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The double door burst open. They approached the desk.

"Kurt Hummel, my son."

Burt stood there with both hands on the desk. The receptionist who had first seen Kurt being brought in had guessed what Burt must have been told. She had seen Kurt's state. She stood up and led them to his room in person.

Carole stopped Finn with her arm held in front of his chest.

"Give them a minute." She told him as her husband entered the room.

Blaine was sitting beside the bed, Kurt's hand in his left and the other was just sprawled out beside his head which was resting against the bed sheet. He was asleep. Burt walked slowly towards the boys. He smiled at how loving the black haired boy was towards his son. He really admired him. His smile faded as he fixed his gaze on his son. His face was black and blue. He could barely make out his closed eyelids through the blackness of his skin around his eyes. He came closer as he moved his eyes down Kurt's right arm and noticed the red lines around his wrist from the ropes. He gulped down a lump in his throat just before he looked at his fingers. They were wrapped in white bandages and he glanced to the other hand to confirm the same thing. Broken fingers. Burt clenched his fists together tight, but relaxed as he felt a warm hand rubbing circles on his back.

"It's okay." Carole reassured.

"Woah..." Finn just stood in the doorway taking in the sight of his brother.

This caused Blaine to stir as he lifted his head up and blinked a few times to clear the fuzzy figures in front of him. He finally focused and realised who was standing there.

"Hi guys!"

He stood up and enthusiastically hugged all three of them. Burt gave him a huge hug and patted his back.

"How you doing?"

Blaine smiled, but then frowned and he turned back to Kurt.

"That should be me."

Burt stepped forward and put his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Hey, don't say that, okay?" He looked at his son again before grabbing a chair.

"Let's all just sit down and you can tell us what happened, okay?"


Carole grabbed a chair and pulled it up beside her husband. Finn remained standing and slowly wandered over to Kurt's direction, every now and then turning to check on him.

"Go ahead, kiddo."

"Okay. Kurt and I were walking out of school together as we always do and out of nowhere he was hit from behind and then the next thing I remember I woke up tied to a chair."

"Can you remember where?"

"Um, yeah. They let us go so we made our way back here."

"Who?" The voice of Finn came from behind. Blaine went to answer.

"Let him finish, honey." Carole smiled at her son.

"I was in the room alone. I was trying to think who could do something like that, but then a man in a mask came in."

"A mask?" Burt asked.

"Yeah." He hesitated and shifted in his chair, but continued. "My father is the owner of an organisation called 'The Anderson Company'. It's a very wealthy and valuable corporation and my dad used to tell me about this group of masks. He said they would always try to steal from the company, anything they could get; passwords, security shifts, even some of the gold that they have in the safe."

"Gold?" Finn was stunned.

"Don't ask." Blaine lightly replied. "Anyway, as soon as the guy came in I knew this was about my father." It was confession time. "They brought in Kurt... He was blindfolded and tied up and... they said that if I didn't tell them what they wanted to know they'd... hurt him."

He took his eyes off the floor to meet Burt's irate glare.

"They didn't give me a chance to answer they just hit him. I would have told them everything if it meant they'd stop hurting Kurt, but Kurt didn't want me to."

Burt looked over to Kurt.

"Look, Mr. Hummel, Kurt is the strongest person I know. I was so close to opening my mouth, but Kurt told me to shut up and it was then that I realised that if I did tell them what they wanted to know then everything Kurt had sacrificed would have been for nothing."

There was a silence. Carole didn't dare say anything and Finn was speechless. Burt was still staring at his son before he sat back and turned his gaze towards Blaine.

"I understand what you did." Blaine raised his eyebrows.

"I know how strong Kurt is, okay. He's been through it all. He lost his mom, he almost lost me and he almost lost his friends..."

Blaine didn't know how to react.

"...but then he found you. You saved his life, kiddo. You have no idea how important you are to this family. Now, what happened... I don't even know what to say, but I know you both did what you believed in and you both made it out alive. We're gonna take care of Kurt and then we're gonna find the scumbags that did this, okay? All of us."

He stood up, took Carole's hand and smiled at Finn.

Blaine stood up and smiled at Burt.


The four of them were brought out of their semi-joyful pact by a noise coming from the bed. Finn turned to them.



They rushed over to the bed. Kurt's eyes were still closed, but he was trying to say something.

"Kurt? Talk to us. It's okay."

"...S-orry...I-I f-fell... as...sleep..."