Chapter Four

The evening quickly approached and Eva had organised to meet the others outside one of the coolest clubs in town. The constant bickering between Luke and Tammy was likely to put a damper on things, but she'd learnt to ignore that and carry on having the best time ever. They hadn't been hanging out much as a group recently, when Luke and Tammy had been together, the two of them enjoyed their time alone and well, now they just didn't want to be around each other at all. Tonight was all down to Scarlett and Ed though; together the two of them made a great team and had managed to persuade the whole group to get together again, even Tammy.

As she arrived outside the club, the first person Eva noticed was Ed, whom was wondering around like a lost sheep. She walked over to him, a smile on her face.

'Hey Ed,' she said happily, soon noticing Tammy appear from behind him. 'Hey Tams.'

'Oh, hi Eva. Luke's not here yet, is he?' She asked worriedly, as she looked around, hoping he'd be off elsewhere with his 'cooler' friends.

'Nah haven't seen him,' she replied, before she noticed Ed starting to worry about not being able to get it. It was always him. He just didn't know how to act, it was funny really. It wasn't long until Scarlett and Luke came walking up to them, they shared a quick spliff and before they knew it, they were in the club, Ed included. Eva walked her way over to the bar, ordering her drink. Luke soon followed her over, sitting himself next to her on one of the bar stools.

'Tammy's still giving me the evils,' he moaned, looking completely pissed off.

'Maybe if you talked to her instead of just constantly staring then-'

'Nah, I'm done with talking, time for the fun to start.' As the barman passed Eva her drink over, Luke stared at it, shaking his head before turning to the man himself.

'Tequila shots please, mate.'

Eva stared at him shaking her head back. She knew all he was trying to do was wash the pain of Tammy away, in fact, the way he acted made her laugh.

'Just trying to liven things up,' Luke said with a smile, glaring at Eva. She shook her head again, grabbing one of the shots he'd just been given and downing it as quickly as she could. Luke stared at her in amazement, his eyes lighting up slightly.

'Let's get back to the other,' she said, smiling back at him, proudly.

As they got back to the others, Scarlett welcomed them with a loud, excited scream. She was loud enough when she was sober, but when she was drunk of stoned, or both, she was a hundred times worse. Already feeling awkward, Luke wondered off, his remaining shots in hand, beginning to dance with as many different girls as was possible. Scarlett walked closer to Eva, wanting all the gossip on this dating website she'd remembered helping Eva sign up to.

'SO... Met any cute guys on this dating website yet?' Scarlett asked, wanting nothing but details.

'Cute isn't really my style, Scar.'

Over-hearing their conversation, Tammy took a step towards them; ending the conversation she had been involved in with Ed.

'What dating site's this?' Tammy questioned with a serious tone to her voice as she looked Eva in the eye. Her eyes opened wide with an intrigued look, wondering what Eva was up to.

'Oh, just some site. It's nothing,' Eva explained, not wanting to make a big deal out of it, especially while Tammy was around, she often seemed to over-exaggerate things.

'I thought those sites were just for old men to practice their paedophilia techniques,' Ed butted in.

'Oh shut-up Ed. At this rate you're gonna end up as one of those men,' Scarlett warned. Ed suddenly went quiet as he thought about Scarlett's words, realising it was likely to turn out true.

'So have you met anyone yet or not?' Scarlett asked again in excitement, her voice becoming higher-pitched the further her sentence went on. Eva sighed to herself before answering.

'I've met this one guy, he seems kinda cool, I guess.'

'What's he like?' Tammy asked, not liking this idea at the very least, but trying to keep her opinions to herself for once.

'Different. He's fun to talk to, I dunno, we have a lot in common.' Scarlett grabbed her arm, linking it with hers as she dragged Eva back over in the direction of the bar, leaving Tammy and Ed alone again. She knew Eva wasn't going to spill a single thing whilst they were around.

'You gonna meet him then? You should so meet him, E!'

'Yeah. Maybe.. I mean, I met Max online and he was who he said he was. So…' As Eva finished her sentence, Scarlett began to look deep in thought before replying.

'What's he told you about himself? You know, you can usually figure out if he's real from that.'

'He's 17, lives around here somewhere. No parents. Likes people. Fuck, I dunno.' As she paused, thinking about what else to say, Scarlett was adding everything Eva had already said up in her head. She glanced around the room of the club, focusing her eyes sharply on Luke, just for several seconds. He was off dancing with some pretty girl whilst his lips appeared practically glued to hers. She shook the idea out of her head; Luke would never result in internet dating, that was far too out of character. She looked quickly back to Eva as she noticed her eyes had followed her gaze.

'What are you looking at?' She asked, her usual smile still shining on her face.

'Oh, just Luke. Funny to think a couple of months ago I let him fuck me. Look at him, all over every girl in sight.'

'Give him a break, he's just trying to get over Tam. Appears to be the only way he knows how,' Eva replied, sticking up for her friend.

'Yeah, so, enough about that wanker. When are you gonna meet this new hottie?'

'I dunno Scar, I thought maybe it's too soon.'

'Cmon E, live a little. How about I come along again, for moral support. I'll hide in a tree or something.' She paused, watching Eva's facial expressions carefully. 'So we have ourself a deal?'

'Okay. Fuck it, let's do it.' She clapped her hands together nervously, the smile on her face still refusing to fade. 'Thanks, Scar.;'

'What are best friends for, ay?' Scarlett replied, as they began to walk outside, realising the others had gone that way.

'Thought you didn't believe in best friends,' Eva said with a laugh. Scarlett stared at Eva and laughed back.

'Them believing in me made me realise I should probably return the favour.'