nodded eagerly as Minato began to dig through his paperwork, looking for something. "Ah, here we are..." he handed Shippou three forms, "Fill those out and get them back to me. Those papers will let you live here, and then feel free to ask Obito to help you find a place to life."

"Yes sir!" Shippou sat down and filled out her paperwork, handed it in and left to find her love interest.

Kyuubi appeared in the window and entered a few minutes later.

"What do you want Kyuubi?" Minato asked tiredly.

"Who is that other fox demon that went with you?" Kyuubi asked quietly.

Minato's good mood went flying out the window, "Oh so now you're asking about her?" he asked angrily, "She's my older sister you idiot!"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kyuubi asked.

"Because you didn't fucking ask till now you Bastard!" Minato snarled, his temper flaring higher and higher.

"Do you not trust me?" Kyuubi asked, trying to keep calm and to calm his mate down.

Minato blinked, his eyes narrowing as his concentration on keeping his demon traits concealed faltered. Minato snarled angrily, "How dare you speak to me of trust!" he nearly yelled, "It's a two way street Kyuubi! If you don't trust me, what in the thirteen circles of hell makes you think I should I trust you?" Minato's voice was ranging from a deadly quiet to thunderously loud.

Outside the office, Minato's two ANBU guards winced behind their masks, "I wouldn't want to be the guy Minato-sama is yelling at..." the ANBU to the left of the door wearing a rabbit mask whispered to the one on the right.

"I know," the one on the right wearing a dolphin mask agreed, "I don't pity the bastard and I don't want to be him either!"

"What did I do to cause you to not trust me?" Kyuubi asked desperately.

Minato stared at him in disbelief, "...When someone says no you fucking back off!" he snarled in absolute fury, "You back off and you stop! No means No! You..." Minato tried to take some calming breaths. "...You stop whatever it is you're doing and you fucking back off!" He turned and stormed out of his office, leaving Kyuubi quite confused.

"Huh?" Kyuubi asked the empty room.


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