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Ah, Friday. Blaine loved Fridays. It was the end of a long hard week, he could stay up all night and not have to be up the next morning, but most of all, it meant he had a whole weekend with Kurt to look forward to. This particular weekend he was staying in Kurt's house. Burt didn't mind as long as they "kept it PG".

The last class of the day was chemistry so he met up with Kurt at the choir room before they left for home. He walked down the corridor to slowly, but surely make out the silhouette of his boyfriend. A smile immediately formed as he picked up his pace and enveloped himself in Kurt's arms – hell, no one was around so he didn't have to look suave.

"Hey. I missed you all day."

Kurt smiled, shot a quick glance around to make sure nobody could see then pulled Blaine in for a long awaited kiss. It lasted for ten beautiful seconds until they gently separated arms still around each other.

"I've wanted to do that since Spanish." Kurt grinned.

Blaine laughed. "I've wanted you to do that since 'Baby it's Cold Outside'". He blushed then smiled goofily.

Kurt blushed slightly too as he turned to the door.

"You ready to go?"


They both skipped out of the building and through the parking lot. Blaine loved the feeling of Kurt's warm hand in his. He had such soft skin which Brittany had mentioned before. He felt the smooth cuff of Kurt's shirt brush lightly against his wrist. He really admired his boyfriends fashion taste. Sure, it could be a bit outlandish, but when he got it right he really got it right. Like today.

They stopped their skipping and enjoyed the lingering walk hand in hand. Blaine glanced quickly over to see Kurt just smiling in the moment. Blaine smiled at this and looked towards his car.

All of a sudden he felt his boyfriend stop. This pulled Blaine back a little as he was still holding his hand. He noticed Kurt falling forward onto the ground and out of his grasp before he turned around to see a huge figure and just *black*

Pain. The first thing he noticed was the last thing he felt. The back of his head started to throb before he could even open his eyes. Instinctively he reached up with his hand to see if it was bleeding, but his arm wouldn't move. As a matter of fact, neither of his hands could move because they were tied together behind him, tightly. He opened his eyes when he realised this to find himself tied to a chair. He struggled for a few minutes to discover that there was no way he could escape the bonds.

Okay, what the hell just happened? He was walking out of school with Kurt-

Kurt! Where was he? He finally looked up to take in where he was. A room. A bare room. It wasn't dirty or unkempt, just very empty. There was however a table to Blaine's right a bit in front of him and a window up high on the wall above the table. The only door was to his left.

"Okay. Think. Think, Blaine." He thought out loud to himself. Why on earth could he possibly be in this situation and where the hell was Kurt?

His thinking was cut short when the door opened and a man walked in. He closed the door behind him and stood in front of the boy. Blaine took in his appearance. He was a fairly tall man. He was wearing a black suit which Blaine found unusual. The most unusual thing about this man, however, was his face. He didn't have one. He wore a mask. It reminded him of those theatre masks – the happy and sad ones, but this one was neither happy or sad. It was neutral.

He felt very intimidated, but he wasn't going to let that stand in the way of his boyfriend's safety.

"Where's Kurt?" He asked defiantly.

The man put his hands behind his back looking not unlike Blaine except he was willingly in that position and he towered over him.

"Blaine Anderson Jr."

'Oh no. He said Jr'. Blaine thought to himself. 'That means this has definitely something to do with my dad.' Damn it. This was bound to happen some day. Wait. He momentarily forgot about his boyfriend, but clued back in.

"Where is Kurt?" He got more aggressive as he stared into the unforgiving eyes of the white mask.

"You are the only son of Blaine Anderson Sr, founder of 'The Anderson Company'. Correct?"

He figured repeating Kurt's name wasn't going to get him anywhere so he answered.


"Good." Blaine could hear something in the man's voice that made him think that behind that mask he was smiling. "Here is what's going to happen. We know that your father tells you things, things that could potentially harm his corporation. If there was an occasion where you would need to see him urgently you would obviously need the codes for his building. He no doubt has told you countless other important pieces of information."

He knelt down to Blaine's level.

"You are going to tell us everything."

Blaine had no idea what to do. The first thing he noticed was the man's mentioning the word "we" so that meant his chances of him and Kurt escaping practically went out the window. That also meant that those other people probably had Kurt. Secondly, it was true that he did know alot about his dad's company because of the reasons the man mentioned and because he was hopefully going to take over after his father, well his father hoped anyway. However, he couldn't just destroy his father's life.

Blain gulped. "I can't."

The man breathed into the mask and stood up.

"We've done our research on you. You are quite resilient when it comes to your own safety."


The man walked over to the door and lightly knocked on it.

"But what about somebody else's."

The door burst open and Kurt was violently thrown in. He landed hard on the ground.

The man nodded towards the door. "Thanks guys." The door then slammed shut.

Blaine stared at Kurt who was blindfolded, had tape over his mouth had his hands tied behind his back. He breathed heavily from his nose as he tried to regulate his breathing again.

"Kurt." He pleaded that his boyfriend was okay.

"Don't worry, he's fine. And we can keep it that way if you cooperate. If not, well, I'm afraid I can't guarantee that he'll remain in one piece. It's up to you."

The man bent down and put his arms around Kurt to pick him up so that he was kneeling and facing Blaine. He kept his hand on Kurt's shoulder.

Blaine watched as his boyfriend just kneeled there. He was surprisingly composed and Blaine wondered if he could fall any deeper in love with him.

"So. What's it going to be?"

Blaine could feel his brain heat up as he considered what he was asked. If he told them everything it would ruin everything his dad had done for the last forty years and tarnish his reputation. But if he didn't tell them it was Kurt who would pay. His lips trembled as he stared at his boyfriend.

Kurt didn't struggle or fight. He knew full well that Blaine was in front of him, he could hear him. He knew full well that if he did in fact struggle, it wouldn't help either of them. The one thing he didn't understand, however, is what the hell either of them was talking about. The last thing he heard was the word "Sorry" before he felt the hand on his shoulder disappear and his blind world felt the pain meant for someone else.

"No! Don't!"