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Broken Faith

Betrayed by Konoha at the end and sealed into oblivion. Given a second chance at a childhood in a different world can Naruto rebuild his faith in humanity.

Chapter 1


It was raining, a dreary day when the 4th Shinobi Great War ended. Much had to be sacrificed to bring the great Shinobi culture to its culmination on this dark day. An epic struggle against what was ultimately a disillusioned man.

A man that had lost faith in humanity their inability to maintain peace and in the end decided it was up to him. His goals at the beginning was to bring peace, but soon power had corrupted his ideals, somewhere along the way, keeping peace became ruling over humanity.

It really wasn't a bad idea, taking away mankind's will to fight because everything they did would be dictated by him alone if the Moon's Eye plan was successful . Him being god of mankind was a bonus, Madara justified to himself.

It was a choice, to have peace as a caged bird or whether it was to struggle, to crawl and to fight for peace with their own two hands.

Two epitomes of these ideals clashed at the Valley of the End.

The blonde haired victor stood over the broken body of Madara, the Totsuka no Tsurugi that Itachi had granted him for releasing Itachi from the tainted control of Kabuto clattered to the floor from his grip.

That sword alone was what gave him enough of an edge to pull a win out of his arse over Madara, rendering his space time abilities null long enough for Naruto to land a decisive hit.

Coughing blood out from his damaged body Naruto looked up into the raining sky, finally the fight was over, everything was over. He had ended the war, and his body ached all over.


A hand covered in piercing electricity plunged into his chest and even more blood spilt out of his already past the limit body.

Naruto could only cough and hack blood, the hand of Kakashi alone was what held him up as trees started to grow around his legs.

"I'm sorry Naruto… the council gave orders that if you were to survive the fight, we had to take you out and report you as a casualty of war…"

Naruto coughed again, and laughed madly before looking at the silver haired man who had spoken.

"Bullshit. You've wanted to do this for a long time now isn't it?"

Kakashi's eyes widened.

"Wha? N-no I do-"

"Cut the crap. Ever since I killed Sasuke you've been dying to put your hand through my heart."

"Wha? Ho-how did you know?"

Naruto hacked more blood out and cackled again, drawing deep broken breaths into his damaged heart.

"I've always known, ever since I achieved the Sealed Hatred mode, I could always feel the festering hatred in Konoha," Naruto paused, smirking before closing his right eye and reopening them again, his cerulean blue eyes turned violet with rings around the pupil. "That and the Rinnegan grants me mild mind reading pow-" the blonde was cut off by another series of hard coughs, blood leaking out the side of his lips, mixing with the rain.

"Tch, then I don't have to hide this any longer, you deserve to die demon, Konoha, even the Sandaime wanted you kept ignorant, weak, pathetic. You weren't supposed to gain power, but we had no choice because Konoha had too many powerful enemies, especially after the Chuunin exams. You, the Kyuubi were our trump card. Why do you think Jiraiya only trained you after Sasuke left? Even then he only trained your Kyuubi powers. Had you stayed at that level of power, we wouldn't have come to this, but you used the Kage Bunshin jutsu and reached unimaginable heights. Now die demon."

Kakashi pulled out his blood soaked arm causing the blonde's screams of pain to rend the air, his torso falling forward, but the wood had already grown midway, preventing him from falling completely. Kakashi picked up the sacred sealing sword and laughed before thrusting the sword straight through the blonde's middle. "Your own sword, used to seal you permanently, how ironic."

"Arggggghhhhhhhh….." the scream petered out into pants.

"Enough Yamato, complete the sealing and than we can go celebrate."

As the wood started growing over Naruto's body which was stabbed to the tree with the sword, Kakashi turned around to leave.

"Ha…ha….Neh….Kakashi…. you want to know why I never betrayed the village even after I knew their plans?"

Kakashi stopped at that, dread forming in the pit of his stomach.

"Ha…. I never go back on my words, nor am I scum, according to the only thing you truly taught Team 7. So until Konoha kills me, I would have remained a loyal shinobi… but now….. you have killed Naruto Uzumaki….. I am released from all my promises…."

Naruto drew another rattling breath as he continued, "Now, with the last breath of a dying man, as the last jinchuriki in this God forsaken world, I curse you Kakashi, I curse Konoha and all its descendants, until the day they die, to wander around the Elemental Countries fighting to merely survive and wallow in guilt, fear and depression, and when you die Kakashi, I hope you have answers for my father in the stomach of the Shinigami. Consider this my middle finger to you and all who were involved. Djane….aho tachi."


Kakashi's single eye widened immediately and tuned back to the direction of Konoha. Even from the Valley of the End he could see a giant mushroom cloud where Konoha should have been.

A enraged cry leapt unbidden from the silver haired scarecrow's lips before he spun around and charged the blonde that was getting covered in wood but he was too late. All he saw was Naruto laughing madly even as he was swallowed up.

The blonde's last memory of freedom was a downcast rainy sky before everything went black.

All Kakashi could do was beat uselessly on the wood. A tree had already formed where Naruto's last stand was.


The war had depleted nearly 30% of Konoha's forces. Naruto's last act destroyed all main administration and government facilities. Nearly 60% of the remaining forces were killed by a multitude of exploding notes. There was one inside every warehouse, under every bed. The only ones that were spared was the Konoha 9 and their families.

Konoha would never recover. Those who once proudly called themselves people of Konoha never found peace, their descendants never found peace, they were hounded by all rival villages intent on taking advantage. Hounded like Konoha and Iwa once hounded the people of Uzugakure.


Thousands of Years later, the tree continued to grow to gargantuan levels due to the unnatural influx of energy at its base which was provided for by Naruto.

An academic city had sprung up with the tree as the central point, unknown to most because the potent energy of the tree provided a great nexus of leylines that made it easier to focus supernatural powers and was a potent place for magic users to gather.

Two dark figures were currently in one of the empty computer classrooms of the school. The taller one was busy typing on the computer with the shorter one by her side as she watched her green haired companion easily hack the schools main security network. She couldn't help but admire the barriers ingenuity of using electricity as a source of its power, however that actually surprisingly worked in her favor because of Chachamaru being by her side.

"Well, that's that! Now we can finally execute our ultimate plan, right?" said Evangeline as the duo finally left after their plans to disrupt the barrier was set up.

"That is correct", said Chachamaru who actually did all the work.

"All right then. All will go as planned tonight! Hehe… when I think about the shocked look on the boy's face… Hehehehe…" said Evangeline.

Grinning the small blond vampire jumped up onto a higher part of the roof, laughing maniacally. She stopped for a moment and looked back at her servant. "Something you want to say Chachamaru?"

Chachamaru looked somewhat startled. "No… um… that is… I'm very sorry master!" The gynoid apologized. "Negi-sensei has already made a provisional contract with a partner."

"What!" Evangeline said in shock. "Why didn't you tell me about this! Who's his partner!"

"… The partner is Asuna Kagurazaka. I… don't know why I didn't report this master. I'm sorry."

"Hmm. Well whatever!" Evangeline said. "It doesn't matter if he has a partner or not!

Cachamaru however disagreed, this was a major lapse in her programming, "Master, I'll accept any punishment deem necessary."

"That's alright, I'd be in trouble without your help tonight. Anyway, We have five hours before the operation starts. Let's go Chachamaru!"

Evangeline jumped into the air, only to smack her foot against an extrusion on the building.

"Ah, master…" Chachamaru said as Evangeline fell face first on the ground.

"Ow ow ow!" Evangeline complained as she sat up and rubbed her nose.

"Ah… master, your nose is bleeding." Chachamaru said, trying to calm down her master.

"Uguu! Humans can't even fly, this is so inconvenient!" Evangeline complained. "Grrr! This is all the Springfield families fault. Just wait! After tonight's plan, I won't have to wait for the full moon to get rid of Negi! Tonight I'm going to drain his blood and lift the curse!" Evangeline stood up as she continued her rant. "The queen of the night who bears the "Gospel of Darkness" is going to roam the town tonight!"

"Master, your nose is still bleeding…"


On a bridge later that night

2 mages stood fighting each other while their partners were… having a forehead flicking match at the side.

The short male mage was desperately chanting, trying to match up against his opponent with his strongest spell, "Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister….veniant spiritus aerialus fulgurientes…cum fulgurationi flet tempestas austrina"

Similarly his opponent, an equally short blonde haired girl was also chanting, but she was light hearted, confident in her own power, "Lic Lac la Lac Lilac…veniant spiritus glaciales obscurantes…cum obscurationi flet tempestas nivalis"

Together at the same time, both mages roared out their strongest spells.



As the two large beams collided, the blonde haired mage smirked in victory, her spell was overpowering that of the red haired mage easily.

The latent magical powers in the air caused it to start raining.

Negi however was unwilling to give up. He refused to run away, to be scared like he was when he first fought Evangeline, like when the demons attacked his village. Bringing both hands up he roared his defiance and pushed everything he could, the amount of awesome power he poured into his spell started to overload his magical focus, the novice wand he was using.

At the same time, Evangeline who had been smirking was suddenly distracted by a flare of great power and the feeling of something breaking open.

That combined with the sudden increase in power of the child mage in front of her distracted her enough that Negi was able to overpower her spell.

The attack washed over Evangeline, crashing into her and creating a large cloud of dust along with a great explosion. Chachamaru and Asuna waited outside the range of the explosion breathlessly, anxious about the condition of their respective partners and completely soaked.


Everything was pitch black, his mind was fuzzy and his body ached. Badly. Subconsciously he could feel presences that were not his own outside the darkness, heck, this was the first time in a long time he actually felt anything other than pain. The first time the barrier to the outside weakened to the point where he could feel something and was cognizant enough to take advantage of it.

He subconsciously struggled, clawing, fighting his way to the light because it was human to do so. Anything was better than the dark he had been stuck in for so long, pushing his power outwards, smashing against the already weakened barrier.

Unknown to him, the barrier erected by Nagi, the Thousand Master to hold Evangeline, as well as the many barriers erected over time after his imprisonment, overlapped with that of his own, and they were all modified to run on electricity so that seals would not conflict with each other.

Every time there was a blackout, the newer seals drew energy from the previous seals, altogether wearing down the original seal that kept Naruto imprisoned. The current blackout weakened it even further, and the clashing of magical energies disturbed the sleeping being enough for him to stir, to fight and weaken the seal even more.

His energies formed ironically into a drill and clashed again and again with the seal.

The energy finally prevailed and exploded forth, a single hand burst out of the soil... and took a good grip and pulled the rest of the body out of the dirt... the energy made by the explosion was dampened by the rain and hidden by the thunder that suddenly struck a certain vampire and the magical clash that was currently ongoing on a nearby bridge... but alerted some of the other more... spiritually and magically sensitive people.

There stood a swaying young man wearing a headband with a leaf insignia on his head...

His clothes and cloak were ragged and caked in dirt, a great Tsurugi, a double sided sword stabbed clean through the middle of his body.

He looked up into the cloud laden raining sky and laughed with a raspy laugh.

He spoke two simple words…

"I..live…." as he toppled forward, a man with rugged stubble and half burnt cigarette stopped his forward momentum.

Outwardly Takamichi was calm but inwardly he cringed at the greatsword that was impaled upon the boy in his arms and the great amount of blood on the boy's body, although there weren't any injuries that were visible to his eyes.

He and the dean had been awake, monitoring the fight between Negi and Evangeline from the dean's office when they felt the sudden flaring of an unrecognizable power from the Great Tree, a short look between the two men was all the confirmation Takamichi needed before he sped to the tree to discover the gruesome sight of a man climbing out of the dirt, not unlike some zombie movies he had seen before.

The sword in the chest only served to reinforce the image.

Suddenly all around him a few other teachers appeared, mouth gaping at the sight of Takamichi supporting a….boy….?

'How could the boy still be alive with that thing stuck in him', was a recurring thought among all the teachers present.

"Who the heck is this boy? Why was he buried alive under there! Take him to the infirmary!" Takamichi ordered while some of the other teacher's looked around to cover the traces of the explosion and the aftermath.

"Poor kid" a female teacher with blonde hair and a katana at her side said as she looked at the malnourished and mangled body of the young blond boy.

"Takahata-san… do we remove that sword? We can't let him rest with that thing stuck in him…." Random Teacher No. 2 said.

Grimacing at the truth in those words, Takahata nodded before grasping the handle of the sword and slowly pulling out the blade. It was gruesome, watching the sword slowly being dislodged from the blonde haired boy's chest cavity, along with the sounds of bone and metal crunching.

When the sword was finally removed they could see a hole clear through the boy.

"Kami, hurry and patch him up before getting him to the ICU, with a wound of that degree we don't know if he can even survive the night."

Unnoticed to all there, the bleeding blonde opened his eyes, disturbed by the amount of movement around him but lacked the energy to move his eyes.

All he could see with blurry vision was a clearing sky as the rain stopped and the clouds cleared.

They rushed him to the local hospital and immediately sewed the wound close and hooked him up to a drip and monitors, everything they could do, they did… now whether he survived or not was up to the unknown boy… and if he survived all he needed now was some rest... months, maybe years. Who knows?

But the person in bed was Uzumaki fucking Naruto... he defied logic and natural laws... and as sure as ramen cooks in 3 minutes he was healing already thanks to the IV, his body was absorbing the nutrients and using his own power to heal himself at a rapid state.

Meanwhile, 4 tired people were oblivious to the happenings near the Great Tree and trudged home. The vampire had already forgotten the sudden flare of power in the midst of the battle due to her loss.

"Ehehe…well I guess this really is my victory" said Negi happily "So you have to stop doing bad things from now on and start attending classes."

"Fine!", Evangeline growled", It's true I owe a debt for today".

"Alright!", Negi cheered, suddenly writing something in the class roster", I'm writing "I won" in the class roster!".

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT FOR!", Evangeline growled with an angry blush once more coming to her face, "IF THE BLACKOUT DIDN'T SUDDENLY END I WOULD'VE WON!"

The partners of the two mages simply stood by swear dropping at their master's antics.

"Uh… so you think they made up?" Asuna tentatively asked the gynoid beside her.

"….Who knows?" the reply was even but the amusement was obvious.


Thus they continued on unaware of the ruckus awaiting them soon.


2 dark silhouettes were sitting on some branches of the World Tree, obscured by leafs and shadows alike, they were ruminating on events that had just happened.

The silence was finally broken by the taller shadow, "So? What do you think is going to happen now?"

"…if the boy survives which is pretty unlikely judging by the wound in his chest…. He will most likely stay in Mahora. I don't see the dean letting such a potent source of energy go without a fight or at least some kind of benefit."

The taller shadow only hummed her agreement before smirking, "so? We all saw the fight between Negi-sensei and Evangeline-san. What do you think?"

The smaller one only shook her head, "Evangeline-san was playing around and let her confidence go to her head, Negi has potential. A lot of wasted and unnecessary movements and a childish attitude, but his only 10, so I don't think I should count those against him. At the moment, the only thing going for him is his large magical reserves and spell repertoire. Why didn't you help Negi, Mana?"

The taller shadows identified as Mana shrugged, "I wasn't paid to, just to stop intruders from entering the campus. What about you Setsuna? If Negi or Asuna died, your ojou-sama would've been heartbroken."

"It wasn't necessary, I noticed at least 5 teachers and 3 senior students watching the fight."

"Heh, practical as ever."


With that discussion over, both shadows leapt from their posts and went back to bed.


"Urgh…. What did I do to make Sakura angry?"

Naruto Uzumaki was awake.


Do note, this is about a harem manga, so despite me not liking harems because I feel that it disrespects the female race (if you cant devote your balls to one girl what makes you think you deserve the female to devote herself to you?) so I'll allow for a few girls, of course I wont go overboard and throw Naruto in with 15 girls or some ridiculous shit like that. At most 7? I dunno, no clue yet. Also, I wrote this because recently I started reading some Naruto negima crossovers, however don't expect me to update this fic anywhere near regularly because I honestly have never read the negima manga before, all I wrote is from memory and slight research. I'll have to read the manga before I go any further. Or furtherer at any rate.

My Naruto fairy tail is currently 60% done in the current chapter, while my Naruto Rosario is about 50%. Honestly, both chapters are fillers so I'm forcing myself to write which isn't really good. No inspiration until I reach the good parts which I have already pumped out…. T^T