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...Kaito mentally groaned yet a smile was still on his lips as his 'fan-club', yes you read right, surrounded him, asking him various questions that he couldn't understand. Still trying his best to answer the girls' ridiculous questions, keeping his image, he would often glance over at his brother who was sitting at his desk, eyes glued to the book. A few feet away, a group of girls giggled and blushed as they chatted, eyes looked at Shinichi's back.

Kaito mentally growled, 'Back off! He's mine!'

He really wanted to say, yell, that aloud for the school and probably the entire world to know but he knew his Shin-chan wouldn't like it...Because even though their friends accepted them, but how would the others react? Homos were not really accepted, even hated and they were twins too! It made that even worse. He could live with people whispering behind his back but Shin-chan would be sad because of that, yet he would always smile and say he was okay...

As if he didn't have enough problems! They would have to tell their mother soon too...She needed to know, deserved to know. After their father had died in an accident, their mother only had them left and they were determinate to not make her sad and keep things from her anymore...but he doubted their mother would be happy with the news...Her two son, twins!, wereinlovewitheachother.

However, their mother was a kind and nice woman...he thought, hoped, she would accept them nonetheless, simply because they were her sons.

Finally, the class started, Kaito sloppily dragged his feet to his desk, which was placed between Aoko's and Shinichi's as the teacher hoped the two of them could keep him in his seat. And then, the teacher began her boring speech.

"Shin-chan~" he whined and the younger one merely glanced at him once before his eyes returned to the teacher's lecture.

Kaito stared…what the heck did he do wrong to make Shinichi look at the boring words on the board and not at him? Shinichi had never ignored him for the lecture, maybe for a book, yes, but never lecture!

...That mean his Shin-chan was mad at him!

Dear Lord, what have I done wrong?

Trying to recall the day, Kaito could remember clearly that they woke up in the same bed, which wasn't really strange, then had breakfast and went to school together with Aoko. Then Aoko chased him around with her mop just because he told her that pink didn't suit her. The said girl soon stopped chasing him in favour of chatting happily with Ran over the phone. Everything had happened normally, nothing out of place, so why was Shinichi angry with him?

...Wait, could it be...,Kaito grinned at the possibility, that Shinichi was jealous?

Leaning back in his seat and suppressing the urges to trigger some harmless but fun as hell pranks, Kaito staring up at the ceiling. Well, his 'fan-club' had gotten really close today as that some girl was all clinging to his arm and the girls swooned over him more than usually.

If that the case, then something must be done. Smirking, Kaito focused on think of how fun it would be to test his Shin-chan, ah, he'd blush brightly and he loved see his Shin-chan blush...

And so, he forgot that they had agreed to tell their mother that night about the news.


After school, they waved a 'good-bye' at Aoko who waved back just as cheerfully, Kaito draped his arm on Shinichi's shoulders. The younger one didn't bother doing anything but rolling his eyes.

"Shin-chan~" Kaito whined childishly and Shinichi glanced at him out of his eye's corner.


"You're ignoring me!"

"I am not…I…just have a lots of things on my mind right now."

"Really?" Kaito grinned, "You're sure you're not jealous?"

"Why would I be?" Shinichi raised an eyebrow at that in amusement as Kaito slipped an arm around his shoulders.

"Well, if not then pray tell, what's on my brother's mind that make him so lose in thought and not realize that his dear big brother is so lonely?"

Shinichi glanced at Kaito, he could read Kaito's undertone clearly that he was not believing in what he had said.

Sighing, Shinichi said, "If you're thinking that I'm jealous because your stupid fangirls had gotten close to you this morning," he smirked when Kaito blinked at him, faking innocent, while he was sure as hell that Kaito was nodding in delight in his head.

"No, I'm not jealous of them."

"No? Not in a slightly tiny bit?" Kaito asked hopefully and Shinichi rolled his eyes.

"No, not in a slightly tiny bit."

Then Shinichi mentally groaned as Kaito's eyes tear up. Counting in his head, Shinichi prepared his ears to endure Kaito's up coming outburst.

"Wahh! Shin-chan doesn't love me anymore!"

Seriously, Kaito was born only 6 minutes earlier than him and he wondered why their personalities clashed so violently.

"Kai-chan, stop that. We have more important thing than your childish tantrum to deal with," Shinichi said seriously before pausing, he seemed to be thinking hard. With a tired sigh, he looked away.

"And you know Idoloveyou," the rest was finished hurriedly but Kaito could hear perfectly. In a second, he'd gone from all teary to grin hugely.

"Of course~!" he cooed as his brother's cheeks reddened, "I love you too~."

"Cut it off, Kai. You remember what we have agreed on, right?"

And the blank stare Kaito gave him clearly said 'no, I don't. I'm too busy messing with my brother to remember,' before his eyes widened.

"…Shin-chan…we really have to tell mom tonight?" he asked, pleading his brother to say no.

"Yes, the sooner, the better. And we have discussed about this, Kai."



Chikage watched in amusement as Shinichi yelled at Kaito to turn down the fire as her boys were working in the kitchen.

They had come home from school then she was immediately expelled from her territory, the kitchen, and Kaito offered her a cup of orange juice before proclaiming that she was to sit there while they, the twins, made dinner.

What had gotten into her boys? She wondered, they must have something that they needed to confess to her, something important. Well, why wondering now? They were going to tell her soon enough, for now, she'd just settle down to watch Shinichi ordered his brother around in the kitchen and Kaito ran around to comply.

Finally, the dinner was ready. It was a simple meal, but she was really surprised that they managed to do this so far.

"Kaa-san, sit down~! Dinner time~," Kaito pushed her into a seat, and then both of them sat down on the opposite seats, they looked really tense and nervous despite Kaito's cheerful grin and Shinichi's calm expression.

Ah, they were not going to tell her now, they wanted to make sure she ate something before they told her, she presumed.

"Let's eat, boys," Chikage smiled, hoping to ease their tenseness. They both nodded and then the dinnertime was spent in silence.

When dinner was done and the three of them were sitting on their sofa with the boys across her, Chikage wondered if they were going to tell her then.

But when none of then said anything, she decided to start herself.

"So, what do you two want to tell me?"

Shinichi looked at her nervously then he hiked Kaito's side, making the older twin looked at him just as nervously.

Oh, dear, they had started this again. Chikage watched with great amusement as Shinichi raised an eyebrow and inclined his head toward her once and twice, signaling Kaito to tell her. Kaito narrowed his eyes, a pout on his lips. Shinichi's eyes then also narrowed but more in amusement than anything else. Kaito shook his head, the pout still glued on his lips. Shinichi raised both of his eyebrows when Kaito finally looked at him again. Kaito still refused to do the job, his eyes locked with Shinichi's pleadingly. Shinichi sighed then his eyes narrowed seriously this time, his lips formed a thin line. Kaito gulped fearfully before sighing in defeat.

Well, Chikage pondered, it had been a long time since she last saw her sons communicate without words, it was always fun to watch when they did so.

"Okay, Kaa-san… we, uhm, have something really important to tell you," Shinichi started hesitantly.

"I figure that much," she smiled at him gently.

"Well, eh…we…" Kaito continued as Shinichi had fallen into silence, "…But first, Kaa-san, can you promise that we'll always be your sons? And you won't hate us?" she knew right then that thing was extremely serious, because Kaito would always be the one who promised thing, never the one who would plead people to promise him.

"I promise, Kaito. Just tell me what's wrong."

"…Well, Kaa-san, I and Shin-ch- Shinichi are kinda, well…" Kaito said nervously, "…We're sort of dating."

Wheee, finally he said it! Kaito and Shinichi released a sigh as Chikage blinked.

"Oh, then you should totally introduce your girlfriends to me," she thought it was something really serious! They were dating and they were 17 already, what was so hard to tell her?

"No, no Kaa-san, you misunderstood," Shinichi frantically spoke up and Kaito nodded rapidly to emphasize his brother's point.

"Huh? What did I miss?"

"Well, Kaa-san, we're kinda dating," Shinichi started again and Kaito finished, "…each other."

Oh…Wait, what?

"You two, are dating each other? Meaning you two love each other?" she asked, keeping her surprise in check.

And her boys nodded, lowering their head while doing so.

Oh dear, what was she supposed to tell them now? Chikage bit her lower lip tenderly. They were twins and they were both boys too…she didn't really know if she should support them or oppose against this. But how could she do the latter? They were her sons, and so she was supposed to support them, right? If only Toichi was here then maybe he could make everything okay as he always did…if only…

She had so much things she wanted to tell them but she just couldn't find the words, so she decided to say the simplest thing come to her mind.

"How long?"

"Uhm, around two weeks…" Kaito answered timidly and she felt so weird seeing him like this, he had never been this small, had he?

"…Are you two serious about this? Or maybe you two are just confused and mistaken?" she asked again and the boys looked at each other.

"…Kaa-san, I spent two years trying to come to term with my feeling. I'm sure I'm not confused or mistaken," Kaito spoke up again, and she could detect no lie in his voice.

"…What about you, Shinichi?" she turned to her other son who fidgeted with the hem of his shirt nervously.

"I don't really know about my feeling, Kaa-san. It's just…uhm, I just can't image myself without Kai and all, well…" Shinichi bit his lower lip none too gently.

Chikage knew Shinichi too well, it was how he said that he wanted to be with Kaito for as long as he lived and that he loved Kaito.

Why did her sons have to fall in love with each other? This could bring them many troublesome problems, Chikage sighed.

"Can you live with people whispering behind you back?" she asked, her voice was firm, demanding.

Kaito nodded confidently while Shinichi blinked, "Well, if they whisper behind my back, meaning I don't know what they say about me, then why should it bother me?"

Ah, Shinichi was as airhead as always, she chuckled.

"Oh well…it's love, you can't choose who you fall in love with after all," Chikage sighed, a smile then tugged at her lips, "I can't do anything about this. If this is what you two want, then I will support you…but, you have to live with the consequence and problems this will bring you yourselves, okay?"

"Yes, Kaa-san," the boys chorused, their eyes bright with happiness that their mother hadn't sunned them, hadn't hated them.

And suddenly, the image of two little boys huddled together, crying together nine years ago, and the image of two grown boys bantered back and forth with witty comments, and then burst out laughing together came into her mind. Her smile turned a bit sad but she guessed she was happy for them as she, to be honest, couldn't image Kaito with anyone but Shinichi and that applied for Shinichi too…

"Well, one more question," she said, an amusement gleam twinkled in her eyes.

The boys looked at her warily, you know, she wasn't a Phantom Thief's wife for nothing.

"Who's the uke and who's seme?"

xxxxx End xxxxx

…xD. The last question, that's what I'd ask my son if he brought home a boy…well, if I ever have a son, that is, I'm only 16 right now xD. But seriously, I'd support my son if he was gay or anything like that, and I'd train my daughter to be fangirl like me so we could talk non stop about pretty boys xD.

And Omake~, I can't resist it!

…As soon as the question was spoken, Shinichi turned red and spluttered nonsense things while Kaito blinked at her.

"Well?" she asked impatiently even though she could already guess.

A sly smirk tugged at Kaito's lips, "Why, Kaa-san? You have to ask?"

"We haven't even gotten to that!" Shinichi yelled out embarrassingly and Chkage giggled at his reaction.

"And no way in hell you're topping, Kai," Shinichi glared at his brother deadly in which Kaito respond with an amused smirk.

"What? I'm the older one here, Shin-chan, you can't possibly top me."

"Who say?" Shinichi narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"I say," Kaito proclaimed then pounced on Shinichi, "Lemme prove it right now~!"

"Uwah! Get off! You pervert!"

"Aww, let big brother take care of you, Shin-chan~."

Chikage giggled as her boys seemed to have so much fun that they didn't even realize that she was still there.

Ah, well…thing would work out if it involved her sons.

xxxxx End xxxxx

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