What if Bella had sisters and was a witch? What if instead of being a shy insecure girl her and her family where rich and independent? What would happen if Bella and her sisters were foster kids of Renee and Charlie? What would happen if Bella and her sisters knew James and he killed her real parents? What if Angela was part of it to and Bella and her sisters befriend her. What would happen when they meet the Cullens and figure out they are vampires?


I was staring into the bright light once again for the final time. This was it me and my sisters was moving to Forks, Washington. We were moving in with my foster dad Charlie. My name is Bella Swan I have 4 sisters their names is Isabelle, Katy, Katherine, and Bianca. Bianca, Katy, and Katherine Isabelle and I are the same age and sisters we are all fraternal twins. We all have the same cars and dress alike. Today we are saying goodbye to the sun and hello to the rain. My sisters and I were going to drive but given how fast we go and not get caught we can get there in three hours. My sisters and I only have one blood relative and that's our Aunt Melinda. We are going to live in her mansion while we're there we cleared it up with Charlie and he said yes. My Aunt Melinda that poses as a human has a daughter her name is Angela. Angela doesn't know she's a witch neither does her dad. Angela is destined to become a witch just like us.

Taking me out of my thoughts "Are you ready" Isabelle said. "As ready as I can be." We got in our cars and started to go.

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