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Naru froze as Mai's words rang through his head. Had she really just said that? Had she really just asked him to- "Mai..." he hesitated a moment, putting some space between them so that he could get a look at her face, "do you realize what you're asking me to do?"

Mai shuddered once, harshly. "...Yes." She looked at him, eyes filled with tortured pain, with desire. She may have been grieving, but she knew what she was doing, what she was asking for.

And Naru continued to stare, unsure, but not unwilling. "Mai," he said finally, "I don't want to do something that you'll regret later."

"I won't regret it," replied the girl quickly.

Still, Naru hesitated. "Mai..."

"Please, Naru."

Naru's eyes fell shut. He wanted this, gods he wanted her. But this...it wasn't right, was it? Wouldn't it be taking advantage of her? She couldn't possibly be thinking straight right now. Not after what had just happened. But the traitorous part of his mind began to betray him. After all, she was the one asking for this, for him.

Those eyes remained closed when Naru began to feel Mai's hands on his chest. They were trembling. Despite this however, she began to unbutton his shirt. Once each button had been slowly undone, she pulled the shirt off, her small hands coming to his bare chest immediately.

Naru was quickly forced to bite back a groan. Mai's trembling, inexperienced hands slowly mapped across his chest, feeling out every little detail, such as the scar below his left nipple that he'd gotten while playing with Gene when they had been ten. Mai traced the scar lightly, gently, and then those fingers traveled up, pausing at his hardened nipples. She rolled them with her thumbs and Naru knew she had moved even closer to him now.

The young man was aware that she was trying to coax him into acting. But he didn't. He couldn't. Not now, not in her current condition. Yet when Mai's soft lips descended upon his flesh, he groaned. He had been craving this for so long, craving her for so long. He wasn't going to be able to hold out for much longer, that he knew.

Mai's lips and tongue traveled across Naru's chest, while her fingers slowly quested lower. When they reached the waistband of his pants, they paused for a moment, before going over and continuing. Though the fabric was clearly in the way, it didn't stop her, and neither did he.

But when Mai's questing fingers traced over the growing bulge in his pants, Naru suddenly felt his control snap. He couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed her wrists, stopping her, and when she looked at him, surprised and confused, he kissed her, hard.

Mai immediately responded to the kiss and when Naru released her wrists, wrapped her arms around him. He did the same a moment later and pulled her flush against him, deepening the kiss, relishing her taste while he swallowed her soft moans and their tongues battled and danced together.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew, even now, that this was wrong. As much as he wanted her, as much as she clearly wanted him, he knew he should wait for her grief to pass. He knew. But he didn't.

Slightly annoyed at himself, he tugged Mai's shirt and when she understood, helped her pull it off. He struggled not to fumble with the clasp at her back, but got it undone after a second and yanked this garment off as well, leaving Mai naked from the waist up, just like him.

Mai flushed, but didn't stop him when he moved to touch, cupping both of those lovely mounds. He teased her in the same manner in which she had just been teasing him, and was pleased when she arched into his touch, clearly wanting more. He shifted them around so that she was on her back in the bed, and he moved to straddle her hips, never relinquishing his hold on her.

Dipping low, Naru took one of those little buds into his mouth, sucking lightly, rolling it with his tongue, nipping at it with his teeth. Mai moaned softly, her fingers tangling in her boss' hair as she silently begged for more. It seemed that he had heard her plea.

Finished with one breast, Naru moved his attention to the other, as one of his hands began to snake downward. He reached the waistband of Mai's skirt, and paused, hesitating once more.

"It's alright," said Mai softly from beneath him. "Don't stop, Naru."

Mere seconds later Mai was completely bare under him. She was blushing again, but didn't say anything, unsure of what to do at the moment. So she kept her brown eyes on Naru's face. He just stared at her for a moment, and her blush deepened under his silent scrutiny.

Embarrassed because Naru wasn't saying anything, Mai closed her eyes. There was a rustling of fabric and, curious, she opened her eyes again. Mai quickly felt as if her face was on fire. Naru had taken off the remainder of his own clothing, and was as naked as she was.

"Mai..." Though it was just the girl's name, Naru was aware that he had silently posed a question as well.

Hearing the question in her name, Mai smiled gently, glad that he was at least making sure, even though she knew she wasn't about to stop him. "I haven't changed my mind, Naru," she replied in a soft tone. "I want you. Only you."

Naru simply kissed her again as he slowly shifted her legs apart, needing better access. They both knew she was more than ready though. He saw the pain on her face when he sheathed himself within her tight heat, though it killed him to see it, and he waited for her encouraging nod before he continued to move, unwilling to hurt her further.

Mai's eyes fell shut on their own accord as she pulled Naru close to her, nails digging into his back while she tried to control her moans, not wanting anyone to hear. She knew that even though she'd practically forced Naru into doing this, he was still holding himself back for her sake. She loved him for that. For his tender concern. Even though he didn't always show it.

Mai felt as if her blood had been replaced with champagne, bubbles flowing through her, making her feel all light and tingly. Those bubbles traveled from her head to her toes, filling her with so much pleasure that she could barely breathe.

"Naru! Naru! Naru!" She chanted him name as she reached her peak, unable to get anything other than his name out. Her toes curled and when Naru released a hiss of pain, she knew that she had broken the skin of his back with her nails. Yet she couldn't care less. Not when Naru was still moving inside her, his pace quickly losing its steady rhythm. She knew he was close.

Naru pulled Mai unto another heated kiss and moments later, his body went ridged as his climax tore through him. He gasped out the girl's name and then collapsed on top of her, completely spent. Gathering his energy, he rolled off her and gathered her close, unwilling to let her go.

As they both began to doze off, Naru heard Mai's quiet, "Thank you, Naru. I love you." But before he could even think to respond, the girl was fast asleep, cuddling close to him.

Naru smiled slightly and gently pushed Mai's hair out of her eyes. His lips brushed over hers softly before he allowed sleep to claim him as well, hoping that, case or not, Mai didn't dream. She needed a break, and he was glad that he could give it to her...

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