Complete Summary: Born to help her dying sister. Forced into adoption when she was not a match. Bella Swan grew up in an abusive home, spending most of her childhood thinking she was dying. Now life has given her a second chance. Can she manage to live by her own standards, or will her history define her future?

**This story will contain images and descriptions of abuse. If that is a trigger, or you prefer not to read about that, I understand. This is rated Mature for a reason**

I am not Stephanie Meyer. Obviously, but I am having quite a time with her characters.

And now...onto the story:


September 1993

She was perfect.

The baby had ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes with a ton of black hair covering her head. However, as her sister's oncologist, Dr. Carlisle Cullen knew that she also had the potential to be a lifesaver, and her parents viewed her as the salvation of their family. Dr. Cullen prayed that she would indeed be the match her sister needed.

With a heart full of hope, he harvested the cord blood from the new baby and prepared it for lab testing. As he was finishing up, his thoughts turned to blood counts, bone marrow, and transplant preparation. It was through this haze of thoughts that he watched as the gynecologist placed the new baby in her mother's arms.

Victoria Biers had been dealt a tough hand with Riley, her first daughter. Diagnosed at four with leukemia, they have been in and out of the hospital their entire lives. With the new baby, whose name Dr. Cullen was eagerly anticipating, the Biers family grew, hopefully providing match for Riley. At least, this was what he assumed was the intention. Taking the cord blood to the lab to make sure she was a match for 5-year old Riley, he left the family to celebrate the birth of their baby girl.

Carlisle dropped off the sample at the lab and decided to wait it out After the tech informed him it would be thirty minutes, he decided to get a few errands done while he waited. He popped into his office, returned some calls, refreshed his coffee, and got a snack in the cafeteria. He only had to wait for a few minutes once he returned to the lab and wasted no time getting the results from the hematologist.

Unfortunately, the results were conclusive and Dr. Cullen readied himself to pass on the heartbreaking news. He hoped that even with the news, they could hold onto the fact that they still had a wonderful baby. When he reached the room, James, Victoria's husband and the father of her daughters, was pacing in front of the door as he waited for the results of the typing test. Ushering James into the room, Carlisle opened his mouth to deliver the bad news, but closed it again when he noticed the baby wasn't with them. Instead of gaping like a fish, he blurted, "Where is the baby? I would love to see her again."

"She's in the nursery for now," Victoria stated with very little emotion. As a pediatric oncologist, Carlisle spent as much time with the parents as he did the patients. For Victoria to be demonstrating this much apathy worried him greatly. He knew she was under tremendous amounts of stress due to Riley's situation, but post-partum depression usually took longer to manifest itself. He also worried that this much trauma had caused some sort of PTSD behaviors. He decided he would add these thoughts to her file later, but now was not the time to psychoanalyze Victoria.

Steadying his breath, he gave the worst news he can give parents.

"Well, James, Victoria, I wish I could say I have good news, but it looks like the baby isn't a close enough match for Riley to chance a transplant. I'm going to recommend that we keep her on the transplant list for now while you care for your new baby."

Watching their expressions fall was tough, but then a weird look of…resolve...came over Victoria's face. Carlisle was about to ask what she was thinking when she spoke up.

"Carlisle, we don't have another baby. Just, get rid of it. If it can't help Riley, we don't want it." To say the doctor was shocked was a massive understatement. James flashed a grimace at his wife, stood and walked toward the doctor, gesturing to Carlisle with his hand to join him in the hallway.

"Please understand, right now I need to worry about my wife and Riley. We aren't cruel people, but if Riley," he shuddered out a sob, "were to lose her fight, I can't promise we would be fair to the baby. I will make sure she gets a good home, but sh…we don't have the energy for another child, and we were hoping that she could have saved Riley. We… well… we just don't really have the energy for any more children. Thank you, Dr. Cullen. That will be all for now. Like I said, I need to take care of my wife." With a slump of his shoulders, James then returned to his wife where he heard her gently crying. With a sneer of disgust at the new mother and the anger rolling off him in waves, Carlisle correctly assumed her tears were for Riley and not the baby they had just essentially thrown away.

Carlisle had never felt such hatred for two people in his entire life, but he was not one to allow his emotions to guide his actions. How could they do that to a child? A beautiful, innocent baby no less!

Luckily for them, it wasn't his place to try to make them see the error of their ways. However, he decided to do the only thing he could to keep his conscious clean; he would hand Riley's treatment off to a different doctor, as he could no longer be impartial. Theoretically wiping his hands of the family, he walked away from the Biers' room. He had no way of knowing that the beautiful little baby would one day become one of the most important people in his life.