A/N: This is first (although written second) in The Family Sigma series and is basically an extremely AU rewrite of The Doctor's Daughter to include Rose, Michael and Jenny. For those of you who haven't read my The Family Sigma story I suggest you check out the character descriptions found on my profile. This story is set in series 2; Rose is a Time Lady due to the Bad Wolf and the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Rose clung to the TARDIS console as they were flung violently through the vortex. The Doctor was desperately trying to regain control of the ship, but his attempts were fruitless. The jar containing the Doctor's hand that had been cut off was bubbling enthusiastically beside the console.

"What the hell's it doing?" Rose demanded her husband, clinging on for dear life. Despite being a Time Lady, Rose still half expected that she'd be killed before the TARDIS landed.

"Controls aren't working." The Doctor shouted back to his wife.

Just then, the pair of them were flung to the floor and the Doctor saw his hand in the jar bubbling away excitedly.

"I don't know where we're going, but my old hand's very excited!" the Doctor exclaimed.

"Can you just concentrate on trying to regain control of the TARDIS, Theta?" Rose snapped, rubbing the back of her head.

The Doctor smiled at Rose sheepishly. Just then, a shower of sparks flew from the console and the TARDIS came to a shuddering halt. The Doctor grabbed his coat and left the TARDIS, Rose following behind cautiously. They appeared to be underground in a tunnel of sorts.

"Why would the TARDIS bring us here?" the Doctor muttered under his breath, more to himself than to Rose.

Just then, Rose heard a loud sound behind them. Immediately, she stepped closer to her husband. Within a minute, an army of soldiers had run into the section of the tunnel and pointed their guns at them. Startled, both the Doctor and Rose raised their arms in the air in an attempt to show they were unarmed.

"Don't move! Stay where you are. Drop your weapons." A young soldier shouted, his gun never wavering.

"We're not armed!" the Doctor protested "Look, no weapons. We're safe."

"Look at their hands. They're clean." Another soldier said, seeming shocked.

"Alright," the first soldier replied angrily "process them. And hurry up."

Before Rose or the Doctor could protest, they were dragged off towards two strange metal machines. Their arms were forced into the machines, which automatically clamped around them.

"Oi, what's wrong with clean hands?" Rose protested.

"Something tells me this isn't gonna check my blood pressure." The Doctor complained, before crying out.

Rose was about to speak too, but instead, she cried out in pain as the machines began working. She managed to glance across at her husband and saw that his machine was making the same noise as hers, his teeth gritted in pain.

"What's it doing?" Rose demanded.

"Everyone gets processed." The first soldier replied cryptically.

"It's taking a tissue sample." the Doctor explained, crying out with pain again "And extrapolated it! Some kind of accelerator?" The last was to himself.

Suddenly, the machines released their grip on the Doctor and Rose's arms and the Doctor pulled his arm out, catching Rose as she staggered backwards away from the machine. Carefully, the Doctor took Rose's right hand in his hand and examined the wound that the machine had caused, comparing it with his own wound. It was in the shape of a Y and look like a graze or burn.

"What the-" the Doctor began, frowning.

Bu they were interrupted as another machine fired up, a machine that looked slightly like a lift. The doors slowly opened, smoke billowing out as two figures stepped out. A boy and a girl.

"Arm yourselves." The first soldier shouted, throwing the newcomers a gun each.

Catching the guns, the boy and girl- who looked to be around 16 or 17 years old- gripped them securely before staring straight at the Doctor and Rose.

"Where did they come from?" Rose whispered to her husband, shocked and worried at how the two teenagers looked disturbingly familiar.

"From us." The Doctor replied, as shocked as his wife.

"From us? How? Who are they?" Rose asked, confused.

"That's our son and daughter." The Doctor whispered.

"Hello Mum, hello Dad." They announced in perfect unison.


The two teenagers headed over to the other soldiers, unaware that their 'parents' were keeping their distance.

"You primed to take orders, ready to fight?" the first soldier asked.

"Instant mental download of all strategic and military protocols, sir." The boy answered quickly.

"Generation 5000 soldiers primed and in peak physical health." His sister added "Oh, we're ready."

"So, how are they our kids?" Rose asked her husband, still unsure, although she couldn't deny how much these two kids looked like them.

"Progenation. Reproduction from the DNA samples of a bonded pair. The two DNA samples are then merged and that is split in two. You take a sample of diploid cells, split them into haploids, then recombine them in a different arrangement, and grow. Very quickly, apparently." The Doctor explained in a hushed voice.

"Something's coming." The girl- their daughter- shouted.

Sure enough, Rose and the Doctor turned to see another group of soldiers approaching, although they appeared to be half fish half man.

"It's the Hath!" the first soldier shouted.

The human soldiers opened fire on the Hath, although Rose was pleased to see that her 'children' were unsure whether or not to fire.

"Get down!" the girl shouted to the Doctor and Rose.

"We have to blow the tunnel. Get the detonator!" the first soldier shouted.

"I'm not detonating anything!" the Doctor shouted back.

Just then, the Hath swarmed around the TARDIS, managing to somehow lift it.

"No, no, no!" the Doctor shouted, seeing the Hath at the TARDIS.

"Blow that thing, blow the thing!" the first soldier shouted.

The Doctor whipped back round to see his 'daughter' holding the detonator.

"No, don't!" he shouted, running towards her.

However, the girl had already thumped the button, so the Doctor grabbed Rose, pulling her down to the ground with him. The tunnel explodes, sending debris flying through the tunnel, sealing them off from the TARDIS.

"You've sealed off the tunnel! Why did you do that?" the Doctor shouted at the- his- girl.

"They were trying to kill us!" she protested, looking to Rose and her brother for help.

"But they've got my TARDIS, we have no way out of here!" the Doctor retorted.

"Collateral damage. At least you've got Mum. He lost both his men." The girl replied, nodding towards the soldier on her last line.

"I'd say you came out ahead." Her brother added.

"The TARDIS is not collateral damage! Have you got that?" Rose told the girl angrily. She may be her daughter, but she had no right to speak about the TARDIS like that. Nonetheless, Rose did feel slightly guilty as the girl stepped back a bit, shocked and upset at the outburst.

"Rose, calm down, we'll get her back." The Doctor assured his wife, pulling her into a hug.

"You're going nowhere." The soldier told him coolly "You don't make sense, you two. No guns, no marks, no fight in you... I'm taking you to General Cobb. Now, move!"


They were walking along the corridor, the soldier- Cline- leading the way, followed by the boy and Rose, the Doctor, and finally the girl.

"I'm Rose, what's your name?" Rose asked the boy, attempting conversation.

"Don't know, it's not been assigned." The boy replied.

"Well, if you don't know that, what do you know?" Rose asked, confused.

"How to fight." The girl replied, wandering over to stand on the other side of Rose.

"Nothing else?" Rose asked, shocked.

"The machine must embed military history and tactics but no name. They're generated anomalies." The Doctor replied from behind them, his tone neutral.

Rose frowned at the girl.

"Generated anomaly. Jenny-rated. Well, how about that? Jenny!" Rose told her daughter.

Jenny's face brightened up at that.

"Jenny. Yeah, I like that, Jenny!" Jenny replied, grinning.

No one noticed the Doctor close his eyes at that; no denying Rose was Jenny's mother- Jenny had her smile.

"What do you think, Dad?" Rose asked, glancing over her shoulder at her husband.

"Good as anything, I suppose." The Doctor replied. But his resolve was crumbling. He couldn't pretend for much longer; they were both Time Lords- he could feel them in his mind, so tiny and vulnerable, just beginning to reach out into this new world.

"Not what you call a natural parent, are you?" Rose asked him, agitated.

"Rose, they stole a DNA sample at gunpoint. That's not what I call natural parentage." The Doctor replied.

Ignoring him, Rose turned to her son.

"So, I guess we gotta figure out a name for you." Rose told him.

He broke into a wide grin, an exact replica of his father's.

"I...I always liked the name Michael. Had wanted a kid called that since I was little; I've always loved that name." Rose told him. She glanced over her shoulder at her husband again to seek his approval.

"If that's what you wanna call him, Rose, I'm not stopping you. It's a good, strong name." The Doctor replied levelly.

"Yeah, I think Michael suits you!" Jenny told her brother.

"Well, there we go, Michael and Jenny Sigma!" Rose announced, grinning.

"No," the Doctor butted in "Michael Theta and Jenny Rose Sigma."

And with that, the Doctor nudged his way in between Jenny and Rose and slipped an arm around them.


The Doctor, Rose, Jenny and Michael had been introduced to General Cobb, an old man who seemed to be in charge, or at least highly ranked. Upon seeing Michael and Jenny, Cobb had greeted them enthusiastically.

"We need more like you if ever we're to find the Source." Cobb told them.

"Ooh, the Source, what's that then, what's a Source. I like a Source, what is it?" the Doctor asked.

"The Breath of Life." Cobb replied cryptically.

"And that would be...?" Rose prompted.

"In the beginning the great one breathed life into the universe. And then she looked at what she'd done and she sighed." Cline recited.

"She?" Jenny asked "I like that!"

"Right, so it's a creation myth." The Doctor stated.

"It's no myth." Cobb protested "It's real. That sigh. From the beginning of time it was caught and kept as the Source. It was lost when the war started. But it's here, somewhere. Whoever holds the Source controls the destiny of the planet."


The Doctor had made the mistake to sonic the holographic map Cobb had shown them and now they were preparing for war.

"Tell them to prepare to move out. We'll progenate new soldiers on the morning shift, and then we march. Once we reach the Temple, peace will be restored at long last." Cobb announced to Cline.

"Um, call me old-fashioned, but if you really wanted peace couldn't you just stop the fighting?" Rose asked, confused.

"Only when we have the Source. It'll give us the power to erase every stinking Hath from the face of this planet!" Cobb replied fiercely.

"Hang on, hang on, a second ago it was peace in our time, now you're talking about genocide?" the Doctor snapped.

"For us, that means the same thing." Cobb answered levelly.

"Then you need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up 'genocide'. You'll see a little picture of me there and the caption will read 'Over my dead body'!" The Doctor retorted.

"And you're the one who showed us the path to victory. But you can consider the irony from your prison cell. Cline, at arms!" Cobb bellowed.

Cline had his gun trained on the Doctor and Rose.

"Oi, oi, oi! All right, cool the beans, Rambo!" the Doctor told him. He noticed Rose's withering look. "What? I thought Rambo was good? No? Ok."

"Take them, I won't have them spreading treason. And if you try anything, Doctor, I'll see that your woman dies first." Cobb told him harshly.

"Now, that is uncalled for!" the Doctor protested.

"Come on," Cline interjected, gesturing with his gun "this way."

"I'm going to stop you, Cobb, you need to know that!" the Doctor shouted over his shoulder as he was marched down the corridor with his family.

"I have an army and the breath of god on my side, Doctor, what'll you have?" Cobb sneered.

"This." The Doctor replied calmly, pointing at his head.

"Lock them up. Guard them." Cobb told Cline, causing him to halt.

"What about the new soldiers?" Cline asked, confused.

"Can't trust them, they're from Pacifist stock. Take them all!" Cobb ordered.


"More numbers. They've gotta mean something." Michael muttered as they entered their cell.

Rose frowned at her son, wondering what he was considering.

"Makes as much sense as that breath of life story." The Doctor muttered bitterly.

"You mean it's not true?" Jenny asked, confused.

"No, it's a myth, right, Theta?" Rose asked her husband.

"Yes, but there could still be something real in that temple, something that's become a myth. A piece of technology, a weapon." The Doctor explained to his family.

"So the Source could be a weapon and we've just given directions to Captain Nutjob?" Jenny asked, bemused.

"Oh yes!" the Doctor replied.

"Not good, is it?" Michael replied mildly.

"That's why we have to get out of here and stop Cobb from slaughtering the Hath." The Doctor murmured.

Just then, Rose saw Jenny stagger slightly, one hand pressed to her chest. Rushing to her side, Rose lowered her daughter onto the bench in the cell. Instantly, the Doctor was kneeling in front of her.

"What's the matter?" the Doctor asked, concerned.

"I have two hearts..." Jenny whispered.

"Ah, yeah, we quite possibly should have explained that to you." Rose murmured.

"You mean I have two hearts too?" Michael asked, sitting beside his sister.

"Yeah, you see, I'm a Time Lord, and your mother here is a Time Lady, although she used to be human. It stands to reason that you would have two hearts as well." The Doctor explained.


Roughly half hour later, the Sigmas heard cheering and chanting as soldiers hurried past their cell. The war had started.

"They're getting ready to move out." The Doctor noted "We have to get past that guard."

"I can deal with him." Jenny announced confidently.

"No, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere near him!" Rose protested.

"What?" Jenny protested.

"Rose, Jenny's right. This could be our only chance." The Doctor told his wife gently.

Jenny grinned.


"Hey," Jenny said, face pressed against the bars of the cell as she spoke to Cline, who was guarding them.

"I'm not supposed to talk to you. I'm on duty." Cline replied, trying to resist the urge to turn round and face Jenny.

"I know. Guarding me." Jenny announced, beginning to flirt "So does that mean I'm dangerous? Or that I need protecting?"

"Protecting from what?" Cline asked, bemused.

"Oh, I don't know. Men like you?" Jenny asked, grinning.

Hiding just along from Jenny against the wall so they couldn't be seen, Rose and the Doctor exchanged glances.

"Oh god, she's just like you! She's gonna be picking up pretty boys!" the Doctor moaned.

Rose was about to reply when she saw her husband's eyes grow wide and she whipped her head round to see Jenny thoroughly snogging Cline. Only Michael noticed his sister's hand reach for Cline's gun. As soon as his gun was in her hand, she pressed it against his stomach.

"Keep quiet and open the door." Jenny hissed.

"I'd like to see you try that!" Rose whispered to her husband.

The Doctor rolled his eyes.