He isn't real, right? He was just a rumor. Lyra heard about him throughout her journey in Kanto. Hushed whispers from those kids in Viridian – they talked about a phantom trainer. The greatest trainer that ever lived; he stood on the top of the world. Unbeatable, intangible… inhuman. Lyra didn't believe one word of it. There was no way someone liked that existed. If he were the best, wouldn't he be publically known? So far, she gathered that no one has even seen his face.

The longing face Green had when he presented her the badge irked her though. "Maybe someone will finally bring him down," he muttered. She didn't understand… was he talking about the phantom trainer? Did the gym leader actually know him personally? Lyra didn't pry. Green looked somewhat hurt. She didn't want to reopen old wounds. Green's reaction is what finally sparked her interest. On a crazy whim, she climbed Mount Silver.


Lyra was surprised. She didn't expect anyone to be there at all. But there he was, standing tall, as pale as the snow that surrounded him. Is he the phantom? Is he real? Was Lyra just hallucinating? She couldn't think straight with her blood pumping rapidly. The figure stayed silent as he reached for a pokeball. Swallowing her fear, her hands hesitantly inched closer to her belt, and released Meganium.