Ark-Fox prologue.

note: this takes place roughly 8 months after the final season of Sonic X.

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(Dr Eggman's POV)

Dr Eggman was flying back to his base in his Egg-Mobile, after another failed attempt to get rid of that pesky Hedgehog Sonic once and for all. Once again Sonic came along and destroyed his plans with his incredible speed and inconceivable luck. Eggman's "master plan" again failed to see fruition. With Sonic running underneath his giant new robot "Egg Smasher 5000" it swung its arm. Succeeding only in removing its own metallic leg instead. Eggman chose this moment to fly off; there was no point in watching the inevitable happen.

After all this time fighting Sonic, Eggman had gone from 'what just happened' when Sonic first appeared on the scene destroying his precious badniks, to annoyance, then to pure anger, and now it was just getting depressing.

Just for once he would love to win, really win. But looking down on his track record handed to him by Docoe and Bocoe. This was not going to happen anytime soon. Even in the microscopically small occasion he did have a victory, Sonic and his friends always found a way to turn the tables on him due to some twisted turn of events.

Perhaps he should just retire.

He was sick of losing and age was quickly creeping up on him, the noise his knees made hoping down from his Egg-Mobile confirming his suspicions.

"But then again, I do hate that Hedgehog!"

But tonight he wasn't going to care. He had set tonight for it to be a night off weeks ago, to relax no exceptions.

He was having trouble figuring out what he was going to do in order to 'relax' however

The biggest problem with being a world-renown genius however, was when it came to most difficult questions experienced the universe over... such as; what's for tea? Where's the fricking remote? Why should I get out of bed today? Was that you felt like a complete idiot when the seeming simple answer stubbornly refused to allow its own existence.

Building some evil world terrorizing robot came to mind first, however this was quickly taken off his mental list as it was all he almost all he did when wasn't sleeping, eating, trying to remove his prickly blue friend for good, plotting some evil plan (often concerning a certain blue hedgehog or a giant world terrorizing robot, nine times out of ten the answer being both.) or designing projects that have "Egg" in fount of its title and have a suspicious resemblance to the fatman himself.

He decided eating will kill some time and allow him to mull over the long term answer in his head, he ordered the two idiots in fount of him to make his dinner, something he could actually rely on them to do properly and he decided it was probably the only reason they haven't yet gone the way of the swatbots (parts which probably went to these two, he decided in future not to recycle... and to try to find his original parts supplier, both ideas bringing a smile upon his face for their simple evilness!)

Leaving Bocoe and Docoe to create his Heart traumatising meal. Dr Eggman walked down the hallway to take a shower, not the least bit worried he didn't specify anything. They always served something good without orders anyway; fried eggs on toast, Fried eggs sausages and chips, fried eggs and soup.

As he approached the bathroom door and entered the required password (M.O.U.S.T.A.C.H.E.) he considered going over his grandfathers work again, he never got around to reading the entire thing after the whole Shadow fiasco. And who knows, he might find something useful or interesting. "I wonder what Shadow is up to now anyway?"

Meanwhile In a small garage in the Mystic-Ruins zone...

(Tails POV)

A small fox had just finished up blueprints for a recent design of high-tech shoes and was starting to beat a thin piece of metal into shape. The shoes in question should allow him to slide over any surface using his two identical tails as rotary propellers. (Yes this fox had two tails.)

A seemingly impossible feat, his two tails could actually spin fast enough to allow him to fly through the air. So in theory if he pointed his tails behind him instead of above, while using the shoes... he could push himself very very fast across the ground.

He had just finished beating one shoes metal strip into shape and was sliding it across his heavy tabletop testing out the design. Great success, the Frictionless metal, that Tails the Fox called T62 (being the 62nd new material that Tails had Manufactured for the purposes of his many inventions) slid effortlessly across the rough tabletop, taking no effort.

Unfortunately finishing these shoes off was going to have to wait for tomorrow, as a very familiar feeling was beginning to creep over his body. Soon he was going to pass out from exhaustion, taking a quick glance over at his wall clock. It was 5 o'clock at night, Thursday. He had been up since 4:30 Monday.

Tails walked to the door of his garage, opened it and a put a simple wooden sign on the door "Do not disturb the sleeping Kitsune, or live in fear of taser attacks"

The taser attacks weren't just a threat either (as his surrogate brother Sonic the Hedgehog would tell you last time he decided to run down the hallway into the bathroom at the middle of the night, creating a sonic boom load enough to wake up half the surrounding forest.) He was later shocked by a mysteriously cloaked Fox in the Greenhill zone, during a snooze session high-up on a great oak branch. When the Hedgehog regained body movement a little while later his mysterious assailant was nowhere to be found. When the hedgehog approached the Kitsune later on that day, he got a taser to the gut.

From that day on all signs written by the Fox were memorised, by everyone who heard the story.

With that quick thought Tails crashed on his Christmas present hammock, slipping forward into yet another terror filled nightmare.

(Eggman's POV)

Eggman had just finished his meal and weekly shower and was sitting down in the control room, going through his grandfather Gerald's files and personal logs. Nothing much new was coming up although admittedly it was nonetheless very interesting. The only new thing Eggman had come up with was that when Gerald's mysterious alien benefactor had given him the chaos emeralds, he was also given DNA from other species, in order to help create the 'ultimate life form' Shadow the Hedgehog.

"If that's true this means that the DNA could have been sourced from anywhere, including Mobius... This needs more research."

And with that Dr Eggman began sifting through any related files, a few promising files popped up, among these where; DNA 01 – 03 builds, testSUB subjects, testSUB requirements, testSUB goals.

He decided to look at the DNA builds first hoping for it to quote a source, no luck, just genome build-ups, double helix's , and other assorted data, it was interesting to point out at one point at time, DNA01 and 02 had other files attached, a quick glance told the Dr that the DNA had been altered between files.

"One of these has got to be the Biolizard, probably the second one considering Shadow and the Biolizard were the only ones Gerald talked about on his video files. Just to make sure I think the test subjects files required a looking at." Eggman muttered to himself.

As he clicked on the file 3 names popped up; Poison Croc, Miles Prower, Shadow Hedgehog.

The name Miles Prower nagged at him greatly, as if he knew someone who had that name.

After querying the name on the list of his enemy's (Very Very large) allies (small) friends (0) names list. Coming up with nothing he guessed it didn't matter. So he was going to go through Poison Croc's file first, then Miles Prower's, then Shadow's. As he opened the file a number of summaries, diagrams, test history and images of the subject popped up, he glanced at Poison Croc's images quickly to see a dark green drooling crocodile "pretty" then he went to the main summary, completely ignoring everything else.

He was a crocodile produced specifically to see the effectiveness of different types of toxins in a living body and his body was so toxic penicillin dropped on his skin turned black and poisonous, the resulting serum was later injected into a cat which died a gruesome death. Gerald had his DNA altered quickly after considering the danger posed to the staff and especially his beloved niece, Maria.

"Which explains how Biolizard came to be, but who is the 'Miles Prower?' and how come I've never heard of him in Gerald's reports?"

Eggman was in for one hell of a shock however after opening Miles file and an before/after image of a young single tailed dark orange and white coloured Fox with bright sky-blue eyes, and an equally young bright yellow and white two tailed Fox with bright sky-blue eyes. "TAILS, of course..." as he face palmed himself painfully enough to leave a bright red mark "... Miles Prower is his real name! Wait WHAT, WHY IS HE IN GERALD'S FILES?"