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Let the story begin….

1 Indigo Eyes by Zackire

Chapter 1: The cat

Swiveling the red wine in his glass, he slowly brought it to his lips. Sipping it slowly, he closed his eyes as he savored the taste. Swirling the red liquid with his tongue, he then swallowed it.

A contented sigh escaped his lips as the liquid warmed him. Leaning across, he placed the fragile glass on the counter and once again relaxed his aching muscles on the comforting armchair.

"Peace at last," he muttered contentedly as he massaged his throbbing temples.

A scowl marred his chiseled face at the sound of a knock on the door. "What is it?"

A midnight haired young man in his early twenties entered the simple but large furnished bedroom.

"Good evening, my brother," the young man bowed.

"What is it now?" the man with silvery silken hair asked.

A soft smile tugged at the young man's lips. "I just wanted to know how you are faring, brother."

"Life can't get any worse," his elder brother snorted.

The midnight haired man sauntered towards the other chair beside the scowling brother of his. "That bad huh?" he laughed softly.

"You think I'm jesting, Sapphire?" the scowl on the elder brother's face deepen as he heard his dear brother laugh.

Sapphire raised an eyebrow and teased, "I thought it was your dream to be the ruler of Dark Moon and White Moon."

"Perhaps I should let you take over for a while. Mayhap is can teach you a thing or two about ruling two worlds," the elder brother smiled mischievously.

Sapphire looked incredulous. "Pray tell me that you are jesting, Diamond."

Diamond shook his head slightly and looked at his younger brother. The mischievous glint was evident in he indigo eyes. "I am serious about it, Sapphire. In the meantime I could get a vacation and see what's life like in the other world and dimension."

Sapphire could only gaped. What? My brother whose dream is to be a ruler is now giving him a temporary ruling in his government.

"But I don't know how your admin works. Don't get me wrong, brother. I have done my work as your subject in your government but this is all too new for me," he burst out.

"Well it's about time that you learn. By the by, you will have to take over my place if anything bad happens to me. Anyway you have the sailor scouts ad the rest of our family to help you," Diamond spoke casually.

The platinum ring with the symbol of an upside down black crescent moon, similar to the insignia on his forehead and the rest of the Dark Moon royal family, glinted on his finger. Slipping off the ring, he casually throws it that symbolizes the authority to the two kingdoms, to Sapphire.

Sapphire caught it easily and looked questioningly at his brother.

"Take it. Anyone question you of your authority, just show them the ring. You can go now. I need time to plan for my vacation." Diamond stood up and strode to his bed.

Sapphire too stood up but turned to leave. Just as he stepped out of the chamber, his brother's warning stopped him.

"Remember. Ruling means your people's need comes first then your country and lastly yours. Don't fail me, Sapphire."

"No I won't fail you, Diamond," an appreciative smile formed at the younger brother's lips.

All of the Dark Moon royal family and sailor scouts were present at the throne room. Sapphire had planned to see their king off to his vacation for only immediate family members and friends.

Sniffles were heard from the women of the family as they watched their beloved cousin standing on the dais looking dark and dangerous.

Thanks to the clothes that Sapphire had provided for him, which is a pair of black leather breeches, a matching shirt and a pair of leather boots, any trace of him being royalty was concealed.

"I'm going to miss you, brother," Sapphire exclaimed as he hugged his brother.

"Remember what I had said, little one," Diamond smiled.

Walking towards his sobbing cousin, he tenderly knuckled away her tears. "No more tears, Emerald. I'm going for a holiday, not my death sentence. Don't worry, I'll try to be back to witness your marriage with Sapphire."

The green haired beauty sobbed uncontrollably as she embraced her future brother in law. "Take care," she whispered.

A sandy blond man stepped forward and glared daggers at the ruler of Dark Moon and White Moon. Diamond faced him and raised an eyebrow as he tries to suppress the mirth that threatened to bubble out.

"I give you a fair warning, not as your subject but as your good friend. You better get your ass here safe and sound. If I were to find you racing or in a brawl without me, I will go to wherever you are at that moment and blow you off from the universe," the sandy blond haired man warned.

A rich hearty voice bounced off the marble walls as Diamond laughs. "Don't worry, my dear friend. I will try not to do all that. Anyway you better keep an eye on Michiru before a handsome lad sweeps her off her feet," Diamond embraced his best friend as he winked at the blushing sea green haired beauty.

Taking a last glance at his family and loyal friends, he raised his palm and a silver ball of light hovered above his palm. As sudden as the ball of light appeared, the insignia on his forehead pulsed with life and a swirling portal opened.

Casting a last smile to his family and friends, he stepped into the portal.

A soft smile played at the dark green haired sailor scout.

"Why are you smiling, Setsuna?" a blond haired sailor scout, with a red ribbon, asked.

Without moving her eyes from where her king once stood, Sailor Pluto answered, "Oh nothing. A new story is just about to begin."

The goddess of love frowned. What does that suppose to mean?

Birds chirped heartily. The clear blue sky pushed all traces of a rainy day away. Suddenly a thunder cracked and a large white swirling hole appeared. A feline animal of pure white fur appeared from the hole and landed gracefully to the ground. Just as sudden as it came, the swirling hole disappeared.

If one were to look at the cat from afar, they would have guessed it as an ordinary cat. But if one were to scrutinize carefully, on the forehead of the white cat etched an upside down black crescent.

Purring, the cat began its journey in the new world.

A sigh of relief escaped the luscious crimson lips. A young lady in her early twenties walked gracefully around the garden of flowers. Turning to her left, she stopped at the empty bench that had been shadowed by bushes of lavenders.

Sitting on the bench, dainty fingers began massaging her aching temples.

Aunt Agatha and her bubbly friends could really give a headache. It's not that she didn't like them. It's just that sometimes they get too carried away by their chatters and laughter that it could even cause a priest to grind his teeth.

Notching her head backwards, she let herself being bathe in the moonlight. "Ahh… peace at last."

As soon the words left her mouth, the hairs on her neck began to prick. Someone is watching her. Trying not to panic, Serena whipped around to meet the rude intruder.

A pair of indigo eyes trained intently on her. A soft mellowing purr greeted her.

Serena smiled in relief. It's only a cat.

Moving off from her seat, she walked to the curious cat. On haunches, the blond beauty reached out and scratched behind his left ear.

The feline purred. As if to approve of her actions, he wedged his head against her hand to coax her into more petting. Serena didn't even realize she was doing his bidding as she continued to stroke his exquisitely soft fur.

"You gave me quite a scare just now, little one," she smiled.

Somehow Serena had an impression of the cat smiling mischievously. Cats don't smile. Shaking her head, she pushed the weird notion away.

"Are you lost?… Oh I know! You must be hungry from all the adventures that you had been." As if understanding what she had said, the cat meowed loudly.

Straightening herself, she laughed. "Well then, follow me and I shall fill your fat belly."

Serena looked clearly surprised as the cat crunched up the last morsel of meat. She hadn't thought that a cat could eat that much.

"You must have been through quite an adventure to be eating that much," Serena teased as she placed the bowl of milk beside the platter that the cat had been eating on.

The cat's eyes seemed to glint at her comment.

Serena thought of how adorable the puss looked as he lapped up the last drop of milk. She had always loved cats. Not only are they cute animals, they are very adventurous creatures and have a mind of their own.

A gasp escaped her lips when she noticed a weird mark on the cat's forehead. Reaching out, she gently stroked the black upside down crescent shaped mark. She had never seen such cats before. Perhaps it's a new breed.

The cat seemed to be in ecstasy as the innocent beauty before him gently stroked its forehead. Closing its eyes, it meowed loudly.

"You are one unique cat," she whispered.

A frown marred her lovely features as she thought about her dear aunt. Aunt Agatha would certainly disagree about her keeping a pet and especially a cat as big as this. But this cat is too adorable and it tugged her heart thinking of leaving it out in the cold. Well she could always disobey her and endure a week of ear bashing.

A mischievous smile etched her face as she made her mind up. Standing up, she gestured the animal to follow her. "Come on puss, you can sleep with me from now."

Lucky for Serena, her back was to at. If not, she would have noticed the gleam in the cat's eyes.

Pulling the bristles through the tangled mass in slow, meandering strokes, she closed her eyes to the claming feel of the gentle tugging. Placing down the silver handled brush, she turned around.

The cat swished its tail back and forth. The indigo eyes stared back at her. Mistaking the action of the cat being worried about what is going to come tomorrow, she smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, kit. I'll try to think of something to tell Aunt Agatha that you are mine."

"Right now, I better think of a name to call you," she continued. A yawn escaped her.

"Perhaps tomorrow," she smiled sheepishly as she walked towards her huge poster bed.

After sometime fussing over the covers, she turned to the lamp beside but stopped when the mattress dipped. A nose, whiskers and a pair of adorable indigo eyes peeked from under the covers.

"Oh you want to sleep with me. I don't mind especially in this cold night."

Snuffling the lamp, she burrowed her face in the velvety fur.

Like silent lightning, a glow shimmered about the bed and was quickly gone.

Leaning on his side, the naked man on the bed let his gaze slide to the silvery blond beauty that is sleeping soundly next to him.

If Serena had been awake and looking into the mirror that is facing her, she would have noticed the seductively beautiful man that would take her breath away. He had an upside down black crescent moon on his forehead.

Pensively, the man watched her as she slept.

Her skin, he noted, was creamy white and soft. Running his finger on her arm, he noted that her skin is as smooth as silk. Inexplicably, he suddenly ached to sample the supple smoothness with his lips and tongue. Thinking he would do just that, he leaned down.

A strand of her hair brushed against his arm.

Rubbing the strand between his fingers, he began speculating it as if it's a new specimen. The texture was magnificently smooth even better than silk itself. The gold color of the strand seems to turn silver under the moonlight.

"Interesting…" he mused to himself. Once again he averted his gaze to her serene face.

A smile tugged at the contours of his chiseled lips as the fascinating creature beside him snuggled closer to his naked form. If she only knew what she is snuggling against.

So the fascinating creature is called Serena. He was walking, well prowling is a better word, around her room when a shrill voice rang just outside the door. With a surprised look, Serena literally caught and stuffed him under the bed. It was then he heard a female voice addressing her as Serena.

Reaching out, he ran a finger over her tempting parted lips.

He usually is not the trusting type. But somehow at the garden, the innocent and trusting look that was radiated from her eyes made him feel otherwise.

It is barely a day since he had been with her and he already knew her nature. From the way she brought him and fed him without a second thought, he could tell that she is the loving, caring and sensitive type.

He nearly laughed out loud when he saw the mischievous glint in her eyes when she told him she'll think of something to handle her aunt. So the creature has guts and courage. Thanks the moon that he didn't. The last thing he need is someone accusing him as a witch's cat.

Brushing his lips against her parted lips, he breathed, "Diamond. My name is Diamond."

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