Chapter 12: She Who Summons the Fox.

Naruto just had the weirdest dream.

In that dream, she was back to her seven year old body, slashing and killing everyone who stood in her way. She had laughed, she had been happy, she had tortured them.

All her life, she had accepted the fact that she was naturally interested at the art of torturing. Kyuubi gave her encouragement to learn it further and her foster father allowed her to learn, but she didn't know that she took such great pleasure in doing that...

She shakes her head along with her doubt. No. She shouldn't do this.

"I have better things to do..." She stretched herself on the hospital bed, eyeing the still dark sky. Whoa, she woke up early. What a rarity...

"What better things to do?" A cold voice said from her bedside.

Naruto immediately turned, suddenly alert. But when she saw a certain redhead leaning casually to the wall next to her bedside table, she relaxed and showed him a grin. "Mornin', Gaara." Naruto didn't really know why, but whenever she saw Gaara, she felt a little warmer inside. Must be love, or maybe Kyuubi is snoring, or maybe she just had a fever...

But she loved the feeling nonetheless.

"What better things to do?" Gaara insisted.

Naruto shrugged. "Don't be such a prick, Gaara. 'M fine. In fact, I can be discharged from this hospital now." The blond stood up from her bed and took the orange jumpsuit that had been laid out on the bedside table. She took her clothes off, making Gaara avert his gaze somewhere else.

"Don't be embarrassed, Gaara!" She said, giggling her head silly. "It's not like it's the first time you've seen me like this, yeah?" Naruto mentioned the night they spent in the death forest. Gaara didn't say anything, but he returned his gaze to Naruto.

The jinchuuriki of Leaf smiled as the redhead's turquoise eyes landed on top of her stomach, precisely on her seal. Naruto wore her fishnet suit and grabbed Gaara's hands, placing it on top of her stomach. "Beautiful, isn't it?" She said as she felt Kyuubi growling lowly within her.

Gaara didn't say anything, but he nodded. Naruto showed him a toothy smile before wearing the rest of her clothes.

"I do not know anything about your discharge today, Naruto." Gaara said as he threw a scrutinizing glance to Naruto, who's about to jump from the window. The blond rolled her eyes before showing a rather sad smile to him. "Nobody cares, Gaara." She jumped soundlessly to the tranquil morning of the Leaf village.

Naruto parted ways with Gaara when the sun is almost above them. She found that she liked taking the aimless walk with the redhead, who'd listen to her chatters without any complaint. Naruto would speak, Gaara would listen, just like how she liked it.

When it was about 10, Gaara told her that he needed to see Baki and his teammates. Naruto nodded, bidding him goodbye. Gaara didn't ask her where to meet up later, because she knew that he will definitely try to find her by any means necessary. Gaara was just cute like that.

And so, little 12 year old Naruto, dubiously known as Kitsune-chan as the head of the place she's about to visit, struts proudly to her foster father's workplace.

As expected, many people in T&I revolted at the sight of her, but there are some who looked somehow impressed. Ibiki-san hadn't exactly make it a secret that she's a prodigy in the torturing arts, even going as far as saying that the blond had rivaled the T&I's biggest enigma and beauty, Anko Mitarashi. Naruto is well-acquainted with the lady, after all, she's the person Ibiki-san consulted whenever Naruto has problems... as a woman.

And God knows how much Anko-san isn't a normal person.

Anyways, Naruto hid her hand in her pocket, fingering her needles if anyone her ever attacks her. It was highly-unlikely though, since Ibiki-san loved her foster-daughter to the point that people somehow questioned if they really were just strangers. Who knew that the demon brat could be Ibiki Morino's illegitimate daughter? Naruto wanted to laugh at the rumors.

But she cleared her throat loudly as she prepared herself to barge inside Ibiki-san's office. She'd seen around the town to notice that the bastard Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei were gone. They're not in any training grounds reachable to average shinobi. From that fact, she knew that she'd been abandoned. She refused to feel neglected and immediately seek help from her foster father.

Kyuubi told her that there was something that he needed to do and it required his concentration (heh, required, just use the word need). Naruto obliged, although with some complaining because Kyuubi not talking to her means boredom if she didn't actually do something.

Naruto opened the door with both of her hands, slamming it open. Ibiki-san didn't look up from his paper works, but he smiled anyway.

"Is there something I can help you with, Kitsune-chan?" He asked amiably.

Naruto grinned. "There is, Ibiki-san. Think you can teach me for my upcoming third-stage of chuunin exam?"

Ibiki-san looked up from his paper work and grinned an almost identical grin with hers.

"I don't see why I can't, Kitsune-chan."

Screw Kakashi-sensei and his favoritism towards Sasuke, because if she trained under Ibiki-san, there's no way that she'd lose to that bastard.

Kyuubi closed his eyes, training to concentrate the small remaining of chakra reservoir he had. Akachi leaned on the wall besides the cage, closing her eyes as well. She was the dark part of Naruto, so she shared her chakra reservoir as well. She looked towards the nine-tailed beast with a look of curiosity, her red eyes speaks for itself 'do you want me to help you?'

Kyuubi ignored her, he didn't need any help with this. He can manage well on his own. He needed more chakra if he wanted to reach that world. He was sure that some of his descendants back when he was wild and free in the summoning-realm would listen to him.

The tailed beast was no moron, and so was Akachi. They both knew that Naruto's godparent, Jiraiya the Sage is in the town. They didn't want her to summon toads at all. How come Naruto the Mad-Slashing Red Fox, an S-class fugitive in the Bingo book, Kyuubi's little vixen, summons a toad? It's just an impossibility. There is only one animal that suited her, and that is a fox.

Akachi even agreed a temporary cease-fire about their differences regarding Akatsuki and observe quietly as Kyuubi tries to contact his descendants. She too, can't imagine her dear sweet little light summoning something as indignant as a toad. She'd rather cloak her with the fox-cloak and kill everything and let Naruto wake up with short lapse in her memory.

They both closed their eyes, one in concentration, and one in boredom.

But when a faint noise of 'Kyuubi-sama...?' sounds, both red-eyed creature grinned.

Sasuke panted hardly as he looked at the damage he'd caused by using the electric jutsu. He felt somehow satisfied, but he realized that it wasn't enough.

It wasn't enough. He needed more. He needed something that can kill Itachi and that Sand-brat who dared to creep around near the person he'd been watching for so long... the person that can prove that he's superior to Itachi...

Kakashi seemed to notice his impatience, but he shrugs and asked if he wanted to rest.

Sasuke, of course, refused the offer. He needed to get stronger as fast as possible, after all.

When he's preparing another round of the electric surge, Kakashi turned away from him and faced a huge boulder. "Is there something you need from us?" Without exposing his hidden killing intent, the redhead Sand-brat stepped out of his hiding place.


"Nothing. I have nothing I need from you." The Sand-brat said as he looked at the cracked boulder.

Sasuke seethed, but said nothing. He'd rather concentrate with training his chakra... that was until a blast of very malicious chakra blasted off from a clearing far away from the mountain he's training at.

Kakashi immediately looked alert as Sasuke looked around in panic. What was that?!

Gaara is also surprised, but another emotion overcomes him, along with Shukaku's roar of happiness.

"Gaara! This malicious chakra! My senses are not fooling me! Let's go to your woman! She might be losing control even right now!" Gaara let out a laughter that mixes with Shukaku's deep alto. He shunshin'd away from the mountain, leaving two anxious shinobi of Leaf to their so-called secret training.

Naruto laughed.

She never felt this happy before. Never. Ever. Never before.

Kyuubi's warmth enveloped her body completely as two foxes tackle and hug her affectionately. Her eyes were somehow hot, as if her irises had changed their colors. The foxes were smaller than Kyuubi (of course), but they were cloaked in the same beautiful orange chakra.

"Call our name, You Who Summons." The first fox, the male one, speaks. "Speak our name, Our New Mistress, vixen of our Great Father, beloved of the Darkness." Naruto didn't really understand them, but all she felt were pure bliss and ecstasy. It was as if something had been released from her. Something that's always with her, and she had unconsciously repressed has finally become free, become one with her.

Many ANBUs, Jounins, Chuunins, and even some wandering Gennins and civilians are crowding around her, trying to get what's going on. But all they see is a huge plain of what should have been a meadow turned into barren land. And in the middle of it was the demon child, laughing merrily with foxes that insists to lick her face and smother her with affection.

The blond jinchuuriki didn't care as people call out to her. If any of them dared to slander her, Kyuubi would make sure that his son and daughter would kill them viciously. Naruto kept her laugh shrill and high, not caring about anything that might happen to her.

But, there was one voice that stood out from the other, seeking out her attention. For the first time since she managed to summon Kyuubi's eldest son and youngest daughter, she averted her gaze to another human.

"Gaara!" She greeted the redhead happily. Her foxes looked instantly wary and alert. "Meet Fushimi and Inari! With these two and my needles... I won't lose to anyone!" Naruto then hugs the redhead, immediately making her two new servants to tackle the Hidden Sand shinobi.

Amidst all the crowd, an old man who is named Jiraiya of the Sannin widened his eyes in shock, feeling that he was far, far too late.

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