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"Mai, tea!"

The 17 year old girl sighed as her boss called for his beloved drink. Walking into the small kitchen, Mai wondered whether the guy ever drank anything else. Making a mental note to ask Lin, she placed the kettle on the stove and waited. I really just wanna go home, she thought. Once it sounded she poured the hot water into a cup, and then plopped in a teabag. She also then quickly made a warm cup of coffee. She had only recently found out that Lin preferred coffee. Setting the two cups on a tray, Mai picked it up and carried it over to Lin's office. She knocked on the door before entering.

"Lin-san, coffee." She said, handing him one of the mugs.

The Chinese man gratefully accepted the drink. He had really been needing it.

"Arigato, Mai-san." He said with a small smile.

Ever since returning from England, the man had become much warmer towards her. Mai attempted to smile back at him, but failed…epically.

"Mai-san…is something wrong?" He asked curiously. "You don't seem to be yourself"

Mai just brushed him off by saying that she was tired and had a lot of homework to do. Lin realized this was a lie, and as the girl left his office, he turned back to his screen, wondering what had happened… Mai then knocked on Naru's office door, hoping he wasn't going to bitch at her. Today, was just not a good day.

"Come in." Came Naru's cool voice.

Mai entered her 18 year old boss's Naru-cave…office, and went over to his desk. She placed the cup down, then looked at him.

"Is there anything else you wanted me to do?" She asked blandly, her tone of voice surprising him.

"File these." Said Naru, pointing at a stack of paper.

Mai said nothing. She merely gathered the papers into her arms and left the room. Naru watched her go, also wondering what was wrong… Dumping the papers on her desk, Mai sat down with a long, drawn out sigh. Just a few more hours, she thought. And then, I can forget… The bell above the main door jingled as it opened. A man in his mid-thirties walked in. Mai jumped up and pulled a fake smile.

"May I help you?" She asked politely.

"Is this the Shibuya Psychic Research Center?"

"Yes it is. Do you have an appointment?"

The man nodded and Mai had him sit down, telling him that she was going to get her boss. She was a couple of feet away from Naru's door, when she realized she hadn't even asked for his name. She turned to look back at him.

"I'm sorry, may I ask for your name?"

The man smiled, and for some reason, this unsettled her a bit.

"No need to apologize. My name's Kiyoshi Hideki." He said.

"Nice to meet you Hideki-san, I'm Mai Taniyama."

And as he sat there waiting, Kiyoshi wondered why the name Taniyama sounded familiar… Mai soon returned with Naru and Lin. When everyone was seated, Naru began to speak.

"Good evening, Hideki-san…Shall we get to business?"

Mai glanced at Naru in surprise. Since when was NARU polite…? Sure, all he had said was "good evening" …but for Naru, that was actually quite kind… Maybe Kiyoshi was some big…rich guy? Kiyoshi then began speaking about what was going on in his house. Naru and Mai listened closely while Lin took notes on his laptop.

"Well, I do live alone." He said. "I'll be sitting there and I'll hear footsteps above me…doors will keep slamming shut…Sometimes, it'll take quite a bit of force to reopen them… Cold spots are everywhere… My friends have complained about getting headaches, or getting sick while at my home… My friends claim that they also always feel as if they're being watched…or that somebody's following them… And… my dogs…were all killed."

This caught Naru's attention.

"Your dogs? …What happened?"

"I'm not quite sure." Kiyoshi said in an offhand sort of voice. "I had two older dogs, male and female, and six puppies… Only one puppy survived… This puppy was outside… I was with it… No one else was in my home… I suddenly heard the dogs barking…the puppies began whining… And when I went inside… I saw them all dead… The two dogs had been stabbed and slashed with a knife of something… The five pups had all been strangled… I've been pushed down the stairs… I've found strange injuries on my body… Cuts and bruises… And, for those, I know I didn't get them from something I did… Sometimes, I find myself in a certain room without knowing how I got there…"

He said a few more things before saying that that was it. Naru sat there thinking for a moment.

"We'll need a few rooms." He said suddenly. "For our base and for the team to sleep in."

Kiyoshi nodded, saying that everything they needed could be arranged for… He soon left the office.

"Mai, call everyone up. Tell them to be here by nine in the morning." Said Naru, beginning to head back to his own office… "Tea!" He called suddenly.

Mai sighed and got to work. She couldn't help but feel that something stranger than usual was going to take place on this case… She just hoped…that she wouldn't be involved…

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