I awoke to the morning sun streaming through the gap in the dark grimy curtains of our

latest motel room.

My eyes were drawn quickly to my brother in the neighbouring bed, the one further from the

door. This time it was my turn to sleep in the red-alert bed as I'd had enough of

my brother's continual "protect Sammy" mode.

It was my pleasure and duty to protect him too.

Dean was turned towards me, I could see his face shimmering like burnt gold where it was

caressed by the sun's rays; his body relaxed in sleep.

I smiled.



Dean was many things to many people, to monsters he was a savage killer, to other

hunters a man better left alone and whose little brother you didn't dare touch,

to women a devilishly handsome sex-magnet, to Bobby a favourite quasi-son,

to Lisa and Ben an almost husband and father, and to a casual watcher a poorly dressed

young man with a movie star's chiselled face.

Many things to many people, but to me he was just Dean.



I don't even have words to describe him other than to say that he is my whole world,

the other half of my soul, my big brother, and nothing any of the freaks out there try to

do can ever change that.

He is MY brother and mine only, so whether it be Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, past, present,

future or alternate universes, his soul and mine will always reach out, searching for

it's gleaming counter-part to complete it.



In the past I hadn't understood.

I was a restless, unquiet, moody rebellious teen.

Thinking back, I'm sure that the Demon blood coursing through my veins kept me constantly

on edge and cranky during those years, probably preparing to sock me with my "wonderful"


Dean was always there for me though. He has been my mother, father, brother and protector

for ever.

There has not been a time in my life that Dean did not exist. He was the sun to my moon.

I revolved around him and he enveloped me with his warm and life-giving rays.



We have both been through so much and appraised things that only a few

select humans are aware of.

We have suffered inconceivable tortures and received zero rewards, only more misery;

but, you know, I would go through it all again because whatever fate throws at us I will

have Dean at my side, protecting my back for eternity.

I, Sam Winchester am the only being ever born to enjoy that unique priviledge and I feel

my heart swelling with love, devotion and thanks for the gift of my brother.



" Sammy? Anything wrong?

" No, Dean, go back to sleep. I was just going out to get breakfast."

I swiped a hand over my face where unbidden tears had fallen.

"What's with the waterworks, Princess? You okay?

Dean was already wide awake and in mother-hen mode.

Our eyes met and I saw reflected in them all the feelings I had for him; the love that

we bore each other and the eternal bond of brotherhood that bound us as surely as

any chains, chains that nothing could sever, and I knew that we were blessed, blessed

to have each other, blessed to be Sam and Dean.