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"So, Mickey, did Rose explain about Jen and Mikey?" the Doctor asked, watching as aforementioned kids hurried off to their bedroom to see what the Doctor had packed in the rucksack for them.

Mickey nodded.

"Sorry about earlier." Mickey mumbled, embarrassed.

"No worries. You don't mind the kids calling you Uncle Mickey, right?" the Doctor replied.

Mickey shook his head, grinning.

"Nah, I'd be honoured, Boss. The pair of them are so much like you two." Mickey answered.

The Doctor and Rose simply grinned at each other.


"How did you and Mum meet?" Jenny asked, watching as the Doctor made tea in Jackie's tiny kitchen.

Mickey had left about half an hour ago, heading to work while Jackie had taken Rose shopping. The Doctor glanced over his shoulder at his daughter, smiling softly at the memories.

"Now, that's a story and a half!" the Doctor mused.

He headed back into the sitting room with three mugs of tea. He handed Michael and Jenny their tea and dropped into the armchair as the two children seated themselves on the sofa.

"Now, it was 2005 and I was tracking down this alien creature called the Nestene Consciousness. The Nestene wanted to take control of the Earth, using plastic. I'd fought it before on Earth, so I knew what to do; I just had to find it first. Anyway, I picked up the signal, and it was coming from this department store," the Doctor began.

At Jenny and Michael's confused expressions, the Doctor realised he'd have to explain what a department store was.

"It's a big shop that sells lots of things. Like a little shop, only bigger. I like little shops..." The Doctor trailed off, in thought, only to be brought back to the present by Michael coughing purposefully and raising his eyebrow at his Dad.

"Right, yes, anyway," the Doctor hurried to continue "I had devised a bomb that would explode the building, leaving no traces of the Nestene at all- that was, if there were any traces of Nestene to begin with- and I got into the basement quite easy, was about to set the bomb off when I heard someone shout out."

"Mum?" Jenny asked, her eyes wide.

The Doctor nodded. "Yep," he replied, popping the 'p' "jeopardy friendly, your mother. Apparently, she had been sent down to go see this Wilson guy, but the Autons- they were being controlled by the Nestene- had most likely already killed him. So, I grabbed your Mum's hand and told her to run."

"What happened then?" Michael asked, sipping his tea.

"We-ell," the Doctor replied, dragging the word out before taking a swig of tea "I got your Mum out the building, sent her on the way and activated the bomb."

The twins looked sceptical.

"That's it?" Jenny asked incredulously, frowning.

"Well, the next day, I was tracking a trace of Nestene, trying to find out where it was hiding. I ended up here, peering through your Gran's cat flap, and before I could get away, your Mum had dragged me in the flat," the Doctor continued, smirking at the memory. "You see, the previous day when I'd saved your Mum, I'd pulled an arm off one of the dummies, and your Mother had brought it back here with her, and that's what was giving off the trace. Of course, it then attacked us, and after I stopped it, your Mum followed me, demanding to know who I was and what was happening."

"And what did you tell her?" Jenny asked eagerly, her brother nodding furiously.

"I told her to go home." The Doctor replied, taking a sip of tea.

He stifled a laugh as the twins' faces fell.

"What?" Michael asked, confused.

"I sent her home," the Doctor repeated.

"But..." Jenny stuttered, extremely confused now.

"Anyway," the Doctor continued, causing both children to look up sharply "later that night, I tracked a signal to a restaurant and, lo and behold, there was your Mother and your Uncle Mickey. Your Uncle Mickey had somehow succeeded in getting himself cloned by the Nestene, and the Auton version of him was on a date with your Mum. Yet again, there was a lot of running, but this time I managed to get a fix on the Nestene's hideout. After a bit of an argument, a frantic dash to the London Eye, some rather bad bargaining with the Nestene, and your Mother saving me with a frankly surprising show of gymnastics, I returned her and your Uncle Mickey home."

"But Mum did start travelling with you, right?" Michael asked.

"Well, I did have to ask twice," the Doctor admitted, scratching the back of his neck.


Just over ten minutes later, the front door opened, and Jackie and Rose struggled in with the week's food shopping.

"You three been alright?" Rose asked as she headed through to the kitchen with Jackie.

The Doctor, Michael and Jenny all nodded. Rose dumped the shopping bags on the counter and headed back to the sitting room, sliding onto the Doctor's lap while Jackie packed the shopping away.

"What've you been up to then?" she asked the twins.

"Dad was telling us how you met," Michael explained.

"He has, eh?" Rose asked, raising her eyebrows at her husband.

"Yeah, but he didn't explain it well. According to Dad, it took him two attempts to get you travelling with him, but he won't tell us what made you change your mind," Jenny grumbled, folding her arms and slumping down on the sofa.
"Hey!" the Doctor protested "I hadn't finished!"

"Huh?" the twins chorused, sitting up straight again.

Rose chuckled.

"So anyway," the Doctor continued "I returned about thirty seconds after I left and said "Did I mention it travels in time?""

"And?" Michael prompted eagerly, both he and Jenny leaning forward in their seats.

"Well, I'm sitting here with him, aren't I?" Rose pointed out, chuckling.

The twins grinned.

"So, was it just a coincidence that you kept meeting Mum, Dad?" Jenny asked, frowning slightly again.

"Oh, yeah," Rose agreed, answering for her husband as she grinned at him "he kept trying to get rid of me, but I kept showing up again like a bad penny!"

"We've been through this," the Doctor announced mock-sternly at his wife, "you're not a bad penny, you're my Fortuna!"

Then, as the Doctor ducked his head down slightly to kiss Rose, the twins pulled disgusted faces.

"Yeah, we're just gonna..." Michael murmured, before he and Jenny darted from the room and down the corridor to their bedroom.

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