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True Faith

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****True Faith****

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Nekane giggled quietly as she watched the three cheerleaders of 3-A sleepily troop into the room and head straight for the breakfast table, despite it being almost afternoon already.

Beside her, the elegant blonde woman, Yukihiro-san if she remembered it right, was sipping from a cup of tea beside her cousin, the equally beautiful and elegant Naba-san. Both of them rolled their eyes at their less composed classmates though Naba-san failed to suppress her own amused giggle.

"Is that all of us?" Ayaka inquired curiously, "Where is everybody else?"

"I'm not sure." Chizuru answered calmly, "I'll go and wake them up. It's almost noon and it's not polite to impose on Nekane-san's kindness for too long. She must have her own things to do."

"Oh my, I don't mind." Nekane smiled rather wistfully, "It gets rather lonely around here when Anya and Negi aren't around. I actually don't mind if you stay here for a day or so." Nekane said with a cheerful smile.

"It's still not polite to sleep so late. At the very least, we should help you around the house and cook lunch since these monkeys all eat so much." Ayaka pointed out with dignity.

Chizuru grinned slightly, "As strict as always, Aya-chan. But good point."

Ayaka pouted at her cousin, "I thought you promised not to call me that in front of other people." The auburn haired girl whimsically waved over her shoulder as she flounced up the stairs.

Moments later, the sounds of feet hurriedly tapping on the hardwood floor as Chizuru appeared at the bottom of the stairs, looking uncharacteristically worried and flustered, "They're not there, Yunna-san, Makie-san, they're all gone."

The three cheerleaders immediately shot upwards with a loud, "What!?" while Nekane covered her lips to hide a gasp.

Chizuru's eyes were drawn straight to the only person who had failed to react, or rather, was too busy to react.

Ayaka was intensely staring at the silver band on her hand, with another hand clutched to her chest as if in physical pain. Her tea cup which was carefully set down on a saucer plate had split in half, allowing steaming brown liquid to slowly pool over the table top, coming dangerously close to dripping on the her lap.


****True Faith****

"Oi Oi Kitty, it's your turn." Konoe commented irritatedly, a shogi board sitting in between him and the vampire, slowly gathering dust.

The blonde girl snapped out of her thoughts and looked around in surprise, "Sorry." She muttered quietly, "I was lost in thought."

"For the past three hours." The Dean of Mahora pointed out dryly, "If you were so worried, why didn't you just go with them? It's not like you couldn't since he apparently broke the seal, I don't even know why you stay in Mahora anymore. It's not like you are required to."

"Who said I was worried about that idiot?" Evangeline spluttered loudly, "I-I was just thinking about my next move! And whether I stay here is my business or not isn't it!?"

"Which idiot might you be talking about? I don't remember mentioning anyone in particular." Konoemon teased the fuming vampire with a wide grin.

"Grrr!" She picked up a white piece and slammed in on the board in a random position, "There, you go! You happy?!"

"Gohohoho! My win!"

Evangeline blanched comically as she realized that she had allowed the old man to corner her, when she felt the small black wing brooch pinned to the front of her white dress start to heat up. The vampire paled and her hands limply dropped to her side, "So fast?" she gasped shakily.

Inhaling deeply, she looked at the concerned Konoe, "Old man, where's your pactio?"

"My... Pactio?" he asked uncertainly, wary of the way the vampire's pupils were dilated, almost like a feral animal barely holding herself back.

"The one you made with the blonde idiot! Pull it out, hurry!" She urged him impatiently, restraining herself from simply leaping across the board to attack the old man to make him move faster.

Shrugging, the old man pulled out the card from his inner pocket and inspected it curiously before flipping it over for the nearly vibrating vampire to check.

A blonde man with three scars on each cheek, standing in a relaxed pose with one hand resting on the barrel of his sniper rifle and the other holding a mask to his face that hiding half of his face although a confident smirk could be seen on what was visible of his face. The blonde seemed to smirk smugly back at her from the surface of the card. Beneath the blonde's feet lay a banner that prominently displayed the words Astra Petas in bold, stylish font.

"He's alive." Evangeline let out an explosive breath of relief.

****True Faith****

Blue eyes slowly peeled back heavy eyelids, wincing slightly as a bright beam of sunlight hit his retina directly from the open sky light. They blinked slowly. The sapphire orbs eyes painstakingly panned around the room to understand where he was by swivelling around their sockets, simply because his neck was feeling incredibly stiff. So was his entire body for that matter.

Indifferently, they rolled back to the open skylight with one arm gradually lifted up to shield his visual organs from the bright glare of sunlight reflecting off the ceiling which seemed to be made of nothing but glass.

"Oh, you're awake." A cheerful voice interrupted his ruminations.

Sapphire eyes slowly rolled downwards and took in the newcomer's profile. She was a lightly tanned blonde, of above average height; and lean musculature that was not meant for prolonged fighting but allowed for a strong and enduring body, and... were those horns? Information like that slowly filtered into his consciousness. He was not even sure why he was thinking about something like kill points.

"Where... am... I?" He slowly croaked haggardly, his throat feeling as if someone had taken a hammer to it before pouring sand down his mouth, gratefully accepting the cup filled with crystal clear water, poured from a jug on his bedside.

"We found you unconscious in the castle's royal garden." The blonde woman chirped happily, "The princess allowed me to take care of you until you felt better."

"Prin-cess?" He tried to place the cup back on the table with shaking hands, achieving limited success when the glass landed with a loud crack.

"Princess Theodora?" Seeing his blank look, she tried again, "Third princess of the Hellas Empire?"

When her patient shook his head resolutely, the blonde woman sighed, "Well, let's try it another way, what's your name?"

The blonde man lying on the bed seemed to stare at her uncomprehendingly for a few seconds before he tilted his head and blinked slowly, "I... am not... sure."

****True Faith****

Let me be utterly frank with you, when I posted chapter 30, there was supposed to be a small note saying there was going to be a sequel. I forgot to add it in; because I was so effing sleepy (staying awake till 5a.m. does that to people). Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning, and realized that over 60% of the received reviews were insults mixed with DEMANDS for a sequel or just plain insults.

I'm pretty sure most of my readers already know that I don't take demands very well.

In other words, I decided to let everybody hang and not update with an author's note for the sequel.

I was going to let everyone hang even longer than this, but you can thank people like Faraway-R who actually noticed the crapton of hints I dropped (and a few I didn't even notice myself) despite the overall 'about to die' atmosphere I put in (intentionally, how was it? Did it make you feel like you were reading about someone walking to the gallows?) and pointed it out, or Rialga who confidently pointed out what he liked or didn't like about the chapter, and then calmly stated he was looking forward to the sequel. Now that?

That's faith.

Now let us go on to the reason I ended Broken Faith the way I did, there was two main reasons, for one, it was nearing 350k words and getting too bulky. Most people I know don't even bother to read them when it gets that long, so I decided on a fresh start. Second, how many of you even read or remember when I said Broken Faith wasn't just a fancy title?

Feel free to guess what I mean by that.