While seeking Inspiration for writing my other stories, I happen to find a comic that was comparing Soren and Michiah. Then I thought it would be funny to try to make it into an argument and re-post it up here, I don't really remember who made it, but you can probably find it on Deviantart somewhere

Random Fire emblem conversations

Soren Vs Micaiah

Micaiah was walking along in the camp, really just minding her own business, when she spotted a Dark green haired lad looking over a military report.

"I believe that is Soren. I think I'll go and say hi"

She walks up to him with a wave "Hi there! you must be Soren!"

Soren doesn't bother looking up "go away. I'm busy"

Micaiah lightly flinched at his rude behavior but continued to press on " you may not know who I am so allow me to introduce myself, My name is Micaiah"

She gives a slight bow, but when she looks back up Soren is still looking at his report "I don't care"

slightly feeling irked by this, she tries to find some common ground, to try to be polite "but wouldn't it be nice if us two tacticians talked? We could help each other out."

Soren seemed to lightly giggle at this "tacticians? I only see one here"

The silver Haired Maiden was now officially peeved " Hey! I helped to Liberate Daien and led a revolution and everything!"

"*snirk* Mad Kings War"

Micaiah was now starting to hate him but she was still keeping civil "Well I'm also a really powerful Mage!"

Soren turned the page in his report " I got that covered."

'alright! The gloves come off!" "well I also happen to be a powerful Branded, from a rare race. A Heron, heard of em?"

Soren simply waves her comment away like a pesky fly "Black Dragon Branded"

Micaiah was now no longer in control of her temper, and started to laugh all high and mighty " well! Behold and be amazed! For I am also the lost Child Heir of the Begnion Empress!"

Soren turns back to the first page "Lost Heir to Daien"

"what the iffing hell! Time for the pity party!" Micaiah looked down at the ground "I also have a sad and tragic past…"

Soren Actually looked at her when she said that " Girl, Please"

"Oh wanna be a snarky lil sonuvabitch eh? Fine! How about this!"

Micaiah takes a deep breath "I'm the avatar of a Goddess, I can read minds, I can heal with just a touch, I have Silver hair, a cute bird mascot, And a canonical romantic pairing! What have you got to say to that ya prick!"

Soren doesn't say anything at first, but slowly, oh so slowly, a smile creeps across his face.

A smile so arrogant, so full of himself, that you wanted him to pick up all his teeth off the ground after you punched him in the face a few hundred times "at least I can double attack"

Soren walks away with a content smile "ah that felt Goooooooooooood…"

Micaiah just stands there with a defeated posture "*sniff* ahhhhhhh! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHE!" she quickly runs in search of her lover, her pride shattered.

yes I know that Michiah isn't the kind of person to do that, but come on! no harm done, right? and Soren... well I think I struck true to his nature, Enough said

time to get back to writing my real stories