Main Pairing: Luke and Eva
Characters: The SLiDE5 (And maybe some minor characters.)
Rating: T
Summary: Eva tries her hand at internet dating, but the person she meets on the other end is a little closer to home than she'd ever believe. Is 'Mr Cool' really internet dating too? And will it be possible for such a strong friendship to blossom into something more?
Setting: Brisbane
Disclaimer: I do not own SLiDE, or any of the character used in this story.

Chapter One

She sat on her bed, her body curled up in a ball whilst her head was upright, staring out the window, silently admiring the scenery of which she never usually thought twice about. It had been a weird few months for Eva. She'd met a bunch of new friends, friends who weren't similar to her in many ways, but people she never failed to have fun with. She'd met Ash, almost been pregnant, found out he had a wife and then split up with him again. And of course there was the horrible, but not regretful memory of having sex with Ed. As she stretched her arms out, coming out of her curled up position, she sighed a little. It just seemed as if there was something missing.

Eva had always been independent, in need of no one but herself and she liked it that way, usually. But sometimes it did get a little lonely, at the very least. She enjoyed having Ash, even if he was married. Although it was important to put a stop to it, she liked the attention he gave her, how he looked after her, how he cared. It wasn't frequent that she'd experience that from any guy.

A sudden beeping noise began, soon stopping after a quick few seconds. Rolling over to the other side of her bed, Eva grabbed her phone from the table, silently reading the text she'd just received. The parents have gone off the rails again, I'm coming over 2 yours else I'm afraid I may just kill em. C u soon.. Scar. xox. Eva giggled slightly, half text speak, half not? Who did that?

It wasn't long before Eva heard the sudden high-pitched voice of Scarlett's outside her window, screaming her name. She got up and looked out, opening the window in front of her.

'Come on in, door's open,' Eva yelled down, before quickly running her way down the stairs to greet her guest. It wasn't often she'd have people in her house so she wasn't entirely sure how to amuse Scarlett whilst she was round.

'EVA! You got my text, right?' She asked, grinning excitedly as soon as she'd entered the house. Eva nodded as she replied to Scarlett's question.

'Yeah.' She paused for a seconds, letting out a slight laugh, remembering Scarlett's text. 'You know, if Tam was here, she'd have given you an awfully long lecture about that text talk you use.'

'Yeah, I know right. But she isn't here and it's kinda awkward texting with long nails. I'm always scared it'll chip them,' Scarlett because to mumble on, Eva not so much interested in what her best friend had to say but nodding along and laughing at her anyway.

'Cmon, let's go up to my room, the rents will be home soon,' Eva sighed, closing the front door and showing Scarlett the way.

'So your parents? They're not your real parents then? Families confuse the hell out of me,' Scarlett asked, acting thick as usual. She wasn't thick at all, but Eva couldn't tell whether it was just an act or what it was. Either way, she knew that Scarlett knew full well about the parent situation.

'No. I thought you knew that, Scar?'

'Thought I should be sure,' she began as she passed around Eva's room, picking up pretty much everything and anything remotely interesting she could find and looking at it intensely whilst continuing to mumble to her friend. 'It's funny really, I always thought my family was screwy. But then I met you and Luke and Tammy. Mine seems quite normal now.'

'If it's so normal, then why did you need to come here?' Eva questioned, a friendly but intrigued tone to her voice, she'd just presumed Scarlett was in trouble with them, which was nothing abnormal. As Scarlett turned round and gained eye-contact with her, she smiled as her as she waited for her answer. As annoying as she could sometimes be, she always had time for Scarlett.

'Oh you know,' she began, turning quickly back round again and placing the last object she'd picked up back in its original position, 'I may have…borrowed a little bit of money without asking and now they're pissed at me.' She laughed at herself, knowing they'd get over it and walked over to Eva's bed, sitting opposite her. Eva didn't reply to her, it was exactly as she'd thought, nothing big. She closed her eyes briefly, before sighing loudly.

'I'm gonna regret this, but I need your advice,' Eva stated, suddenly, changing the subject.

'My speciality. What do you need advice on? Is it clothes? Oh please say it's clothes, I saw this gorgeous top in the mall the other day and I think it would really-'

'Scar! Shut-up. It's not clothes,' Eva replied, interrupting Scarlett, raising her voice a little.

'Oh. Ok. Well what is it then?' She asked, sounding intrigued but a little nervous at the same time. The last time they'd had a conversation remotely similar to this, it was about the potential pregnancy. Eva walked over to the corner of her room, picking up her laptop and throwing it down on the bed, opening the screen to the page she'd been looking at previously in the day.

'I'm thinking of maybe signing up to this site, 'Instant-click.' I know I'm not usually into this stuff, but it could be a lot of fun? Right?' She stared at the screen, in a daze. She couldn't decided whether it was or wasn't a good idea.

'Lots and lots of fun. It'd be heaps more fun if you pretended to be someone else though. Like I did to dad, the expression on his face when he found out was just the best thing I have ever witnessed.'

'And why would I do that? Why can't I just be myself?' Eva asked, starting to wonder if telling Scarlett about this was a good idea.

'Cmon Eve, there are heaps of weirdos out there and this way they don't have to know you. You get to know them and then show them what you're really like. Believe me on this one, it'll work a whole lot better.'

'So what now? You expect me to put some size 0, bimbo as my display picture?'

'That would be good. But no, keep it real,' Scarlett grinned in reply as she leaned over to Eva and snatched the laptop off of her, beginning to type a profile out quickly before uploading the first decent picture she could find. 'There, all done.' She stated, clapping her hands together in excitement. Taking her laptop back, Eva stared down at the screen, laughing at Scarlett's words.

'Fun, glamorous and up for whatever? Glamorous?' She laughed, in disbelief.

'Trust me, it always gets the lads. Means the hot ones go for you, I have so much experience that you should be paying me for this.'

'Ok, so now what?' Eva asked, not knowing how these dating sites worked.

'Now we wait. Or you can search for guys you find attractive.'