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Barbara Gordon, once known as Batgirl and now known as Oracle, shook her head when she thought about Helena Kyle, the daughter of her mentor, Batman and her once enemy turned friend Catwoman. Helena was a lot like both her parents, even though Barbara knew she would balk if she'd tried comparing Huntress to her father. Helena had Bruce Wayne's stubbornness and tenacity, not to mention a good deal of his expressions - irritable, annoyed, she certainly had the patented glare Batman had been famous for.

But Helena was also a lot more like Catwoman, and Barbara knew it. Selina Kyle had been spunky, brave, beautiful and incredibly fashion minded. if anything, her daughter had inherited her mothers vanity. Oh, Selina hadn't been vain in the appearance looks, but more in what she wore. Helena was the same, it was a pity her clothes were darker than the sort of things she'd worn when she'd been younger. Barbara remembered the white, light blue and yellow shirts she wore, now she wore clothes that were darker, but occasionally she wore light clothes.

Barbara remembered telling Helena before the latter became the Huntress that superheroes wore masks, that it was essential. But as usual she'd been ignored, and Helena said, " masks make me sweat," it was typical, and Oracle had told her she might come to regret that choice. Now after 5 years, that was coming true as the New Gotham High reunion was drawing closer and closer, just like Detective Reese finding out the truth about Huntress' identity. Barbara thought that Helena was being a bit…overzealous about not telling the good detective about who she was. Aside from that time when he'd listened to Morton, that meta human who assumed and copied other metas powers, and pulled a gun on Huntress, Reese was dependable. He could be trusted, besides the suspense was killing Barbara. In fact, Dinah and Alfred were holding a bet when Helena would reveal her identity to Reese.

In a way, Barbara was glad about Helena's vanity when it came to the " night shift," it'd brought her and the detective closer, now all was needed was her telling the truth.

If Selina's costume and beauty could do it, so could Helena's.