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Summary: Different emotions of TamaKyo

Rated: T for Teens!


Kyoya wasn't a emotional person. He was cold, calculating and manipulative, that was until he met Tamaki. Whether he liked it or not, Kyoya was now much more open to hugs, kisses, etc. And to be honest he wouldn't have it any other way.

Besides,he liked those soft warm arms encircling him.


A bored Tamaki was a dangerous Tamaki. The brunette had to take several deep breathes from beating the crap out of the increasingly annoying blonde. He wanted nothing but to just give a nice old slap. But he did notice that the blonde was pretty cute like that. His violet eyes twinkled under the light and the way he pouted.


A bored Tamaki was a sexy Tamaki.



Fear of Failing.

It was Kyoya's greatest fear. And now it had came alive.

The boy could feel his heart in his throat. His mind was spinning.

This was really happening.


The blonde had always found a way to put a smile on the brunettes face whether it be from something stupid or something very sweet. Tamaki just had that effect on everyone.

And Kyoya wouldn't have it any other way.


The two bodies nestled in the covers in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Two foreheads rested against the other, two hands clasped on either side of the two. The fit so perfectly with one another.

"I love you."

Kyoya smiled lazily and kissed the corner of his lovers mouth.


"Hello. Ootori Kyoya. It's a pleasure to meet you,"

Their lives were forever changed.


The boy groaned and covered his eyes. The light practically killing him, his head pounded immensely. He sighed and tried his best to open his eyes, he had some work to finish. He cracked one eye open slowly and almost vomited. The light was too bright, The air was too cold and his stomach was way to sensitive,

The slightest thing seemed to set him off.

Very quietly the blonde walked to the other side of the room where the boy was. He crept down and slowly lifted his head. He put delicate fingers on either side of the shadow king's temples and slowly rubbed in slow circles.

Gradually, Kyoya opened his eyes. His migraine was leaving some, he felt a lot better.

He felt relaxed.


The brunette sighed as he once again calculated the Host Club's finances. They had went over their budget AGAIN.

This had meant that he had to take double the time, double the effort to fix this. And on top of that, he still had some homework to do.

Like a knight in shining armor, the blonde had took the calculator and notebook.

"Let me, I'll do it. I know you're stress."


Kyoya wasn't called the shadow king for nothing. He trusted no one.

Not even himself.

That's why when he met the annoying, childish, naive blonde, Kyoya felt his walls break. He felt his chains loosen.

He felt free. Tamaki in a way gained Kyoya's trust, if he knew it or not was the question.

Tamaki had broken the boy's walls.

And for that, Kyoya was eternally grateful.


As the sons of powerful business, the two had a lot to worry about.

The fact that they were dating, made it even more worrisome. Out of fear of their parents finding out or peers, the two kept quiet.

They were constantly on their guard.