Well, after a total of 47 chapters and 63.832 words we have finally arrived at the end of The King of Slytherin

My god, that was quite a journey ^^ And thanks to this story my English really improved a lot. When I look back at the first chapters of Volume I, I inwardly cringe sometimes at how bad I was back then… Well, thank you all for bearing with me! :)

I would like to thank all of the amazing and wonderful people who have favorited and commented this series! Without your incredible sweet and motivating comments I certainly wouldn't have been able to finish this! MalfoyKatherine, Someone, pixielike-alice, coolvampgirl, 2lazy2loginXD, Katerina The Von, NotReallyDead, Livmays, FlowerAngelxoxo, ChocolateBeth (YOU ROCK!), Katherine S, smearingstars, thestuntedgiraffe, WarriorDarkAngel, LUCY, Luna Kasanoda, 5daysofsummer, odetted99, DritneyForever, Let96, Dark Goddess013, Katerina and my Guest reviewers, I love you all! :*

I would also like to thank all of the silent readers, who have taken the time to read The King of Slytherin – of course this also applies to all the lovely people mentioned above ;)

God, I don't want it to be over… :(

Well, there is still Volume V with all the deleted scenes, which I'll be updating from now on. You can find Volume V under my profile.

All the best and I hope that we'll see each other in one of my other stories ;)