Chap breaks rating. just to let you know, skip over the middle bit if you are easily affected by violence, because this is extreme violence.

"Sonic the hedgehog... you seek, normalcy...?"

"Who... said that...?"

"Miles made you the way you are, I believe you should see how things would be if he had granted you your wish... a world without Eggman, a world without the Chaos Emeralds, a world where things would be as normal as possible."

"He doesn't need to see that... it's inhumane Chaos."
"Agreed, it serves no purpose, the decision has already been made for Sonic Alpha."
"Who are you? And Sonic Alpha, what does that mean?"

"We are the two, Miles and Tails. When we are together like this, we are Chaos, the multiverse god... well I am anyway, I'm completely different from them two."

"Sonic Alpha is are named such as you are the Sonic that Miles first visited."
"The speech is confusing... yes, but you'll get used to it... or maybe not."
"No you won't, Miles is just being an obnoxious jackass, this is the only time you visit us like this until your time is up."

"I have no idea what's going on here..."

"It's difficult... long story short, back on the comet; the Chaos Emeralds flew out of the Chaos Engine and reacted violently with the surrounding machinery."
"And no, contrary to popular belief, we had no hand in this. Chaos is uncontrollable, even to us... we know what's going to happen, but have no power over it."

"But... what are you saying... I control Chaos..."

"Not this Chaos Sonic... there are two forms of Chaos... the energies found in the Chaos Emeralds that you have been granted..."
"We have control over this though, we are 50% god after all."
"...and the uncontrollable law that everything in existence follows."
"It is whatever is unknown... whatever can never been found out, the random event."
"It is what creates everything... what destroys everything... it is luck maybe..."
"It is easy to understand, but impossible to figure out."
"Even we can't figure it out."

"But... isn't one of you Chaos?"

"Yes... I am what they are describing... now, pointless magical show time."
"Way to break big mysterious cosmic character big fella."

I arrived at the playground to find Miles the attention for around a half dozen kids; the few at the front of the group were hitting him in the head violently, or striking him in the ribs... the others were making fun of his abnormality, "Freak" and "Twin tailed faggot" were heard.

I was slowly becoming an observer... this was my brother... why couldn't I help him?

His bright blue, lovable eyes spy me; a gloved hand reaches out as he calls to me, "Sonic... please... help."

"Stay outa dis vile brown." One of the bully's warns, eying me suspiciously. "dis ain't nutting of your concern; so best you be movin rigt along."

"Sonic...! Please! Help!" Tails calls out helplessly, just before a boot kicks him in the head and knocks him out.

I just stood there; what was there that I could I do?

I should have... at least empathized... he's my brother... after all... why?

"watcha waitn for Ogilvie?" the bully from before asks. "Move along."

I'm petrified... why do these bully's do these things? "What are you going to do to him?" I ask, I hear my own voice cracking, a sign of that puberty thing Tails was going on about...

The bully thinks this over for a second, smirking from my voice... he looks to his mates, who nod happily, the bully is smiling as he turns back, brandishing a knife given to him from another bully.

"We gonna skin his ass." He replies, laughing as he drops to his knees and grabs Tails by the scruff of the neck hard enough for his folds of skin to become visible even beneath the thick, yellow fur. The bully then angles the knife; slips the blade underneath the skin... he moves it down the's plunging...

"Oh god! STOP IT!" I scream, breaking down, "PLEASE!"

He wakes... he thrashes around in terror as he cries out to me once more, "SONIC! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP ME PLEASE!" He begs...

They... the rest of the group grab his arms and legs as he flails about desperately...

He... the guy with the knife... takes the knife out from his back... cuts the throat... Tails... he gargles on his own blood... oh god... he tries to shout out... but I can't hear what he's trying to say...

The blade moves back and forth... I see stomach acid pouring from his throat...

Oh god why!

The blade slides against his spine... Tails... his arms fly up involuntary... his eyes are glazed over...

"Why... Why did you show me that?"

"This is what happened when I granted your wish for normalcy back on Mobius Sonic."
"Created another universe... every major action does, this particular event happened in that universe."
"Kinda evil, but after a while you sorta get desensitized to your likeness being violently murdered like that."
"You could call it Chaos."
"Ignore the all powerful deity in the void, he's a bit of a glamour whore."

"Tails, Miles, I don't care about the circumstances you're in, you don't swear."

"Actually Sonic, we're... pretty old."
"At this point we surpass you by several zillion cycles or so."
"Moved on to the point we have little similarities to the versions you see actually."
"You don't know us."
"I think it's time you went back."

"What, what was the point in me even coming here?"

"little entertainment."
"It's Chaos..."
"You were supposed to go somewhere else, bigguy just wanted to say hello first, I guess."
"Hello first, I guess."
"Called it."
"Shut up Tails."
"Go sit in the corner Miles."
"Away you go Sonic... prepare for Chaos."
"The chaotic kind."
"Yes, confusing we know."
"You get used to it after a half cycle or so."