Disclaimer: This is complete and total FICTION. That means it never happened and is completely untrue. In fact, this is so far from the truth that it isn't even in the same country as the truth. I don't own anybody: Big Time Rush, the characters, and all referenced scenes belong to Nickelodeon, and I make no money off of this. I am not in any way implying said characters' sexual identities.

"Katie!" Kaytelyn went running up to Katie. The 3-year-old loved her aunt Katie (well, who was really her mom, but they chose to save that for when Kaytelyn asked, and not a minute before).

"Hey Kaytelyn. Whatcha doin?"

"Nuttin. Daddy's making dinner." Katie knew it had to be Kendall; Logan wasn't cooking as much as he used to.

"Ok, show me what you and dad did while daddy was at practice."

Kaytelyn showed Katie the fingerpaint pictures she and Logan had done; Kendall watched the interaction and thought "She'llbeagreatmomoneday".

After dinner and dishes (Logan's specialty now apparently), the three adults were talking after getting Kaytelyn to bed, and Kendall asked, "Do you ever wish you would've kept her?"

"No. I love here, and she has two of the best parents in the world. There's no way I could have given her that. Plus, I see her all the time, so she's close." As if on cue, Kaytelyn started crying (she was going through the nightmare phase; last night, there were 'killer trees' after her). Logan got up to check on her while Kendall walked Katie to the door. "Thank you baby sister. I love you so much. You've given us the best gift ever. Every time she smiles, I think of you."

"Love you too big brother. Night."

"Night Katie." Kendall had barely shut the door when Logan said, "She wants you. She doesn't like my singing tonight for some reason."

"Sure she does." Kendall quickly reassured him. Kendall and Logan sat down on the bed and Kendall started to sing; Kaytelyn kept screaming. As soon as Logan joined in however, the screams stopped, and she fell asleep after awhile.

"Hmm…that was weird. She's never had to have us both sing before." Logan said.

"She's getting spoiled again." Kendall teased.

"Yeah." Logan laughed as they got into bed. "Night Kendall. I love you."

"Love you too Logan."